Does Naples Zoo Have Wheelchairs?-Read More About It

Yes, wheelchairs access is available at the Naples Zoo.

Read the complete article to know everything about Naples Zoo.

Does Naples Zoo Have Wheelchairs?

Where is Naples Zoo?

The Naples zoo is a zoo and a botanical garden on 43-acres of land in Caribbean garden in Florida. It has more than 400 specimens of animals in animal collection and 202 species of plants are there in the botanical garden. The greenery in the park marks this as the most beautiful and noticeable spot in the city. Caribbean Gardens and Naples Zoo have a long and shared history.

History of Caribbean Gardens

  • Dr. Henry Nehrling, a botanist and ornithologist, purchased the land and planted the first plant in the garden in 1919.
  • Julius Fleischmann took over the garden after Nehrling’s death in the 1950s and planted more plants, made lakes, imported birds like parrots and waterfowl, built a boardwalk for visitors, and named this garden Caribbean Gardens in 1954.
  • Following Julius Fleischmann’s death in 1968, Larry and Lane Tetzlaff who is also known as Jungle Larry, and Safari Lane began introducing exotic animals to the garden in 1969.

History of Naples zoo

  • Since Naples Zoo shares a common history with Caribbean Gardens, its history also starts with Dr. Henry Nehrling. Dr. Henry Nehrling started the ‘Naples Zoo’ as a garden for his initiative to preserve his plant collection.
  • After he died in 1929, the garden was abandoned for two decades before Julius Fleischmann restored it to the public as Caribbean Gardens in 1954.
  • The garden’s conversion into a zoo began in 1967 when Lawrence and Nancy Jane Tetzlaff visited the garden and utilized it as a winter home for their collection of exotic animals.

About Naples Zoo

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) has accredited the Naples Zoo, and it is an institutional member of the American Association of zookeepers (AAZK).

There are approximately 70 species, i.e., 400 specimens of animals in this zoo-like African lion, Malayan tigers, and giraffes; rare and endangered animals from the great forest of Africa like honey badgers and fossas; and Florida natives like alligators and Florida Panthers.

However, all the species are not on show at the same time. There are numerous sections created in the zoo for easy visiting. We can distinguish between the zones created for pachyderms (hippopotamuses, rhinoceroses, and elephants), reptiles (snakes and alligators), and birds. There are also many additional sections, such as the bird aviary, as well as more “familiar” animals such as donkeys, rabbits, and goats, as well as larger creatures like the leopard, tiger, giraffe, and zebra.

How long does it take to visit the complete Zoo?

The Naples Zoo is designed with a one-mile-long main loop. The zoo takes at least 4 hours to visit in its entirety.

All you should know about renting wheelchairs for disabled people in Naples Zoo?

  • Renting a wheelchair is an easy process at Naples Zoo. But since the number of wheelchairs is limited, so they are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  A disabled-accessible restroom is also available in the Naples Zoo. This restroom is located between the giraffe exhibit and black bear hammock, as well as in the main gift store. The restroom can be easily accessed by the disabled person.
  • The zoo’s trail is a one-mile-long asphalt loop that runs through the garden.
  • So, the wheelchairs may be easily transported up the route and into the safari canyon theater, which has designated wheelchair seating space in the front row.
  • Due to the various levels of the lake, wheelchairs may not be accommodated on the catamarans. This is to ensure the safety of disabled visitors in wheelchairs during boarding of the Primate Expedition Cruise.
  • Similarly, passengers in wheelchairs must leave their chairs at the pier and transfer to one of the boat’s seats for their better safety. 

The following is the cost of renting wheelchairs and wagons:

Rental of a wheelchair costs $12 plus tax.

  • Wheelchairs are not electronic, manual wheelchairs that are supposed to be pushed are available at the zoo. The second person along with the disabled person should be physically capable of pushing the wheelchair over paved paths. 
  • You must hire a wheelchair from the zoo’s gift store. The number of rental wheelchairs available is restricted, and they are given out on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Rentals for children’s wagons are $12 + tax.
  • The first-come, first-served policy applies to all rentals. Wagons must remain outside the Safari Canyon Theater and ashore while you board the Primate Expedition Cruise for your safety. Two kids are allowed to sit together in a wagon (two-seaters). 


At the zoo, you must rent a wagon or wheelchair from the gift shop counter.

Wheelchair and wagon rentals are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

According to different reviews present on the internet provided by people who visited Naples Zoo says it can be difficult to take a wheelchair everywhere because of the loose gravel pathways. But Naples Zoo has easy access to wheelchairs. 

Does Naples Zoo Have Wheelchairs?-Read More About It

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