Does Costco Assemble Furniture?-Know More


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Costco Wholesale Corporation is a multinational American online and in-store retailer company. Costco Wholesale Corporation is well-known as Costco. The headquarters of Costco is located in Issaquah, Washington, United States of America. Founded in 1976 and founders of Costco wholesale corporation are James Sinegal, Jeffrey Brotman, Robert Price, and Sol Price. Costco is ranked the fifth largest retailer company in the world. The stores of Costco scaled up worldwide.

Does Costco Assemble Furniture

worldwide. Costco also has an eCommerce website through which millions of active users shop every two months. The cooperation is the most trusted among many retail stores. Costco corporation sells groceries, electronics, clothing, home products, automobile service, sports, and many more. Costco is listed tenth in Fortune 500. Costco also provides membership cards to spend less and save more with discounts.

Does Costco assemble furniture?

Costco is a wholesale company that also sells groceries and furniture for bedrooms, fireplaces, kids, kitchen, dining room, baby, office, and home office furniture. Yes, Costco assembles furniture at home and office. Furniture from Costco is the best in quality and available at affordable prices. Costco services include furniture assembly from nearby stores. Customers can order fully assembled furniture from the website or can ship furniture in parts that can be assembled at home or office. 

How does the furniture assembly take place by Costco?

Costco can deliver built furniture directly from the store, or dismantled furniture will be delivered at the doorstep and can be assembled. Costco provides installation and assembly services at a low cost. Go Share is an authorized delivery partner and furniture assembly service provider of Costco corporation. There are many other furniture assembly services like Onpoint, and furniture master, which can assemble furniture from Costco at home and office places. 

Costco provides furniture assemble professional services, uses the best service tools, liability insurance, workmanship guaranteed, and customer care help at any time. It is much easier to book furniture assembly service processes. Costco takes a small fee to assemble furniture. 

Costco also provides white glove delivery and threshold delivery services.

Threshold Delivery service will be delivered unassembled to the specified address and placed at your home just outside the door. White-Glove delivery service is White glove delivery service is a method of shipping or receiving products that need more attention than regular parcels due to their size, value, or fragility. White glove delivery experts are highly-trained and equipped with the ability to install and assemble your product on-site and use specialized equipment if necessary.

White glove delivery service providers will help set up new furniture in your home. White glove delivery is better than threshold delivery because white glove delivery is convenient, delivered and assembled on the same day, protected safely, secured, and best in service. There are many pros to using Costco furniture assembling services.

What is the best time to buy furniture from Costco?

July 4 to December 15 is the best time to buy furniture from the Costco warehouse or the website because this time is also called a semi-annual furniture sale event. There are two semi-annual events held every year in Costco until before Christmas.

Can Costco furniture be returned after assembly?

Yes, customers can return furniture to Costco within 30-days of installments. One should provide proper receipts for furniture bought from Costco. The company will refund you once verified that the furniture has no damage. 

The returned furniture will be sent to warehouses, furniture is modified and made as perfect furniture again after dismantling. 

Will Costco deliver furniture on the same day?

Costco ships furniture to your doorstep on the same day if the store is nearby the delivery address. Costco sometimes delivers furniture 48 hours after booking. Costco collaborated with many assembly services and its service providers. The total cost for furniture delivery is around $65-$200 from Costco. Costco provides threshold delivery and white glove delivery. Furniture can be shipped in apartments, offices, and homes.

How does same-day delivery work?

GoShare, a delivery partner of Costco, delivers furniture on the same day to customers. GoShare delivers heavy products like gym equipment, cots, beds, electronics, and furniture to your doorstep. 

One can calculate the cost for shipping and scheduled delivery time on the same day through the GoShare website services. 

Steps how it works

  1. Go to the GoShare website or app to schedule a pickup and delivery time, set a location, and calculate the delivery price.
  2. GoShare services then pick up the furniture from the Costco warehouse and load furniture securely and safely in transport services.
  3. GoShare services will deliver to your address at the mentioned time on the same day.

GoShare delivers at an affordable price, easier to make a shipping, safe, and trusted service.

For more information about pickup and delivery services, call 800-213-3184.

What other assembling is held by Costco service providers?

Living room furniture

Sofas, coffee tables, tv stands, recliners, and fireplaces are assembled.

Bedroom furniture

wardrobes, daybeds, bed frames, nightstands are assembled.

Dining Room furniture

dining tables, bar stools, cabinets, kitchen carts, kitchen island are assembled.

Office furniture-bookcases, desks, office chairs, room dividers, file racks, and stands are assembled.

Outdoor Furniture

gazebos, playsets, storage sheds, trampolines, patio furniture, gaming chairs, pool tables, hoops, pet furniture, and many more are assembled by Costco services.

What other services and departments are available in Costco?

Costco comprises of 

  • Financial services
  • Travel services
  • Photo services
  • Pharmacy services
  • Optical services
  • Automobile care center
  • Gasoline
  • Costco credit cards
  • Costco travel insurance
  • Costco energy(solar installation services)

Costco sells groceries, electronics, clothing, shoes, accessories, toys, video games, home improvement, baby care requirements, furniture, home and appliances, patio, garden related, household essentials, beauty related, personal care, sports, outdoor, pets, auto, tires and industrial, stationery and office supplies, arts, crafts and party supplies, gift cards, registries, movies, books, and music. Costco also has beverages and coffee. 

Costco provides financial services like Costco auto program, mortgage, refinancing, home insurances, life, and pet insurances. Costco has a membership card that includes credit cards, gold stars, and reward programs. 


Costco assembles furniture by GoShare, Onpoint, and furniture assembly services at a reasonable price. Costco also provides a same-day delivery service. Costco has professional furniture assemblers. 

The company provides the best quality furniture. One can return assembled furniture within 30-days. Costco also has installation services for electronics and more. One can be delivered furniture to the doorstep at any time, once requested. Costco helps customers at any time.

Frequently asked questions

What are the payment modes accepted by the Furniture assembly services of Costco?

Furniture assembler accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex as a mode of payment.

Can same-day delivery of Costco furniture be available anywhere in the United States?

No, sometimes depending on the warehouses of Costco it may take 48 hours to deliver furniture. Costco uses the fastest delivery services.

Does Costco Assemble Furniture?-Know More

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