5W4 Enneagram Personality and Best Jobs

Personalities play a qualitative role in understanding an individual’s career choice. Modern-day scientists and philosophers believe that every individual needs to be aware of their personality type to understand the career choice they can make in the future. It is the best way to improve the efficiency at the workplace, by filling it with suitable candidates in terms of passion and personality.This is about 5W4 Enneagram Personality and Best Jobs.

5W4 Enneagram Personality and Best Jobs

Discussing exclusively to 5W4 enneagram type personality, according to extensive research conducted worldwide, a few career choices that best suit the enneagram 5w4 are as follows.

  • Scholar
  • Engineer
  • Scientist
  • Author
  • Composer
  • Editor
  • And many more 

A question that many might ask is, why these career choices. To understand the attributes that make enneagram 5w4 suitable for the job, we will first go through the traits of type five and understand the personalities associated. The further sections also provide a detailed overview of different careers and their compatibility with the personality trait. 

What are enneagram 5 personality types?

Type fives can be categorized as investigators. The personality type of enneagram type 5 is quite different from any personality in the group. The type is energy conservators in real life. They believe in conserving their energy and not draining themselves out through carrying out communication, engaging with others, or being in contact with the outside world. They live a life wherein they develop their skills in a closed room and practice them within their comfort zone. 

To keep it simple, type five is the most introverted group of the entire enneagram spectrum. 

Even though they are introverts and rarely engage with the world, they have a strong desire to explore the world through knowledge and intellect. The very motivation pushes them to constantly learn and accumulate knowledge from different sources. In the end, it is safe to say that the enneagram 5 type of personality is intelligent, inquisitive, and keeps to themselves. They avoid relationships, thus all their work receives undivided attention. 

Wings of 5W4 Enneagram Personality and Best Job

Not all enneagram 5 are introverts and distant from the world. A few feel the need to make conversation, and also fend for knowledge. It creates an anomaly in the personality type. So to effectively differentiate them and acknowledge the anomaly, we have different wings of the enneagram type 5. The two types of enneagram wings are:

  • Enneagram 5 wings 4 
  • Enneagram 5 wings 6

Enneagram 5 wings 4 

Enneagram 5 wings 4 represent the enneagram type 4 on a wonderful level, and thus they are emotional, sensitive, and often look at the world from the perspective of empathy. The enneagram 5w4 stay grounded, is often self-reflective and expressive. They solely focus on their emotions and tend to accumulate knowledge in a way that boosts their emotional side. That makes them pour their heart out into learning and expressing themselves at the right moment. 

Still being introverted, they channel the expressions through creativity. They reflect on things and base their decisions on sensitivity. These qualities motivate them to pursue a career that explores their creative side and adds value. 

Enneagram 5 wings 6

Enneagram 5 wings 6 often peeks into the characteristics of type six. It makes them headstrong, independent, analytical, organized, and practical. However, unlike the four personality types, they remain introverted and often believe in gaining and applying knowledge under an umbrella of the comfort zone. The enneagram 5 wings 6 loves to solve problems and analyze things according to the perspective of technical knowledge. 

Enneagram 5w6 is also not expressive and does not emotionally relate to a lot of aspects of work. It makes them inclined towards work that is straightforward, analytical, detail-oriented, and helps them to ideate their knowledge on the right path. All career choices like engineering, accounting are best for this personality type. 

Key personality traits of enneagram 5w4

Enneagram 5w4 are known as the philosophers. They are creative and love to express their views through creative aspects. Let’s understand the key traits of the personality type. 

  • Heavily guarded by emotions, they tend to analyze things from an emotional aspect. It makes them feel overwhelmed during peak emotional periods.  
  • Always open to seeking new skills and knowledge about various topics. It helps them to understand and gain knowledge of the world from a deeper perspective.
  • Love exploring new environments and seeking knowledge.
  • Great focus and attentiveness towards work. Their attentiveness towards work pushes them to look into small details of the work. It reduces mistakes from their side producing an efficient quality of work. 
  • Able to effectively understand small details and curate high-end data to easy understanding 
  • Love to work independently, making them self-motivated. 

Strengths at work 

Enneagram 5w4 has key traits that push them to be great workers for several industries. Though they might not enjoy the typical 9 to 5 jobs that have them swamped with colleagues in a single room, they can work best for jobs that require solemn calmness and connecting with themselves. Some of the strengths that the 5w4 personality type have are:

  • Focus

Being keen on seeking knowledge from different aspects of the world, the personality type works with a parallel focus and attentiveness. They ensure that all the work that is carried out is perfect and there is no space for error. This trait also pushes them toward being time-efficient. They ensure that all their work is completed within the given time limit, and they get time to analyze their work multiple times. 

  • Detail-oriented.

The 5w4 personality type is detail-oriented. Though they think from an emotional and sensitive perspective, their deep knowledge about things pushes them toward analyzing every detail of their work. It makes them highly detail-oriented.

