Amazon Prime Military & Veteran Discount-Know More About It

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms that deals with all categories of products. However, it offers various discounts and perks for different customers. Likewise, let us explore the benefits and discount Amazon prime offers to veteran and military staff. 

Amazon Prime Military & Veteran Discount

Amazon does not offer any specific all-year discounts to military personnel and veterans, however, there are some great programs and benefits for military members, especially for those who are posted overseas. Moreover, Amazon had also released some special discounts for military & veterans on Veterans Day in the past years.

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Amazon Prime Discount for Veteran and Military Members

In 2021, Amazon Prime veteran can avail a free monthly subscription that is valid for 30-days. Veteran and military staff can save around $1 per month by subscribing to Amazon Prime.

Additionally, Amazon offers $40 off on annual Prime membership during veterans week. Veterans week starts in the first week of November, usually from 6th to 12th.

How to avail of Amazon Prime Military and Veterans Discounts?

Amazing discounts and perks are available to military members and veterans after proper verification and account creation. To avail, the same, follow these steps: –

  • Sign in to the Amazon account and verify the account as per the steps mentioned. 
  • Pay $79 for becoming an Amazon prime member. 
  • In case any military staff and veteran is already a prime member, then an extension of annual prime membership is also available at discounted rates. 
  • Moreover, annual membership of $119 can be availed on a monthly payment basis where customers can pay $12.99 every month.

Benefits of Amazon Prime Military & Veterans Discounts membership

1. Availability of Amazon Prime overseas

Amazon Prime services are not only limited to the United States but have it horizon beyond that for military staff. The special Amazon prime military plan allows its customers to stream radio and video in different parts of the world, where military personnel are posted. The horizon is spread over various countries like Kuwait, Japan, Afghanistan, Turkey, etc.

2. Video Streaming access 

Under Amazon’s prime membership, military staff and veterans can enjoy movies and shows under the same monthly plan. There are more than ten thousand movies and shows available on the platform.

3. Subscription to Amazon prime music

Unlimited music streaming, an ad-free feature with more than one million songs on the platform can be accessed using Amazon Prime music feature in the monthly subscription. Facility to stream radio stations is also provided under the scheme. 

4. Unlimited storage for photographs

Amazon prime also provides an Amazon cloud drive for storing an unlimited number of documents and photographs.

5. Free same-day delivery

All the military members and veterans with a Prime subscription can avail of same-day delivery on a million products around the commercial hubs of the country. The minimum shopping value should be at least $35 in the case of certain categories. In some cases, an hourly delivery option is also available.

6. Availability of Visa Signature Cards with rewards

Amazon Prime members have the opportunity to get 5% of cashback on certain products of Amazon and whole food products. Amazon provides the card to all the veterans and military staff, however, the cashback reduces to 3% for non-member users. Cashback on the shopping can be used to shop again in a variety of categories. 

7. Refund on gas and food payment

Amazon Prime Visa Signature Card comes with the annual subscription of Amazon Prime, however, there is no added fee for using Visa Signature Card. Ample discounts and cash backs are associated when payments of gas and food are done using the card like 2% on the gas payments and food payments. Military and veterans do not have to pay other transaction costs under these gas and food cash backs. 

How to sign up for the Amazon Prime Veterans & Military Day discounts?

Amazon verifies the eligibility of the Veterans before providing discounts and benefits. Veterans need to sign up on the Amazon Prime website to avail the discount. Below are some steps to be followed to avail the Veteran Prime discount :-

a. Open the Amazon Prime sign-up page. Veterans can sign up thrice in a row.

b. A pop-up window appears stating “ Too Many Times” if the user fails to sign up in those three attempts. 

c. If users experience some bug, customer support of Amazon is available 24/7 to solve the same. 

d. Amazon also provides an option to mail them with the following details on

  • Full Name 
  • Date of Birth
  • Type of Veteran or Military Personnel
  • Discharge Month and year, in case of veteran
  • Official mail ID in case of active military personnel. 

From video streaming to music platforms, unlimited shopping cash backs and same-day delivery are promised under Amazon prime subscription. Availability of discounts for military and veterans along with indefinite perks accelerates the zeal to be a prime member. 


Amazon is single-handedly the largest e-commerce space. Every other person shops at Amazon for their needs and wants – and no wonder! Amazon is known for its deals and discounts. Amazon has expanded to a wide variety of services, with Prime offering its top deals and services.

While Amazon has some of the most amazing sales, with or without a Prime subscription, it does not offer a specific military and veteran discount.However, Amazon does provide a 30-day free Prime option and veterans can avail a short discount of $40 per annum.

Amazon Prime Military & Veteran Discount-Know More About It

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