Search Engine Evaluator Jobs- Know More

Browsing through the internet is like a pastime for many. The internet can hold several secrets tucked in the open edges of the cloud. How about you make money from this pastime? This article is about Search Engine Evaluator Jobs.

Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

You can make at least $15 per hour as a search engine evaluator, or in simple words, browse through the internet to find the relevant information. Keeping the jargon of search engine evaluators aside, the role can be understood as; rating the search results according to the fill-up sheet. In layman’s terms, when you are on the internet looking for a particular piece of information, you usually find what you are looking for at the top results, your job here would be to keep the relevant information at the top. 

Now, this might seem like a huge gamble of information at an instant. So, let’s break the information into pieces and understand what goes behind search engine evaluation. Also, the guide has a few job providers listed for you in case you want to dive further in looking for a job. 

What is a search engine evaluator?

Search engine evaluators job are human filters set up by search engines to monitor the information displayed during the search result. Even though search engines heavily depend on algorithms and keywords to push a website up on the search engine results, sometimes the information present can be irrelevant. To ensure that search engine results are accurate and point to the right sources search engine evaluators are used. 

A search engine evaluator job would be required to look up what comes in the search engine results when they browse a query or term. Once they have the necessary results loaded, they need to go through the information and fill out a detailed outline on the feedback page. The feedback page is quite a deal as it involves multiple sections and regulations that a candidate needs to adhere to before filling the feedback. 

The feedback is used by search engines to improve the quality of the page. It ensures that the engines are thoroughly scrutinized to provide relevant information to the users. At the end of the ratings, all the information is used to make users’ experience comprehensive and provide them with the correct information. 

How to become a evaluator? 

Search engine evaluators do not require any specific educational skills or refined resume to get hired. The job is pretty straightforward, and all candidates are required to do is, own the right set of equipment to carry out the work. So, if you are planning in getting down a job as a search engine evaluator, you would require the following:

  • Hardware setup like computers, laptops, smartphones, and internet connection.
  • Must have completed the initial qualifications exam.
  • Proficiency in computer operations and internet ability.
  • Well-versed in communication skills.
  • Former knowledge about SEO is preferred yet, not mandatory.
  • Ability to research on the given topic.
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Other requirements according to the employing company.
  • Regional language knowledge

The search engines operate in different languages. It thus adds a positive value to the candidate if they know multiple languages. 

The requirements for the job are simple and do not take a whole lot of preparation. One thing candidates need to know here is the job is seasonal or as per the requirements. You might not have to work the entire year-round. So, the job is not suitable for full-time employment. On the contrary, students can find this job white useful as it involves remote working and provides flexible working hours. 

Roles and responsibilities

Being a search engine evaluator comes with a lot of roles and responsibilities a few of them are mentioned below:

  • Create a comprehensive analysis for accurate data for multiple search engine platforms. 
  • Look for different digital search trends and maintain an expert’s advice/opinion for accurate information.
  • Determine the quality of the result and rate them based on multiple metrics presented in the feedback.
  • Multitask and work on different topics and evaluate them for accurate results.
  • Do in-depth research to ensure that the results or ratings provided to the department are accurate. 
  • Provide solutions to improve the working of the search engine and the information. 
  • Provide plans or solutions to SEO changes for the search engine. 

One thing all the candidates need to make sure of before taking the job is, you would be provided with multiple topics. The topics might or can be out of your comfort zone or beliefs, but you would still be required to complete the work at hand. So, if you are hesitant about researching a particular topic, look for a job that provides you with the freedom to choose the topic or lets you filter your choices. 

Skills required to become a search engine evaluator.

Even though the job does not require a candidate to flaunt any educational qualifications, certain skills need to be present in a candidate to ensure that the work is carried around smoothly. A few of the skills that will take a candidate far in the game are:

  • Tech-savvy

To ensure that you get the job, and stick to the job for a longer period, a proven skill is being tech-savvy. The term means understanding the technology used to complete the job. A candidate needs to be versatile in using emails, filling in digital information, finding information on the internet, and so much more. Apart from working on regular search engines, they would also be required to work on different search engines to make the result accurate. Thus, a candidate needs to be fluent in using technology to ensure that the work is completed effectively, as well as, efficiently. 

