Walmart Logo Meaning-Read To Know

Walmart is a giant in America that has been dominating the American market for six decades. It operates numerous chains of supermarkets, departmental stores, and grocery stores across America. Walmart is widely popular among Americans for its unique logo that has a deep meaning.Walmart logo represents the spark of the American. It denotes innovation and inspiration in Walmart. Meaning of the name “Walmart”in the logo written in a light blue shade, the authenticity and consumer-friendly nature of the company. The six strokes of the sun in golden shade in the logo symbolize the spark and ideas that have made Walmart a successful organization.

Walmart Logo Meaning
Walmart Logo Meaning

Understanding Of Walmart’s logo

Past Walmart’s logo represented only the brand name of Walmart. In early 2000, Walmart acknowledged the requirement of rebranding Walmart’s logo. The new logo of Walmart was released in 2008 with a 6 stroke sun of golden shade. This logo represents the innovation and inspiration of the company regarding the offered item in the store. The symbols sound user-friendly and modern. The sun in the logo denotes sunshine and spark in American consumers. At a point, people started considering Walmart a cheap and low-standard brand. 

History of Walmart Logo?

Walmart incorporated in. 1962 by Sam Wilton. Like other companies, Walmart also bought modifications in their logo. As the first-ever logo, Sam Wilton chose a logo that fully displays their name. Sam took this initiative to make the logo more memorable. After a few years, Walmart’s management team decided to separate Wal and Mart from their logo. Later it was decided that either a hyphen or an asterisk shall be placed between the two words making it “Wal” and “Mart”. Not only the logo pattern and design, but Walmart also changed the Walmart logo’s color. Initially, the original color of the Walmart logo was black and white. Then it changed to an earthy brown and a dark shade of blue. 

Evolution of Walmart Logo?

Walmart was founded in 1962. Over the years, the Walmart team brought several modifications. For over three years (1962-1965) Walmart didn’t have a remarkable logo. Walmart used to write the name as their brand logo in blue font.

  • Evolution Period: 1962-1981

From 1962 to 1981, Walmart explored numerous logo designs. After exploration, the first traditional logo was finalized. The name of the company was written in western style. After that, the company decided to separate the company’s names “Wal” and “Mart”, adding a hyphen to the names. In addition, Walmart mentioned a tagline on its official logo that was “We Sell For Less”. Another line was added “Satisfaction Guaranteed” at the lowest portion of the logo.

  • Evolution Period: 1982-1991

In the year 1982, Walmart brings a remarkable modification in its logo. The company mentioned its name in the all-caps font. Walmart used this logo before 1964, but after 1982, Walmart mentioned the name in bolder font. The logo color also changed from blue to traditional brown. There was little space between Wal and Mart.

  • Evolution Period: 1992-2007

After nine years, the hyphen was replaced with a sun in the logo of Walmart. Even today this logo serves as the official logo of Walmart in some parts of America. Once again, Walmart changed the logo color from brown to blue. However, there was no change in the font. 

  • Evolution Period: 2008

It seemed that Walmart was still not satisfied with the existing logo. Hence in the year 2008 Walmart decided to change its logo once again. This time the font changed again. All the alphabets, except W, in the word Walmart was changed into lowercase that looks like Walmart upon writing. This time, a dark shade of blue was replaced with a light shade. The company believed this shade of blue color looks more charming. In addition, the company added six strokes stars in golden shade indicating a new spark. Until today this logo is serving as the official logo of Walmart.

Why Walmart Chosen Its Existing Logo?

The new logo of Walmart indicates a new spark that is related to sunshine. Walmart believed its earlier logo was not interesting enough to please the customer. Walmart aims to energize the consumers to prefer Walmart over any other competitor in the market. Walmart’s new logo was consumer-focused. This logo ensures the consumers regarding the purchasing of the authentic items and value for their money.

How Popular Is Walmart Logo?

Until 2007, Walmart managed to emerge as one of the most reliable brands across America. After the final modification in 2008, people began to criticize Walmart’s logo by addressing an uninspired and unpredictable logo. Despite facing criticism from the Americans, Walmart’s logo has proven effective and beneficial for the company. Walmart tried to create a unique logo. Consequently, the consumers started accepting the logo, and today this logo represents Walmart on every platform such as apps, official website, etc.


Walmart logo remarkably represents spark in the American. In addition, it represents the company for providing happiness and authentic items. Over the years Walmart had modified its logo numerous times before finalizing the first traditional logo in 1964. The logo designed in 2008 is still serving as the official logo of Walmart. In the late 1990s, people started addressing Walmart as a cheap company, Walmart regained its lost charm after the revelation of its new logo. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Which logo is the most popular logo of Walmart?

The existing logo, designed in 2008, is the most popular logo of Walmart.

2) Why did Walmart choose the existing design of the logo as the new logo?

The earlier logo of the company was focused on the company while the current logo of Walmart represents the  American population.

3) How many times has Walmart modified its logo?

Over the decades, Walmart modified its logo four times. In the years 1962, 1982, 1992, and 200, Walmart changed its logos.

Walmart Logo Meaning-Read To Know

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