Does Shane Company Buyback Jewelry? – Know more

Are you thinking of customizing your jewelry or looking for a company that buys back jewelry? You must have heard that the Shane company has numerous jewelry consultants. This article has a comprehensive answer to the question – ‘Does Shane Company Buyback Jewelry?’.

Does Shane Company Buyback Jewelry?

Does Shane Company Buyback Jewelry?

The Shane Company does not categorically buy back jewelry. It is not one of their primary business focus. However, If you have jewelry – a ring that you feel is out of your class, you can exchange it with another ring of a higher class at Shane’s company, provided you will meet some of their policies. 

A Brief History of the Shane Company

About five decades ago, Tom Shane, a young graduate of the University of Colorado, established the Shane company. He studied business administration. In 1971, Tom Shane took over his family business and gave it a new model. He succeeded in expanding the physical store’s location from one to twenty different states.

The Shane company has established over 20 physical stores in various states in America. Shane company is also importing different types of jewelry like rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. They don’t deal in fake diamonds, which made them the game the trust of their customers over the years. They have no conflict over their diamond which means they have a trusted supplier of Diamond.

Why Shane co.?

Since its emergence, and for four consecutive decades, the company has remained consistent in helping customers create memorable live moments such as birthdays, anniversaries, wedding proposals, and many significant moments. They have maintained an unmatchable reputation in the jewelry business. Below are some significant reasons why Shane Co remains outstanding:

  1. They only use stones of superior quality: whether diamonds, sapphires, or rubies you need, you are sure of getting the best stones from Shane Co. the company only buys the prettiest diamonds from that particular grade. Maximum sparkle and spectacular brilliance are two qualities Shane Co cannot compromise with.
  1. They offer a Free Lifetime Warranty: The Shane Company understands that buying a piece of jewelry is a huge investment. Therefore, it works hard to protect your investment. This warranty covers every aspect of the customer’s jewelry.
  1. A unique way of customizing rings: They are seen as one leading company because of the way their rings are uniquely customized. They can design and redesign any ring to your satisfaction. No matter the kind of ring you have envisioned, the Shane company can help you bring that same vision into reality.
  1. Good Customer Service: Shane’s customer service is one of the best in modern-day business settings. It is a culture for them to have jewelry consultants in all its physical stores in the United States. The consultants’ job is to assist customers with choosing the best rings for engagement and gifts. You can reach their customer care outlet by telephone or by email.

Shane’s Company Return Policy

The company has a 60 days guarantee refund policy. This implies that you can always return any jewelry you buy within 60 days if you are not satisfied with the item. The only requirement needed is that the item must be in its original state. Although, customized rings and personalized items are not accepted if returned.

Additionally, Shane co. is an excellent place to buy jewelry, and they sell certified and original diamonds together with not-so-certified ones. This implies that they will convince you to buy certified diamonds whenever you walk into their showroom.

How does Shane’s Company Buy Back Jewelry?

The Shane company upholds specific policies when dealing with their products, especially rings. Those policies govern their buying of jewelry. That means you will receive the total value if you make a second purchase after purchasing a diamond ring or a sapphire. It also implies that you can use a ring of lower value to trade for a higher value, provided that a certain amount of money is spent 


Shane company is very famous due to the kind of items they sell. Although, some folks claim that Shane’s jewelry is overpriced. Nevertheless, they are a reliable company to do business with. If you are looking at selling back your jewelry by any means, consider Shane company as a destination, the company will evaluate your jewelry by metal type and some standard equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Does Shane Company have an affordable engagement ring?

The Shane company sells the original diamond ring. Those categories of jewels are always expensive

  1. Is Shane’s jewelry good value for money?

Yes, they only trade certified diamonds, making it worth it.

  1. Can Shane company replace my stolen jewelry?

If you provide a police report about your stolen jewelry, Shane will allow you to replace your stolen jewelry at a discount price.

  1. Where does Shane get their diamond?

They have had a family diamond cutter for the past 70 years.

  1. Can I buy original Gold at Shane company?

Yes, they do; although their gold is worth $14000, any jewelry less than that price has only 50% of gold.

Does Shane Company Buyback Jewelry? – Know more

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