Reebok First Responder Discount

Let’s see about Reebok First Responder Discount in this article. Reebok was founded in the 1800s in the US as a fitness clothing and footwear manufacturer and later in 1958, it became famous in Britain. It is an American company because it was initially started in America and its headquarters are in Boston, Massachusetts. Since then it has grown to have customers from all over the world with regional offices in Amsterdam, Mexico City, Hong Kong, and Montreal.

Reebok First Responder Discount

Reebok offers a 50% discount on all fitness items at their online stores only for first responders. Occasionally, the company adjusts this discount so it is important to check the rate on their official website. This discount is used for selected shoes and apparel and applies to medical and hospital workers, teachers, military personnel, and government employees who are all categorized as first responders.

Eligibility criteria

The Reebok first responder discount can only be used by professionals who fall in the following categories;

  • Military personnel
  • EMTs
  • Paramedics
  • Fire-fighters
  • Police officers
  • Government employees
  • Hospital workers
  • Medics, and
  • Teachers.

To access this discount one has to follow simple steps which include – 

  1. Log in to a third-party website. is used for first responders. If you do not have an account, you can simply register using your valid identification for any of the eligible categories of people.
  2. The third-party website will verify the credentials and give you a unique discount code
  3. Go to the official Reebok shopping site and add the items you like to the cart
  4. Apply the discount code to the available box and the 50% discount will apply automatically to the total amount
  5. Complete payment of the discounted price and checkout.

Restrictions on the use of this discount

There are selected items that can be bought using this code and not others. For this reason, be careful to check the list of items provided on their official site before making a purchase using the discount code. Additionally, this discount can only be used for online shopping and any in-store payments will not accept the use of this discount. 

The first responders discount just like any other discount cannot be used in conjunction with other offers made by Reebok. It is also important to note that Reebok has specified the use of the third-party website to get the first responder discount code. Other discounts have third-party websites. For example, to use the student discount you have to verify your identity using UNIDAYS for college students and Student Beans for high school learners.

What to buy using this discount?

The first responders discount is a very generous offer as it applies to the majority of the items at the Reebok store. These details may change with time though so make sure you view the list of possible items before applying the discount code. Some of the items currently eligible to be used with this discount are;

  • Women’s shoes, clothing, and accessories – sports bras, matching sets, loungewear, fitness gear, and backpacks.
  • Men’s shoes, clothing, and accessories – t-shirts, jackets, pants, shorts, fitness gear, and underwear.
  • Kid’s shoes, clothing, and accessories for both boys and girls.
  • Unisex accessories – hats, face covers, gloves, bags, and socks. 

Other Reebok offers

You can register with Reebok unlocked and get 15% off on your items, a $10 birthday gift, free shipping and returns on items bought, and get early access to newly released Reebok products. There are also other featured deals on Reebok items like,

  1. Buy any 3 items for $80
  2. Spring sale which goes up to 50% off on all items on the site
  3. Buy 3 face covers for $30, and
  4. Other offers on first-time loyalty members.

These offers do not last a long time and are also subject to change every so often.


Reebok recognizes the work that first responders do and they are determined to honor the commitment made by such people by supporting them with online discounts that run throughout the year. They also facilitate exchanges and returns made by first responders by subsidizing their shipping and making a full refund if need be. Signing up for the Reebok newsletter allows you to get the latest sale items they have as well as have access to the most recent active discount codes.

Frequently asked questions
  1. When are promotional discounts applied?

The discount code has to be applied at checkout just before you complete your payment. Additionally, only one discount code can be used at a time.

  1. Which items are not included in the first responder’s discount?

Customized shoes and clothing, as well as limited releases, are excluded from this code.

  1. What should I do if I cannot find the item I want on the online shopping site?

The items online are updated very often but if you are unable to find the item you want Reebok has offered the service to find it in-store using the store locator button. With this, you can look for the store closest to you and find out if they have the item you are looking for.

Reebok First Responder Discount

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