Homemakers Mattress Return Policy-Know More

Introduction To Homemakers

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Homemaker is a maker of top-notch home furniture and accessories. Return policies are stated rules for returning purchased goods. To satisfy their customers, Homemaker provides a return policy.

The article speaks in detail about Homemakers’ return policy for mattresses and warranties.

Homemakers Mattress Return Policy

Do Homemakers Have A Mattress Return Policy?

Homemakers have a mattress return policy. To return purchased items, the live chat feature on Homemaker’s official website can be used to communicate with an agent. You can also call them on their phone number or send them an email.

What Does Homemakers Mattress Do?

Homemakers Furniture has a subsidiary called Homemakers Mattress. Homemakers Furniture is a home furnishings and accessories retailer established in the United States. The brand was established in 1974 and has expanded and grown largely since then.

Homemakers mattresses are incredibly inexpensive while still being of excellent quality and value. The mattress you sleep on is quite essential and can have a significant impact on how your day goes. 

Sleeping comfortably on a mattress all night long adds to the well-being and good health of a person.

Homemakers mattresses are long-lasting, lasting between 7 and 8 years. These mattresses are available in different sizes. For stability, bounce, and pressure relief, their mattress combines the advantages of innerspring and foam mattresses. They are composed of pressure-relieving material that molds to your shape and is provided in a box for convenient transport and assembly.

How Does The Homemakers Return Policy Work?

Contact must be made with a representative of the company before returns can be permitted. A set date would be agreed upon for the item to be picked from your place. The returned item can either be exchanged or a refund will be paid back otherwise.

An item refund of reflection is only possible if the following requirements are met:

  1. The item must be in its original form. If any damage occurred it can’t be returned for reselection or refund.
  2. The DO NOT REMOVE UNDER PENALTY OF LAW label must be intact.
  3. Within 30 days of delivery or collection, the item must be accompanied by a sales receipt.
  4. Any reselection that is more than the original price will attract extra charges.

The costs of shipping and delivery are non-refundable. Your refund will be reduced by the cost of return shipping or delivery.

Does Homemakers Mattress Have A Warranty?

Yes. Homemakers’ mattresses have a warranty so you get the peace of mind knowing you enjoy your purchase and if any problems arise you can submit your warranty claim. Warranty and return policy on in-store purchases should be returned to the nearest store and whatever queries you have will be attended to. Warranty does not apply to the mattress that has been exposed or subjected to abuse, negligence, and misuse. 

Terms And Conditions For Homemakers Mattress Refund

If within 120 days of the purchase of your mattress you’re not comfortable with it you can contact the customer service center. To get a refund;

  • You can email, live chat, or call them. After you might have contacted them, a date will be agreed on to come to pick it up.
  •  Your refund will be processed once your mattress arrives back at their store. Note that your shipping fee will be deducted from your refund.

To get a refund you’ll need to meet up with some requirements. For better understanding, inquiries, or complaints, you can visit the Homemaker’s official website to contact the customer care service.


Homemakers mattresses are made of good and standard quality. They come in various sizes and categories. Homemakers Furniture has the widest assortment of furniture at the most affordable prices. Their services are excellent from the time you place your order to the time your furniture is delivered.

With all of this, they have a return policy meaning if you’re not comfortable with your purchase you can get a refund or a reselection.

When the stated conditions for the return policy are followed, the customer either gets an exchange or an instant full refund.

Can I exchange my mattress at Homemakers?

Yes, you can exchange your mattress with Homemakers. You can make a reselection and have the item you reselected exchanged for the other item you returned. 

Do Homemakers Provide Refunds?

Yes, Homemakers provide refunds. If you’re not comfortable with your purchase and you’re not interested in the reselection option you can get a refund. The customer care line can be contacted to do this.

Do Homemakers have a warranty?

Yes, Homemakers have a warranty policy that they follow up on. Their products are durable and of high quality. In case there is any problem, you can always submit your warranty form. 

Is there a deadline for returned purchases?

All returns must be made within 120 days from the purchase date. After this exceeds, the refund will not be processed.

Homemakers Mattress Return Policy-Know More

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