YesStyle Rewards – Who is eligible for YesStyle Rewards? 

YesStyle is a Chinese online shopping store that is based in Hong Kong. The website has clothing that is mostly for women but has a men’s and children’s section. You can find cute crop tops, skirts and so much more at a very cheap price. YesStyle makes it possible for Korean and Japanese-inspired fashion and beauty to reach people around the world. The store is also known to sell popular Asian beauty products. If the price of the clothing is not appealing enough for you, you can save so much more on YesStyle rewards. 

YesStyle Rewards

YesStyle clothing is trendy and very inexpensive but you can save more money by participating in the YesStyle rewards program. YesStyle will credit your account when you share your YesStyle Rewards Code with friends and family. The Rewards Code is a discount code that your family and friends can use when buying items on the YesStyle store. When they use your Rewards Code, you will be credited with the amount they saved on that purchase as YS Points. You can then use your earned YS Points to shop on the YesStyle store. 

YesStyle Rewards 

YesStyle has a rewards program that you can use to get discounts on purchases when shopping on their website. The program works as follows: 

  • Step 1: YesStyle customers can send their YesStyle Rewards Code to new and current YesStyle customers using your email and social media platforms. To share your Rewards Code, you can go to the YesStyle website and click on the share button. New customers receive a discount of 5% and current customers receive a discount of 2%. The value of the discount is calculated from the final order value excluding shipping, savings and tax fees. 
  • Step 2:  When the person you send your Rewards Code to uses it while shopping on YesStyle, you will be credited the amount they were able to save when they used your code. The credited amount will be converted to YS Points. If the person you send the discount code to doesn’t use your Rewards Code you will not be credited. 
  • Step 3: You can redeem your YS points when ordering items at the YesStyle store. You cannot use your Rewards and if you are using Guest checkout you will not be able to get Rewards Code benefits. 

Who is eligible for YesStyle Rewards? 

To be eligible to participate in the YesStyle Rewards program and send your Rewards Code to other customers you have to: 

  • Be a YesStyle Elite Club member with a Bronze / Silver / Gold membership. 
  • Act in accordance with the terms and conditions of YesStyle Friend Rewards. 

The Terms and Conditions of the YesStyle Rewards 

Participating in the YesStyle Rewards Program comes with a few conditions. Here they are. 

  • You can only get your YS Points when the receiver of your YesStyle Rewards Code has applied it at checkout when making an order on the YesStyle website. 
  • The YS Points are calculated in US Dollars (USD). If the receiver of your rewards code pays in another currency, the Points value will be changed to USD using the YesStyle internal exchange rate. 
  • You cannot convert your YS Points to cash, coupons, or YesStyle Credit. You can only use them when placing an order on the YesStyle website. 
  • Your Points will expire 3 months after they have been added to your account. 
  • You are the only person who will be able to use your YS Points and you cannot send them to anyone else.
  • The number of points that are awarded to your account is based on the order value of the person who used your Rewards Code, excluding any points they might have used.

Is YesStyle a Legit Company?

YesStyle is a legit Chinese online clothing shop based in Hong Kong. The company was founded by YesAsia Holdings Limited in the year 2006. YesAsia is globally recognized, according to the YesAsia website, the company has a social media following of 3.7 million, 4.7 million accumulated customers and over 20 years of E-commerce experience. YesStyle alone has 1.3 million Instagram followers.  YesAsia also stated on their website that they want to be “the “go-to” E-commerce gateway that bridges Asian products with customers worldwide.” You can shop freely and safely on the YesStyle website. You can email the Customer Service Department about any issues regarding your orders or anything else regarding your purchase. 


YesStyle is a Chinese online fashion store where you can find casual and trendy items at an affordable price. The Store also offers a range of Asian beauty products.  YesStyle products are very affordable but the store allows you to save more money when participating in the YesStyle Rewards Program. The YesStyle Rewards program allows you to send discount codes to your family and friends so that they can save when buying on the website. When they use your discount code, you are rewarded with YS Points that you can use for discounts on your purchases. This is a great way to shop for apparel without spending too much money. 

Frequently Asked Questions 
  1. When will my YS Points show on my account? 

You will see your YS points only 30 days after the receiver of your Rewards Code has successfully paid for an order using the Code. You have to wait 30 days in case the receiver of your code cancels the order or returns the items that were ordered.

  1. Can you use more than one coupon on YesStyle? 

You are not permitted to use multiple coupons or discount codes per order when shopping on the YesStyle website. 

  1. How do I use a discount code on YesStyle? 

You can apply your discount code for your order on YesStyle when you get to checkout on the website. In this part of the website, you will see a label written “enter your coupon code”, and then you can enter the code. Then you can proceed to enter your banking details for your purchase to be complete. 

  1. How do I use my YS Points to shop on YesStyle? 

You can apply your YS Points when you make an order on the website at the checkout section of the Payment Information step.

YesStyle Rewards – Who is eligible for YesStyle Rewards? 

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