Does AmazonPrime Include Starz?- Know More

Is STARZ available for free with AmazonPrime?

Regretfully, Amazon Prime subscription does not include access to STARZ. All qualified Prime customers who have not completed the Amazon STARZ Free Trial previously are qualified for a 1-week trial version.Lets discuss about Does AmazonPrime Include Starz?

Does AmazonPrime Include Starz?

Furthermore, Amazon periodically gives STARZ discount codes and limited-time offers for Premium subscribers, like longer trial periods or 3 months for barely 1dollar.Does AmazonPrime Include Starz? keep reading

When your STARZ free trial period ends, your premium membership begins immediately, and you will be debited $8.99 after every month. You may withdraw at any moment, and if you leave prior to actually your trial version finishes, you will not be billed.

Let’s remember that you must already have an authorized Amazon prime to begin the Amazon STARZ trial version or paid access through Amazon Prime. In case you are a subscriber of one of the aforementioned subscription plans, you are qualified:

Amazon Prime subscription 

The 1-month trial version of Amazon Prime

Prime Student subscription with a trial version 

Prime Student subscription with a trial version 

Deals that Starz is currently working on.

Starz has produced hundreds of unique TV programs since its inception more than two decades ago, notably P-Valley, The Girlfriend Experience, American Gods, Black sails, Power, and Vida. Starz has more than 29 million homes enrolled as of January 2022. Including its premier cable channel, Starz now has its own streaming platform, the Starz App, which features scores of hours of Programming episodes and films, including Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Jumanji, Bad Boys For Life, and new series such as The Power Book III: Raising Kanan. 

Starz now has a promotion where viewers may get a six-month subscription for $20. Starz’s standard pricing of $8.99 per month is reduced to $3.33 cents per month, saving consumers around $5 each month or $30 in total. For stage process directions on how to register for Starz’s $20 for a six-month package, see the steps beneath.Does AmazonPrime Include Starz? The sign up procedure

  • To sign up for, go to the Sign Up Page.
  • Complete the questionnaire with your information and payment method.
  • Stream live Starz right away.

Starz’s $5-per-month subscription offer.

Customers may also register to Starz for $5 / month for 3 months as part of another offer. The discount, which is 63% off Starz’s standard pricing, saves consumers around $4 every month or $12 over the course of a year. For walk-through details on how to register for Starz’s $5 per month bargain, see the details below.

  • Go to to learn more.
  • Select “Claim Special Offer” from the drop-down menu.
  • Complete the questionnaire with your information and payment method.
  • Finally, watch Starz right now.

Starz is available on Amazon for $4.99 per month.

In case you’ve been searching for a way to save cash on subscription services, Amazon offers a fantastic offer that binging viewers can’t be able to resist. Amazon Prime Video users can get Starz, Paramount+, Showtime, and more networks for just $0.99 per month.

A client won’t have to bother about logging in and out of different applications to enjoy their preferred material because all of the station add-ons can be seen simply from Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Student gives you a lot of bounce for your money if you’re a scholar trying to preserve cash. The monthly subscription is decreased to $6.49 per month after a six-month test. For $0.99 a month, you may get free meals service, up to 10% off travel and accommodation, one month of unlimited 24/7 teaching aids, and up to a year of selected Prime channels. For $0.99 a month, students may get up to 4 years of Amazon Music Unlimited,  and two months of Amazon Kindle.

See the directions below for walk-through instructions on how to subscribe to Starz on Amazon’s $4.99 per month promotion.

  • Check the Starz site on Amazon Prime Video.
  • Select “Get Started” from the drop-down menu.
  • Sign in to your Amazon Prime Video account or create an account for a free trial.
  • Finally, watch Starz right now.

What is the duration of Starz’s trial version?

In case you wish to attempt Starz a trial gratis, the free version is the most convenient way to do it. Although there isn’t a free version open right now, the broadcaster has previously provided a seven-day trial version. Although a Starz free version is not presently accessible on Amazon Prime Video all offer Starz free trials.  A one-month trial version of Amazon Prime Video is available, which includes a seven-day Starz trial.


Although Starz is not affiliated with Amazon Prime, you will save money if you register for the service.

Starz is a dynamic streaming service with hundreds of fantastic films. You may link your Amazon Prime subscription to Starz and get the free app.

Does AmazonPrime Include Starz?- Know More

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