Does Amazon Own Other Companies?-Read More About It

Amazon is a firmly set industry, the well-renowned name of the brand echoes the globe with the services it provides to its customers. It surpassed many companies due to its technological approach of delivering services via drones and bringing in a modern approach to supplying goods to their respective consumers. Bring in modern research and service to satisfy and further improve customer needs. Amazon owns several companies that include marketing sectors like groceries, the latest technologies, as well as pharmaceuticals.

Does Amazon Own Other Companies?

Amazon, in a certain way, intends to increase up into several other industries, get hold of fresh marketing startups, and as known for its vast supply chain Amazon truly looks forward to expanding its business in terms of innovation. Certain multinational corporations contribute significantly to the company name. These private-labeled brands have the ecology of standing up to the customer demands and needs.

The following are some companies that Amazon owns:


The labeled brand Zappos is one of the several companies owned by Amazon. Shopping at Zappos is a little more fun. The online brand was initially known for its shoe inventory but later, it brought in some major changes and focused on introducing clothing, shoulder bags, and other ornaments. Apart from their online shopping the customer service is appreciated by many users and has a good online review score.  

Amazon allows its Prime members to take benefits from its perks and bonuses which are very unique, some of them include:

  • Free upgraded delivery services.
  • Earn multiple points for spending one dollar each time.
  • Redeem codes when shopping to get a discount.

Whole Foods market

What started as a small natural food store, later turned into of the largest global organic stores in the world. The company strives to sell products that are environmentally friendly and attains the level of quality to be natural. After rapid changes in the food industry, Amazon has been a game-changer for Whole Foods Market, giving out special discounts for amazon prime members within the food store. Other changes could include,

  • Centralized Merchandizing.
  • National Regional Grocer.
  • Shopping Data.

Twitch Interactive

Twitch is one of the largest live streaming gaming platforms; it is viewed as a top choice for content creators. Twitch Prime has been massive for the company since Amazon got hold of the brand. Since then, the platform gets over nearly more than 100 million viewers a month for its game streaming videos online. There are several benefits that amazon prime members could enjoy while using a platform such as twitch interactive. 

Benefits include:

  • A subscription to the Twitch channel is provided for free monthly.
  • Each month, there are free amazing games.
  • Chat color alternatives have been broadened.

Kiva Systems

Kiva system, a robotics company was bought by Amazon to enhance the distribution management in their warehouse facilities even easier. These yellow robots, shift shelves from one place within the facility to another. Basic machine learning algorithms are programmed into these robots which are manipulated for the organized task. With that being said productivity in the workplace has undoubtedly grown to a far greater percentage. The benefits of owning Kiva systems have brought Amazon to a stronghold. 

Some of the benefits that the Kiva systems may include are:

  • More accurately manages inventory.
  • Time effective.
  • Productivity.
  • Consistency in the facility.
  • Safety.


Right from being an e-bookstore to being one of the leading e-commerce companies in the world. Amazon has built up its empire wider in a short span of time. Buying off companies that could bring ease not only to the company but also to the people and the environment. It has made tremendous accomplishments by making the right decisions. The company still makes progress through research and development to serve its customers/consumers in a better and more effective way in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Was Amazon’s acquisition of Zappos a wise decision?

Upon Acquiring Zappos, Amazon announced major perks by the transition of the company. It included a variety of merchandise available, lower, and reasonable rates, free delivery, and returns without any hesitation or problem. These qualities, when combined, define the perfect e-commerce buying and consumer services.

  • Does amazon have any competitors?

Ali baba seems to be the competitor in the e-commerce business against Amazon. Given that the company has a wide range of products and has global shipping power that makes it gets fame everywhere. Though its services may not be as good as Amazon itself.

  • What factors contribute to Amazon’s accomplishments?

Amazon’s success is attributed to its excellent customer service. They provide competitive rates, dependable shipping, a vast product catalog, purchasing a security, and they tailor their products which are available to each unique buyer. Also, the policies that Amazon has set for its company are very flexible and make customers want to rely on it as they are very trustworthy.

Does Amazon Own Other Companies?-Read More About It

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