  • Detail-oriented

A keen eye for detail is a must for the job. As a search engine evaluator, a candidate will be required to go through multiple results for a single search. A good eye for detail will help the candidates effectively look for the information they are looking for and perform accurate analysis. They also need to be stringent and work under different criteria for performing the final evaluation. Being detail-oriented will help the candidate effectively filter the required results and provide accurate information at the end. 

  • Persistent

A candidate needs to be persistent in performing the job. In many cases, the information that a candidate looks for might not be available in the first few search results or even the first few pages. It will require the candidates to perform multiple searches and go through every search, in a detailed manner. The ability to be persistent and consistent towards the job will be essential for a candidate to complete the job. A persistent candidate will have the ability to complete the work without leaving the work halfway. Being persistent will also help the candidate to keep their cool throughout the work and deliver good results. 

  • Evaluation and research skills

A search engine evaluator needs to find the correct information from the myriad of information present on the search result. To ensure that the search engine is accurately identified, they require research skills. Good research skills will help the candidate to evaluate the information and filter the required results. Apart from research skills, they would also need to be great evaluators. The guidelines for the feedback are quite stringent, and a candidate will be required to be a good evaluator to effectively give feedback as per the guidelines. 

  • Punctual 

Yet another skill that will help the candidate ace the job and get more projects is being punctual. Search engine evaluators have to complete the entire work that is assigned to them, irrespective of the depth of the topic in a given deadline. To ensure that all the tasks are completed in time, a candidate needs to be punctual. A candidate should be well versed in working according to schedules, or setting schedules according to their times and work accordingly. 

Apart from the skills mentioned, candidates also need to be great communicators and stay motivated for the job. The best skill that anyone can showcase is being dedicated to the job. 

Search engine evaluator job providers

Now that you know more about the jobs and the roles and responsibilities related to the job, let us look at different positions that you can apply for.

Google search engine 

If Google is your dream company, why not start small with search engine evaluators or like Google likes to say ” Ads quality rater”, for Google. An excellent job opportunity for people who are looking to work forward as a part-timer for Google is applying as an ads quality rater. The position is available to all and does not have any minimum requirements, all a candidate would be required to do is apply for the position through the official site of Google. 

The job position offered is remote working and would require a candidate to dedicate at least 10 – 30 hours per week. The average payment for the job is $15 per hour paid weekly. To apply for the position follow the steps:

  • Apply for the hiring position for Google raters. 
  • After an initial screening, you would be required to pass a qualification test. 
  • Paperwork is verified and completed, and candidates can finally start to work.

iSoftstone is a consulting and IT services company that works in collaboration with different clients to improve business quality and ensure that innovative solutions are created for every client problem. The company is based in the US and hires evaluates for different positions from the US. 

The different positions you can apply for at iSoftstone are search engine evaluators, website evaluators, and online ad evaluators. The position is open for only citizens of the US, who have excellent English communication skills. The educational requirements for the position are null. However, the candidates would be required to pass an initial series of assessments. The minimum working hours are 15 hours per week, and the average pay scale decided by the company ranges between $12 – $13 per hour. 


Appen is a publicly-traded data company that works with data challenges and ensures that all the development is based on machine learning algorithms. It is one of the best data service providers situated in Australia, serving as the hottest provider of remote jobs to candidates. 

Appen hired evaluators on different technologies that range from language processing to internet search media technologies. The platform provides multiple available positions, but the most hired position is the social media evaluator. The position is a hot-selling position in the list, and often requires candidates to have extensive knowledge about social media, and different platforms for the same. A candidate would also be required to go through a series of initial screenings, before getting hired for the position.

The work is differentiated among 5 days, and a candidate would be required to work for 1-4 hours per day. Depending upon the hours and the quality of work presented by the candidate they would be paid on an average of $13- $15 per hour. The pay scale is highly influenced by the comity you work from. 


RaterLab was built under the parent company leap force based in California. The company was designed to solely focus on American search results, and thus hires candidates exclusively from the US. The search engine evaluators are often termed Internet analyzers by RaterLabs. They have stringent policies for hiring which sets them apart in the entire list of jobs. 

The Job opening is only available for Internet analyzers, and candidates would be required to possess a strong knowledge about American culture and other scenarios to land the job. Another important aspect here is the educational qualification. 

  • A candidate would be required to have at least a university degree in communication, English literature, or any other related field. 
  • Apart from that, they would also be required to go through several series of assessments before getting hired for the position. 

The responsibilities of the position are stringent and would require a candidate to be motivated and tech-savvy throughout the journey. 

