Is Silviax Jewelry Real Gold?-Read To Find Out

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Real metallic jewelry is the first choice of the purchaser because it is worthy and expensive and could be sold easily. But it is hard to shop for real jewelry nowadays. So beautiful and new designs are available at a low cost.Now we will see Is Silviax Jewelry Real Gold?

Is Silviax Jewelry Real Gold?

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No, Silviax is not real gold jewelry. It is metallic jewelry that is coated with gold. Silviax company is a sub-company of the Guangzhou Longwei Electronic Commerce Co, Ltd founded in Guangzhou city China. It has been dealing with the business of pure silver jewelry since 2008. They sell their products in approximately 100 countries.

Silviax does offer low-cost prices jewelry. Every piece of jewelry makes for individual choice and individual creation. This jewelry has called personalized jewelry because it is made for the real name of the jewelry owner. 

You can use this currency for purchasing jewelry such as the dollar, Euro, Pound, Australian dollar, Indian Rupee, Japanese yen, Canadian dollar, Chinese yuan renminbi, Emirati Dirham, and Russian Ruble. 

Customers can find excellent jewelry without allergies, safe costly, free delivery service, and two monthly return and exchange warranties. You can email, and phone at 086 18022307376.  

Silviax Jewelry

  • Individual jewelry 
  • Two-tone jewelry
  • Photo jewelry
  • Engraved jewelry

Individual Jewelry

Silviax has offered individual and self jewelry with the use of different tricks of art. In this collection, you can find name necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, anklets, family necklaces, initial necklaces, number necklaces, couples necklaces, and handwriting necklaces. These necklaces are 18k plated jewelry.

Two-Tone Jewelry 

Two-tone jewelry is a combination of two metals. Rose gold and White gold are made two-tone beautiful jewelry. These can be with different combinations of metals. Silviax does offer a variety of two-tone necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and anklets.

Photo Jewelry

When the photo is used on the jewelry it is called photo jewelry. These photos can be personal and family members. In this collection, you can find photos of necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets.

Engraved Jewelry

This jewelry has made with impressions or messages by cutting the edge so it is called engraved jewelry. You can find different items in the Salviax jewelry such as engraved necklaces, rings, and bracelets.

Why Does Silviax Jewelry Call Gold-Plated Jewelry?

Silviax has to make gold-plated jewelry, and it is not real gold. Gold-plated jewelry has made of metal. This metal can be silver or copper. After the authentic procedure, the fine coat of the gold shown on the jewelry looks real gold. The gold coat gives the impression of gold jewelry.

What are the Qualities of the Silviax Rings Collection? 

Silviax Rings are varied from size 5.0 to 10. These have been made of Silver and Copper. The ring’s colors are gold, white gold, and rose gold.  Every stone has been inserted beautifully and technically way. This prevents the stone from to lost and makes it possible to look bad.

How Much We Get The Discount by Purchasing at Silviax Jewelry?

If you are shopping for one product, so you will get 30% off on the second product with the offer code SV30. And If you are shopping for two products, then you will get a 50% discount with the code SV50. If you are shopping for four products, now you get the fifth product free with the code SV100.

Does Silviax Offer Only Personal Jewelry?

No, customers can shop for general jewelry items also. These items are easy to buy because everyone purchased them such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, anklets, and sets.

Write The Names of other Items of Jewelry?

Photo projection and Acrylic necklaces, Wedding engagement rings, Men’s bracelets, Bamboo earrings, and Hoop earrings are other jewelry items.


Silvia’s professionals have designed beautiful art of jewels and the artist work on it with passion. Each item is special, graceful, and beautiful. The Silviax mission is to keep the quality of the work, customers’ individual satisfaction level, teamwork, and loyalty. Silviax management is to be according to the market demand. Customers can enjoy their memories with special jewelry items.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)What is Photo Projection jewelry?

Photo projection jewelry is a piece of message jewelry for your friends and family members. When you watch a photo projection of jewelry stone into the light, it shows the message, and the famous is I LOVE YOU.

2)What is Acrylic Jewelry?

Acrylic is another material used to make jewelry it is called Acrylic jewelry. It can be colorful, stylish, and modern. 

3)What is a family necklace?

Family necklaces are with the names of family members.

4)What are initial necklaces?

Initial necklaces are with the initial name of the person.

5)What are bar necklaces?

The bar necklaces are with the bar. It can be different kinds of materials and colors.

Is Silviax Jewelry Real Gold?-Read To Find Out

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