What Is An Amazon Assistant?-Read To Know

In today’s world, numerous websites and e-commerce platforms are offering the same product at separate prices. The process to get the product at the most discounted rate has become a complex process. Users can be benefited greatly by using software that offers price comparison features among all the websites and apps. Amazon Assistant is a price comparison software that lets users compare the price of numerous products across the web.

What Is An Amazon Assistant?

In addition, users can save the products in their preferred list. It is available for free. Amazon Assistants shares users’ data with third parties with their permission. It is mandatory to use Amazon Assistant on compatible browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc. Users can purchase the products at the best price by using the Amazon Assistants service. 

How To Install Amazon Assistant?

For installing Amazon Assistant as an extension, users are required to install Amazon Assistant on their preferred browser. Below-mentioned the steps to install Amazon Assistant;

Step 1: Go to Google Play store and install the Amazon Assistants app, or download it as an extension on the compatible web browser on the device from the Amazon Assistants webpage

Step 2: Tap the Amazon Assistants icon by pressing a small green “a” on your browser

Step 3: Go to the welcome screen and select “Get Started”, a preview screen will appear on the screen

Step 4: Press the “Next” button twice and go through the “How Do I Work” and then Select “ let’s go” to move ahead

Step 5: Home screen of the Amazon Assistant will appear, displaying all the products searched in the past by the user along with the recommended products based on the past orders

How to Use Amazon Assistant?

The most significant feature of Amazon Assistants is the comparing mechanism provided to the users. Below-mentioned the methods to use Amazon Assistant;

  • Go through an online marketplace and choose a product of your choice. A banner will appear at the top of the page
  • Search for the same product on the appeared banner to view the same product on Amazon, if the product is listed on Amazon
  • Choose the Price Tracker to see the average price of the product over the last 30 days. The Price Tracker will show the highest and lowest price range too
  • The user can view the other similar products too on Amazon by selecting the “Other Products You May Like” option
  • As the last step, save the chosen items in the preferred list. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Amazon Assistant?

Amazon Assistant acts as a money savior for their users. Below-mentioned the prime benefits of using Amazon Assistant;

  • Amazon Assistants provides additional assistance to the user in terms of comparing the price of different commodities listed on Amazon with other online vendors
  • It gives the details of the price range offered by various competitors so that the user may get the best deal
  •  A user can add various commodities from the web into his/her personalized list
  • It gives the option to customize various notifications such as shopping deals, Amazon transactions, special offers, and others

How Much Does Amazon Assistant Cost?

Amazon doesn’t charge even a single penny from the users to install and use Amazon Assistant. It can be used for free by installing on some compatible web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera Browser, etc. However, It is mandatory to have an Amazon account to access Amazon Assistant. Amazon Assistants collects users’ data such as shopping and transaction history. 

Is Amazon Assistant Safe to Use?

Amazon doesn’t believe in selling customer’s data to earn more wealth. Amazon Assistant gathers data about search history, order delivery status. Amazon Assistants uses this data to display the perfect products to the clients. In addition, Amazon Assistants uses the customer’s data to enhance the user experience, communication, avoid risk factors, and for recommendations and advertising purposes. However, Amazon Assistants provides the personal data of the clients to the below-mentioned parties;

• Amazon subsidiaries

• Transactions involved third parties

• Third-party service provider

• Business transfers

Amazon Assistant will ask for the client’s consent before sharing data with third-parties. Clients will have the option to choose whether they would like to share data with third parties or not.


Amazon Assistant is a software that is mainly used to compare the price range of the varieties of products listed on Amazon. Amazon Assistant’s app is available on the Google Play store and can be installed as an extension on browsers. Amazon Assistant is available for free. It gathers users’ data and advances the data to third parties. Users have the option not to share their data with Amazon. It collects users’ data mainly for advertising purposes. However, Amazon ensures the collected data will not be shared with any untrusted party.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are some compatible browsers to use Amazon Assistants?

Amazon Assistants is compatible with browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera Browser, etc. It can be used on gadgets such as Android, iOS, iPad, and personal computers. 

2) Does Amazon forward users’ data to third parties?

Yes, Amazon Assistantscollects user’s data and advances the collected data to third parties. However, Amazon asks for the client’s permission before it commences to collect data.

3) Is Amazon Assistants free to use?

Yes, Amazon Assistants is free to use. It can be downloaded from the Google Play store, or it can be installed as an extension on compatible web browsers. It can be used to compare the price of the products and save it in the preferred list. 

What Is An Amazon Assistant?-Read To Know

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