Can You Disassemble IKEA Furniture?

IKEA is one of the most famous furniture brands around the globe. It is famous for making affordable, innovative designs, and ready-to-assemble furniture. Are you moving out and wondering if you can disassemble your Ikea furniture?

Can You Disassemble IKEA Furniture?

Good news for you. Yes, Ikea furniture can be disassembled as it is designed to ease assembly and disassembly. You can disassemble your furniture such as your desks, bed frames, wardrobes, closets. IKEA regularly shares disassembly manuals on its websites that can help you move your furniture effortlessly.

How to Disassemble IKEA Furniture?

Before you start the hard work, you need to go for an organized approach. Planning your strategies ahead is always a win-win. 

Take a paper tape and label all the individual parts of your furniture. You need to cover everything from top to bottom and left to right. A pro tip here is to draw some arrows that will guide you on which side should be facing up or down.

One of the best things about IKEA is its online IKEA assembly instruction. You can simply download the assembly instructions for your item. Follow the instructions step by step, but from the back. You have to make sure everything is removed correctly. 

Make sure you have all the screws and dowels and small essential pieces that are needed to assemble and disassemble the items.

The strategy is to plan wisely, give yourself plenty of room space, and time to get things done and stay organized. In this way, you will be done with disassembling your furniture in no time!

Tips to Disassemble IKEA Furniture 

Keeping all the Essential Tools 

IKEA furniture comes with multiple small accessories as dowels, hooks, screws, and plastic bags. In short, all the tools you’ll be needing to assemble your furniture. Keep those tools saved in a small Ziploc bag. Seal the deal and save that bag so you can use it whenever you want to disassemble your furniture.

Take your time

Slow and steady wins the race. That fits here too. If you try to be quick in getting the job done, you will damage the small screws or the sensitive furniture. Do not over-tighten the screws as it may tear the clipboard and make the entire furniture useless.

Give Yourself Plenty of Space

Don’t start disassembling the items in a congested area. You can move to the center of your room or any area that has maximum free space. Make sure you get easy access to the top and bottom of the item and a proper place to put the item’s disassembled parts and small tools.

Take Pictures of Every Step

Smartly use your smartphones. When you assemble your furniture, capture pictures of every step. Take pictures of the steps when you have assembled the joints and installed the hinges. Save the images as a reference to be used later when you will be disassembling!

Ask a hand or two

It is better to ask someone’s help to carefully disassemble your item. Disassembling the furniture is a tricky task, so use as many hands as you can. Though IKEA claims that two people are enough to disassemble the items, it is advisable to get three or four people involved. When it comes to breaking large pieces apart, the more help the better.

Is It Worth It to Disassemble Your Furniture?

IKEA furniture can be disassembled but truth be told it is not the easiest task to disassemble your entire furniture. Even if it is IKEA’s easy-to-assemble furniture, when it comes to disassembling, it can be a total nightmare for some people. 

Before you open this Pandora box, assess your furniture honestly and decide whether assembling every item is the right thing to do. If things like bookshelves and nightstands that are easy to carry move in a go — save yourself the time and energy!

Is it Okay to Disassemble the Furniture?

IKEA furniture is made of delicate and inexpensive material. You have to be as gentle as you can with it moving. Disassembling the furniture once will not harm it. But, if you move frequently, you have to keep in mind that breaking and putting the IKEA furniture multiple times can make the furniture lose its integrity. It is highly unlikely that IKEA furniture will survive more than 3-4 moves.


IKEA furniture is the first furniture destination for many people due to its contemporary design, affordable price range, and easy availability both online and at stores.

IKEA furniture can be disassembled whenever you plan to move from one apartment or place to another. You know the basic plan to disassemble by now: Plan, Organize, Stick to the instructions, and Take your time and space. 

Remember that IKEA furniture is made up of particleboard, so it is sensitive and highly likely to be damaged if you’ll not care properly. 

Happy moving out and disassembling your furniture.

Can You Disassemble IKEA Furniture?

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