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Introduction To QuickBooks

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An effective software made for accounting purposes, QuickBooks also provides contact. Customers are allowed to reach out to the company’s customer care for inquiries, to make complaints, and solve problems  

QuickBooks Customer Care

What Is QuickBooks For?

QuickBooks is an accounting program developed by Intuit, whose products include desktop and internet accounting applications as well as cloud-based accounting solutions that can process bills and business payments. 

QuickBooks is mostly targeted at small and medium-sized businesses and it is quite popular among these users because of its ease of use and reporting capabilities.

QuickBooks also includes support features as well as other features like pre-authorization of electronic funds and employee time monitoring.

Some of the features of QuickBooks are:

  • Electronic payment functions 
  • Mapping features 
  • Online banking reconciliation 
  • Remote access capabilities 
  • Remote payroll assistance and sourcing
  • Better mail functionality with Microsoft outlook

QuickBooks is often regarded as simple to use and understand, even by business owners and users with no financial or accounting knowledge. Another advantage of QuickBooks is the readily available templates for creating graphs, company plans, invoices, and spreadsheets. 

Not only does it save time and effort for business owners, but it also automates their signatures on business checks (which are scanned and uploaded earlier for usage). QuickBooks integrates with other programs for better functioning. It includes an easy-to-use UI that can walk users through all of its capabilities.

Does QuickBooks Have Customer Service?

Like every other software, QuickBooks has customer care services. You can get in contact with them by leaving a message on their turbo tax or QuickBooks support team. Their support page also provides more information on other help that can be rendered.

If you’d rather chat with them or get a call from them you can head over to their website, go to help and select QuickBooks desktop help, select “contact us”, give a brief description of your problem, select let’s talk, and choose a means of better communication that suits you.

If you want to have a chat with them, you can go to the search icon, type chat, follow the other necessary instructions and you can chat with an expert. You can also get through to them from the QuickBooks online community. 

You can write to them and be sure to get an answer within 2 business working days. They also have contact numbers you can call to get through to them. These numbers are toll-free.

Whatever you might possibly need is on their website be it to call customer care, write to them or have a chat with them. Be safe and assured that you’ll be attended to.

What Time Can I Get Through To QuickBooks Customer Care?

You can talk to QuickBooks customer care any time within the working business hours, which are 6 am to 6 pm. The official time to speak to their phone support is between the hours of 6 am to 8 pm. Their global online chat room is available 24/7 and seven days a week. 

Whatever time you want to get through to their customer care representatives using any of the available channels you have to know what time to contact them to get your issues resolved.

Importance of Customer Care Service

Listed below are a few benefits of having a customer care service in a company:

Quick Solutions To Problems

The presence of customer service paves an easy path for its customers to make complaints and seek solutions when need be. They do not have to waste time or extra resources.


Good customer experience encourages customers to return to a particular brand. This improves the organization’s chance of acquiring long-term, loyal customers.

Service Improvement

The more customers make complaints or show satisfaction, the better the services provided by the organization. More attention is also paid to customer reviews. The organization becomes aware of its shortcomings and works towards making necessary adjustments.


A lot of business owners are always trying to run from the accounting part of their business. Not everyone can afford to employ accounting experts. This is why QuickBooks is perfect for any small or medium-sized business owner. If you are skeptical, you get to try it out for free.

Is QuickBooks customer care functional?

Yes, their customer care is functional. They have different channels you can use to communicate with them. You can chat with them, call on their phone centers or they could call or that with you. For more information on all of this, you can check their website.

Is Quickbooks accounting software?

Yes, QuickBooks is an accounting software targeted at small or medium-size business owners to help businesses make payments and bills easier to sort out.

Is Quickbooks free trial free?

Yes, the QuickBooks free trial is totally free. You would not be charged anything until after the free trial, that is if you choose to continue.

QuickBooks Customer Care-Know More

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