Who Does Costco Use For Shipping?-Know More 

Being a good brand is not just in the name but in the brand’s ability to deliver its goods and services to its customers in good time and great condition, bringing about customer satisfaction. Costco is a multinational corporation operating over 804 warehouses in eight countries. And Costco is known for providing its members with high-quality products from different brands, but its reputation doesn’t end there – its ability and competence to deliver these products to its members in a good state are one of its qualities that has kept them happy with Costco’s services. Costco uses a variety of shipping companies such as USP, USPS, FedEx, Canada Post, and Purolator.

Who Does Costco Use For Shipping?

These shipping companies have been carefully chosen by Costco to ensure the good and safe delivery of items to its customers. Costco has a few shipping methods to choose from, each having its price rate and means of delivery. These shipping methods are to ensure customer convenience financially and to suit their delivery needs. 

Costco Shipping Methods 

The various shipping methods offered by Costco are standard delivery, curbside delivery, standard delivery with no pre-scheduled appointment, threshold delivery, white glove delivery, room of choice delivery, appliances, and Costco grocery delivery. 

  • Standard Delivery: this is the most common shipping method used. It employs the services of FedEx, UPS, and USPS. 
  • Curbside Delivery: this shipping method employs the use of a freight carrier. The item gets delivered to your driveway and you get to choose an appointment time and signature. 
  • Standard Delivery With No Pre-scheduled Appointment: this method also uses a freight carrier to deliver items but, an appointment or a signature is not necessary and the item will be delivered close to or at the front door of your address. 
  • Threshold Delivery: this method is used to deliver large items. You get to choose an appointment time and a signature is required. The item gets delivered on any dry area on your property. 
  • White-Glove Delivery: this method also gives room for you to choose an appointment time. When your item is delivered, it will be unpacked and examined to ensure that the right item was delivered. It will then be set up for you. 
  • Room of Choice Delivery: just like threshold delivery, this method gives you room to choose an appointment time but requires a signature. This method is mostly used for furniture or other household pieces. The item gets delivered to any room of your choice provided the area is clear and safe. 
  • Appliances: for appliances, in-home delivery is provided. 
  • Costco Grocery Delivery: only Costco members are eligible for this shipping method and it is available in specific markets. It is divided into two categories – 2-Day delivery and Cold & Frozen.

Costco Shipping Fee

Delivery is free for orders with a total cost of $75 and above. Orders below $75 will attract a shipping fee based on the item ordered. Free shipping for $75 and above does not apply to items delivered with the 2-Day delivery method. 

What Does the 2-Day Delivery and Cold & Frozen Methods Entail? 

The 2-Day delivery method can be used to deliver items such as coffee, cleaning supplies, organic non-perishables, snacks, etc. It attracts an additional $3 shipping charge for each item. This shipping method is not available in Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. 

The Cold & Frozen shipping method is used to deliver cold and frozen items. It attracts a $10 delivery fee.

Costco, like every other retailer, requires a means by which it can get items ordered by customers delivered to them safely. It uses FedEx, Canada Post, Purolator, USPS, and UPS to get these items delivered to its customers. These shipping companies have over time proven to be trustworthy and reliable most of the time. Costco has also set in place shipping methods that allow customers to choose which delivery method best suits them. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Does Costco ship worldwide? 

Currently, Costco ships only to the United States and Canada. To ship items from its US store to other countries, you need to: 

1. Have an account with Planet Express to gain access to the ‘Shop For Me’ service. 

2. Select the items you want from the Costco online store, place your order and wait for an email notification from Planet Express. 

3. Choose the shipping method you wish to use. You can ship from the US to almost any country worldwide. 

2. Can orders be shipped to a Costco warehouse? 

Some items on the Costco online store can be shipped to a Costco warehouse. A notice is usually placed beneath these items for ease of identification. However, most items are preferably shipped to an address. 

3. Where are Costco’s warehouses located? 

Costco has its warehouses in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Who Does Costco Use For Shipping?-Know More 

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