  • Creative

The personality type thinks from an emotional perspective and even tends to gain knowledge that boosts their emotional aspects towards work. These traits of being emotionally sensitive push them to be creative and carefully devise a course of action. It might not be wrong to say their creativity is already planned. Being introverted also adds flames to this strength, pushing them to be creative from multiple perspectives, giving rise to new strength; the ability to express. 

  • Ability to express

5w4 are introverts in their personality, and no type 5 can deny that they find it difficult to open up to the outside world through normal communications. It pushes them to be creative and devise another source of expression. Type 5w4 tends to express themselves through writing, music, paintings, and several other forms of communication. Their creativity also adds a beautiful touch to their ability to express, creating magic. 

Weaknesses at work

Every personality type has certain weaknesses that push them behind. Some of the weaknesses that 5w4 personality express in terms of work are:

  • Over analytical towards self 

One weakness of the 5w4 personality type is the fear of being judged and looked down upon by others. That makes them analytical towards work and makes them highly focused and attentive. Though that can be termed as strengths, it can leave the candidate overwhelmed and affect the quality of work they produce in the long run. 

  • Isolation

The second weakness of personality type 5w4 is a lack of communication with the outer world. Type fives often lack the need to interact with the outside world, and this pushes them to isolate themselves from their colleagues or friends. It can be a great weakness when it comes to corporate networking, or even networking for creative purposes. Isolation is a great hindrance to their professional as well as personal growth. 

  • Dealing with emotions 

The knowledge gained by the 5w4 personality type is often filtered based on the emotional aspect, and sometimes this can affect the rational side of their decisions. A lot of type five tend to struggle with practical and statistical decision-making which pulls them down on a corporate ladder. It also hinders their economic growth. 

Best job choices

UX – UI designer

UX designers are gravitated towards developing designs for everything and anything that comes under the aspect of the internet. UI designers, on the other hand, work in collaboration to improve the user interface of the customers. The job requires creative minds to derive ideas for the fresh aspects of a particular website. Also, it requires knowledge and in-depth research skills, which are a perfect combination found in the 5w4 personality type.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Understand the market need and create in-depth research about the product and its promotions.
  • Design interactive designs that can attract customers and improve website retention. 
  • Develop prototypes that meet the requirements of the clients. 
  • Look for new design plans that can go well with the persona of the website, ensuring to look after the usability of the design. 

Average payscale: $80,928 per year

Web developers

Web developers are responsible to build websites and applications that resonate with the requirements of the client and attract the right customers. The skills required for the job are being intuitive, creative, and understanding the research and market feedback. 5w4 Personality type is both creative, as well as, detail-oriented which makes them the right fit for the job. The job can be also carried out through freelancing, and they do not require to engage with multiple people. 

Roles and responsibilities: 

  • Creating applications for websites.
  • Looking after the front-end development and designing all the aspects of the website that help customers to understand the motivations of the company. 
  • Troubleshoot the problems in the website and bring effective solutions to maintain the website. 
  • Develop different updates to ensure that the websites are up to date, with modern technology and the latest advancement. 
  • Work with designers, or design the graphics of the website in case of freelancing. 
  • Design visually appealing designs that immediately attract the right customer base. 

Average payscale: $102,900 per year.


An animator is another job on the list that requires the candidates to be creative and have an excellent ability to express creativity. An animator is required to sketch images or draw digital frames that can be put together to form an animation. Given the creative aspect of the job, it is perfect for the enneagram 5w4 personality type. 

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Creating different storyboards that can be mapped into animations.
  • Creating two-dimensional creations and converting them into appropriate films to draw perfect animation.
  • Designing the entire setup, looking after the background details, and working with portfolio modeling of the characters and other setups for the animation. 
  • Working with different client’s, understanding their requirements, and designing the relevant storyboard 
  • Extensive knowledge about hand key animations and data capture to improve the quality of the image. 

Average payscale: $70,530 a year


Authors are responsible to draft impressive stories and novels and put their creativity and emotions into novels. Enneagram 5w4 is a personality type that deals with emotional aspects and creativity at the same time. It makes them an excellent muse for the profession. Being an author also requires intensive knowledge about different aspects of the world, and being knowledgeable enneagram 5w4 type of people are molded for the very profession. 

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Drafting original stories for novels, plays, movies, and many other platforms. 
  • Working with different collaborations and creating a journal for references. 
  • Revise or rewrite the works for a certain client. 
  • Meet tight deadlines and come up with imaginative ideas that can hook the reader. 
  • Edit books and also Copyright them whenever the project demands. 

Average Payscale: $67,000 per book ( varies according to position and organization) 


A librarian is responsible for looking after the libraries in different places and maintaining the book collections, tapes, videos, journals, and much more. The major skill required for the job is being attentive towards the job. The position also required a candidate to access information and provide it to different users whenever necessary. Enneagram 5w4 people are a perfect fit for the role as they are detail-oriented, and their hunger for knowledge would keep them engaged in a place where they can never fail to learn. 

