IKEA Sofa Warranty – Check It Out

To sit and spend with family while watching television, the sofa is must-have furniture. You can buy sofas from online as well as offline stores. Many stores are there featuring varieties of sofa sets. Different types of sofa sets are now available on market. While buying anything we must check its price, warranty, and other policies. The most important of them is their warranty. A warranty is a must need of them for buying stuff. Now lets know about IKEA Sofa Warranty.

IKEA Sofa Warranty

IKEA the best tore across the world features a range of various sofas. It also avails warranty for its furniture as well other items. The warranty for the sofa on IKEA covers frames as well as the cushions of sofas. The warranty period for sofas on IKEA is 10 long years. It means you can make your sofas’ frames and cushions get repaired within 10 years of purchase. Their varieties of series of sofas sets come under this warranty feature. 

What Is Ikea Famous For?

IKEA is a multinational home and design brand. You can avail yourself of high-quality furniture, kitchen appliances, bathroom products from IKEA. You can also make IKEA build your rooms, bathrooms, and kitchen beautiful. Their unique patterns and classic design made them famous across the world. Their products come with their warranty and guarantee features. You can exchange and repair them with the help of a warranty. Each feature along with the products from the IKEA store is meant to be popular.

What Is The Warranty On IKEA Sofas?

IKEA features different warranty policies for its products. Each product has a different warranty period and feature. You will get almost 10 years on every product of IKEA. But the case is rare where a person needed the use of warranty on IKEA. Below are the points discussing the warranty on IKEA sofas. 

  • 10 years Warranty Policy: IKEA sofas have been included in their 10-year warranty policy. IKEA has this warranty featured for most of its products. It means you can claim the warranty on sofas within 10 years of buying. 
  • Warranty Coverage: On the warranty coverage feature you can make some parts of products repaired. For sofas, you can make your frames get repaired. Also, you can exchange your cushions as well as seats with the help of the sofa warranty. 
  • Covered Series: Almost every sofa series of IKEA comes under their warranty feature. The main series is BALKARP, BINGSTA, EKERO, FINNALA, GISTAD, HARLANDA, KLIPPAN, KIVIK, EKENAS, KOARP, etc.
  • Uncovered Parts and Series: There are some of the parts you can claim on the warranty feature. The sofa parts that do not come under the warranty are fabric covers, leather covers, and coated fabric covers. Also, you cant claim a warranty for its POANG series cushions. Apart from these things every part comes under their warranty feature.
  • 25 years Warranty: IKEA also has a 25 years warranty on their sofas. This limited warranty is only available for its STOCKHOLM series sofas. Though you can’t claim it for its fabric covers. 

What Are The Sofas Available At IKEA?

  IKEA features varieties of sofas sets in its store. The sofa has become part of our life. Whether it is couple time or sibling times or guests time we need the sofa. We spend the most time watching television and the sofa beds are the best. You can opt for sofas such as modular sofas, fabric sofas, sofa-beds, leather, and coated sofas, lounging, and relaxing sofas. You can also get footstools for the sofa set from the IKEA store. Chaise lounges and extra covers also can be bought from IKEA. 

They have varieties of series for their sofa sets. You can buy any shaped sofas from IKEA. Also, the color range, price, and patterns of those sofas are outstanding. With its warranty, you can claim your exchange and repair too. They also have armchairs in their store. You can book an appointment and plan your sofa design at the IKEA store. 

Concluding saying that IKEA furniture is the best ones with its warranty. Designs, patterns, prices everything is just perfect at IKEA. IKEA store’s warranty on their sofas makes it even better. You can claim its 10 and 25 years of warranty on the sofas. 

Frequently Asked Question

  • Which is the best sofa series in the IKEA store?

Ans: If you are planning to buy a sofa set from IKEA the FRIHITEN sofa set is the most recommended one. 

  • What are the sofa types available at IKEA?

Ans: You can opt for L-shaped as well as three sets of sofa sets from the IKEA store.

  • Are the seats of the sofa come under the IKEA sofa warranty policy? 

Ans: Yes, the seats come under the IKEA sofa warranty policy. But most of the covers don’t come under the same policy. 

IKEA Sofa Warranty – Check It Out

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