Another important aspect of the job is, candidates must possess a high-speed internet connection, and relevant hardware to complete the job. The minimum working hours for the position are 10 hours per week. They can extend timings according to their availability. The average pay scale varies according to the country of employment, however, candidates can expect an average of $14 per hour. 

Zero chaos ( Workforce Logiq)

ZeroChaos is a workforce management system that provides its clients with different services ranging from vendor management to search engine evaluation. The company has recently changed its name to Workforce Logiq. The work provided is based on contracts which make the project completion for every organization easier and more effective. The company is based in Florida, and several US and worldwide clients work in collaboration with this corporation to bring about great workforce management solutions. 

The job positions on this platform are based on different profiles. For instance, web evaluation jobs and internet assessors and candidates would usually be provided with contracts to carry out the remote work. The minimum qualifications for the position are not applicable, yet candidates holding a degree can get through the procedure rather quickly. Candidates must also have the relevant hardware for the work. Once a candidate has enrolled for the job position he or she would be required to go through two assessments to land the job. 

The working hours for the company are between 10 to 30 hours per week, and the average pay scale is $12 to $15 per hour. 

Lion bridge

Lionbridge is a big name when it comes to search engine optimization. The company is well-rounded with its work and contributes towards different aspects which include translation and localization services. Being a well-versed organization it serves in more than 26 countries and helps businesses to improve their visibility on the search engines. 

The different positions available for job application include online advertisement ratings, evaluators, internet ads evaluators, and much more. The candidate applying for the position must be a resident of the US for at least three years. The education requirements for this position include a high school diploma and knowledge in internet communications and applications. Apart from this candidates would also be required to go through a series of assessments before they are hired for the role. 

The minimum working hours for the organization are not explicitly mentioned on the website, and candidates can choose the hours they work for. The average pay on the other hand can range from $15-$16 per hour. 


mTurk, widely known as Amazon Mechanical Turk, works as a career portal for search engine evaluators. The company curates several small jobs available for the position of evaluators and lets the candidate choose on a project basis whether they want to carry the job or not. The company lists hundreds of jobs according to the position and candidates can choose the one that appropriately suits them. 

The minimum requirement to apply for jobs varies on this portal as several small organizations work in collaboration with mTurk, so candidates need to go through different openings and look for requirements. The minimum working hours depend on the project, and candidates would be paid an average of $15 per hour. 

The portal consists of hundreds of well-paid jobs, a candidate needs to have a keen eye to choose the best. is exclusively dedicated to clients for providing IT services and other data analysis. They work with different businesses and handle data analysis. 

The positions you can apply for include Search Engine Evaluator, Online Web Evaluator, and Online Ad Evaluator for various languages. The minimum educational requirements for the position are null, and candidates can apply for the desired position through the career portal. 

The minimum working hours, as well as the average pay, are not disclosed by the team. 


KarmaHub is a comprehensive company providing all the business needs to improve the quality of the business. They work with providing extensive solutions to different management services, and also work around IT services to fulfill all the demands of the business in the short and long run. The company works in providing extensive solutions according to the requirement of the business and ensures to extensively look after the process once delivered. 

Amongst the myriad of job openings, one that suits the list is internet analyst. The position is open for all the candidates, and there are no minimum requirements to land the position. Candidates can personally email the services and apply for positions if there are no active services on the internet. 

The site does not mention the minimum working hours for the position, however, candidates can earn almost $27 per hour for a single project. The pay varies and can be greater for different language requirements. 

How much can you make as a search engine evaluator?

Search engine evaluators are often paid depending on a project or an hourly basis. Both scenarios can hold for different organizations. According to multiple sources and as discussed for different job providers, the average pay that a search engine evaluator makes is $15 to $20 per hour


Search engine evaluators are responsible to rate the search engine results to help the search engines improve their content efficiency and provide the users with accurate data. The position is quite suitable for students who want to earn some money for their daily needs. The job can easily get you an average pay of $15 per hour. 

The job comes with multiple responsibilities, wherein a candidate would be required to create and research qualitative data and perform an evaluation based on the research. To perform this successfully they need to have several skills that include punctuality, analytical skills, detail-oriented, and many more. 

The job is like a dream come true for internet browsers, so if you are someone interested in the position you can go through the list of jobs provided in the above sections and land your first search engine evaluator job. 

Search Engine Evaluator Jobs- Know More

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