Home Depot Loyalty Program – Know More

Home Depot is the best home improvement retail store chain in the USA. It provides the best products for your kitchen, hall, dining, bathroom, etc., at the best prices. One of the reasons behind having regular and loyal customers of retail chains like Home Depot is their loyalty program. Loyalty programs include discounts and rewards offered to attain customer loyalty. So, what Loyalty Program does Home Depot offer to its customers? 

Home Depot Loyalty Program

Home Depot does offer an attractive Loyalty Program for its customers. To get the benefits of the Loyalty Program, customers have to get a Pro Xtra Membership of Home Depot. This membership offers you special and personalized discounts, business growth offers, and various rewards. The Loyalty Program also offers Credit Cards to members. 

Rewards under Home Depot Loyalty Program

The motive of the Home Depot Loyalty Program is to save money and time for customers and give them rewards. To achieve the goal, Home Depot set certain discount offers. It also planned policies to ensure the convenience of the customers. The major perks that come under the Pro Xtra Loyalty Program of Home Depot are-

  • Paint Rewards 

Home Depot Pro Xtra membership has special paint offers. Now painter members can get up to 20% off buying painting items in bulk. Items like paints, primers, and strains come under this category. Additionally, Pro members’  whole shopping records are also maintained under the Paint Reward policy. 

  • Personalized Offers 

Pro Xtra members receive offers different from non-members. The offers are personalized. They also received gift cards and coupons on eligible purchases. 

  • Volume Pricing 

Volume pricing is a money-saving offer for customers. If customers buy something in bulk, they receive special pricing and discounts from Home Depot. This offer is only for members. The Loyalty Program offers buyers huge savings on big purchases. 

  • Purchase Tracking 

Pro Xtra Loyalty Program also offers a Purchase Tracking facility to the members. Customers can easily track their orders and keep their records for the long run. 

  • Confirmation of purchase 

There is a Text2Confirm plan under Loyalty Program. Through this system, customers quickly get the details of the order they received. It also includes the details of the coupons and gift cards that came with the order. 

The policy of ‘Growing Business Together.’

Home Depot’s Pro Xtra plan is also available for small businesses. It has a policy of ‘Growing Business Together.’ Home Depot gave an amazing online experience to members so that they could grow their businesses. Following are the perks it offers for the growth of a business-

  • Management 

Management is a very important lesson in business. Members learn it from. Home Depot. Payment management, tracking orders, keeping records of purchasing, etc., are part of management. 

  • Time-saving 

Home Depot ensures to save time for its members. Options like buy again save time for buyers. Business should be designed in such a way that time of both sellers and buyers could be saved. 

  • Organized working 

Staying organized is the most important concept of business. It is also important for the ease of customers. Home Depot gives the online experience of organized working. 

  • Video tutorials

Home Depot has video tutorials for members. These video tutorials are lessons to grow. It includes management and organizing videos.

Pro Xtra four times faster perks offer

There is a 4X faster perk policy of Home Depot. To get the perks under this policy, customers just have to shop. More the shopping, the more the rewards. Every new purchase by the Pro members gives them a new perk or brings them closer to the perk. Home Depot offers Rental Perks and Pro Xtra Dollar perk. There are also some personalized perks under this policy. 

The 4X perks could be tracked via the Home Depot app. Notably, these parks are not for commercial account holders of Home Depot. To get the perks, register yourself immediately as a Pro Xtra member. 

How to register for the Home Depot Loyalty program? 

To get the benefits of the Home Depot Loyalty Program, membership is important. The Pro Xtra membership could be taken from the Home Depot store, app, or website. Customers have to provide a little basic information to make the account. Later on, they can add their card details also to make the parents of purchases. 

Through Home Depot, tracking Pro Xtra membership became easy. You can track packages get notified of your rewards. Tracking of perks is also possible with the Home Depot Mobile App. 


Home Depot Pro Xtra membership offers a Loyalty Program. The membership is mandatory to avail of the benefits of the loyalty program. The program covers a range of discounts and rewards for customers. The aim is not to lose existing customers of the firm. 


  1. Can I get the painting discount on purchases of $2,000 paints? 

Answer: A 10% discount will be given to painters on the purchase of a minimum of $2,000 paints. 

  1. What is the minimum purchase requirement to get the advantage of Volume Pricing? 

Answer: A Volume Pricing could be availed of after the minimum purchase of $1,500.

Home Depot Loyalty Program – Know More

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