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Suggest different books for readers to read. 
  • Maintain the system with all the information regarding the borrowing and returning of books. 
  • Suggest books that can be included in the library to improve the collection.
  • Formulate budgets for renewal, and stocking of new books. 
  • Organize all the books and maintain them according to the standard outline of the library. 

Average payscale: $54316 per year


Composers are responsible for writing and creating music for different genres. This can be a great job for enneagram 5w4 personalities as it requires focus to come up with new ideas. The profession also demands extensive creativity that can help them draft great songs. It enhances and complements their skills to express themselves creatively. Type fives can use all their skills and traits accurately in this position and work as excellent composers to pour out emotions and sensitivity to their work. It 

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Create original music for theaters, films, solo artists, and other platforms. 
  • Direct, write and create music in different genres. 
  • Use different instruments to create melodies.
  • Rearrange existing pieces of music and lace them according to the needs of the clients. 

Average payscale: $50,736


Teachers work with several students in schools, universities, or any educational platform to bring the best out of them. Though enneagram 5w4 type people are introverted, this job can be a great fit for their personalities as they have a keen sight for knowledge and love to express the knowledge in various forms. It is one place where they would feel welcomed, and will also be motivated to work as they love to be appreciated and not looked down upon.

Roles and responsibilities: 

  • Draft curriculums for students according to the level of education.
  • Motivation, as monitoring the students in different aspects of studies. 
  • Helping students to overcome difficulties, solve their problems, and work in constant collaboration with individual students to bring out their best.
  • Keep in contact with parents to inform them about the progress of the children. 
  • Motivating students to take part in activities, and guiding them for the future. 
  • Counseling the students in difficult times and ensuring that they stay motivated through the class. 

Average payscale: $63,645 per year 

Graphics designers

Graphics designers are responsible for creating art for different aspects of media. They work with print, digital, or electronic media to create designs that can communicate the ideas of several brands. The job is a perfect blend of emotion, creativity, and research and enneagram 5w4 is a personality type that is best suited for the position. Type five always ensures that they look through the glasses of emotion, and this makes them create magical ideas that can resonate with the customers. 

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Research about the requirements of the design and put the research to the right use by creating original designs. 
  • Visualize and conceptualize brands and put them on media that can effectively improve brand recognition.
  • Work on budget constraints for a particular product.
  • Use different kinds of illustrations and logos to ensure that the designs created are up to par. 
  • Use different media to gain knowledge about the product or campaign, and create graphics that are visually appealing, as well as, target the right audience. 

Average payscale: $80,000 per year


Archivists are responsible to look after the data that has long-term knowledgeable values and preserve the information for future use. Enneagram 5w4 personality is for this role as they always look forward to gaining intellect and knowledge from different sources. Their knowledge and intellect can be best put to use in this scenario, as well as, they would enjoy working with different information contents of the world. Introverts can especially take this role as it does not require too much interaction. 

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Manage, assemble, and collect valuable information on history and other resources.
  • Convert the archival data to electronic media to preserve the originals without causing harm.
  • Locate different sources of rare books and information, and collect them to improve the quality of the collection.
  • Barcode different manuscripts to keep a track of all the data.
  • Photocopy of the original documents for organizational use.
  • Develop different sAfety protocols to maintain the archive. 

Average payscale: $98,990 per year

Content writers 

Content writers are responsible for managing the content of different clients and resources. The important trait almost every content writer has is creativity to lace the knowledge with words, research skills to look for accurate content, and focus to complete the job within the given time limit. Enneagram 5w4 is perfect for this role as they have all the skills of a great content writer. 

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Provide content to different organizations according to their requirements.
  • Research industry-related topics and express them in layman terms to the public.
  • Promoting products through engaging works for marketing organizations.
  • Managing content writing systems to draft the right format of content for organizations.
  • Understanding the requirements of the client and managing the content of the website. 
  • Conduct SEO search for content optimization, improving website visibility.

Average Payscale: $26 per hour / $96,880 per year 


Type five personality is often considered investigators, but if we dive deeper into a particular wing they tend to be philosophers. Though both foci on details of the work, the type of work suitable for both the personality types have a lot of differences. The 5w4 is emotional, sensitive, expressive, and often tends to choose a career based on creative aspects. It motivates them to be great authors, composers, and scholars. 

You can go through the entire guide if you are a 5w4 personality type and explore the different career choices you can make. However, first, be sure to understand what your personality type signifies and what your strengths and weaknesses are. All the information you need for a great future is mentioned in the guide.


  • What are the worst career options for enneagram 5w4?

The worst career options for enneagram 5w4 are:

Personal assistants

Business owners

Sales Representatives

Police officers

And other related careers. 

The career mentioned fails to explore the creative aspect of the personality, and also conflicts with their introverted nature. 

5W4 Enneagram Personality and Best Jobs

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