How does Verizon Jetpack work?

Technological advances have made the internet an important part of our lives. High-speed internet has become a necessity. Ordering food, shopping, streaming movies, and playing games is now just a fingertip away. Telecom companies are relentlessly working towards providing better and faster services to their users. Let’s know How does Verizon Jetpack work?

How does Verizon Jetpack work?

Verizon is a multinational American telecommunication conglomerate known for its exceptional services. Verizon network provides various services amongst which fast, uninterrupted internet service is in high demand. Verizon’s new revolutionary product, Jetpack, provides effortless internet access and has been catering to its user’s needs 

What is a Jetpack?

A jetpack is a small, portable device that simply works by creating a hotspot and providing internet access to its users. In simple terms, it is an advanced version of a mobile hotspot. It gives seamless internet access without the hassles of using wires or any other digital device. Unlike, a wi-fi router a jetpack is highly versatile and innovative. It is like a small box, that can be carried in a pocket. It has eliminated the use of wires for connection cables or power supply

Unlike, a USB modem or PC card, it does not need to be tethered to a laptop or personal computer for providing internet. A USB modem provides internet access to the device it is plugged in, whereas a jetpack can create a hotspot to enable internet access for different devices

How does a Verizon jetpack work?

A Verizon Jetpack has a sim-card slot, which uses the Verizon network. It is a separate device to create a hotspot, but it is more powerful than a mobile hotspot. It can easily connect to multiple devices like your phone, tablet, Laptop, and other devices and gives access to uninterrupted internet.

Inside a jet pack, there is a slot that holds a sim card. This provides the basic network connection

Jetpack’s features

Verizon’s Jetpack is handy but powerful. 

  • Small and compact

It measures up to 4.29-inch. It is a small pocket-sized device. That can be carried along with you guaranteeing fast internet connection everywhere.

  • Battery 

It uses a 4400mAh Li-ion battery. It has a removable rechargeable battery. The device comes with a wall adapter and a USB cable. 

  • Easy to use

It comes with a 2.4” touchscreen The touchscreen makes the device more appealing and easier to use. It displays information like signal strength, device connected

  • Fast and innovative

The jetpack device features numerous bands that provide better connectivity. It allows for enhanced link speed and reduced network congestion.

  • Think global

Jetpack has amped up its game as Verizon’s Jetpack is not confined to a place or even a country. Let jetpack accompany you on your next abroad trip as it can provide internet access in 200 countries.

  • Connectivity 

Verizon’s Jetpack is much more powerful than your phone’s hotspot. It can support up to 15 devices, without hampering the internet speed.

How to use a Verizon Jetpack?

A Verizon jetpack provides access to high-speed internet anytime, anywhere. 

Internet access is easier these days but to ensure good quality internet, Verizon has made the Jetpack fully equipped, which can follow you anywhere even abroad. Verizon Jetpack is the only global-ready Wi-Fi device

  • It can easily be used to stream movies and play games 
  • A jetpack is a great companion during road trips and family vacations
  • A Verizon jetpack is handy and powerful and can grant you internet access even in remote locations.

Jetpack modes

Jetpack is user-friendly and takes minimum time to set up. It works on two modes

USB tethered mode

A Verizon jetpack can be connected to the laptop or computer, through the given USB cable, it tethers the connection to the laptop but does not provide Wi-Fi. The new model, enable both USB-tethered connection and Wi-Fi connection simultaneously. 

Wi-Fi Mode

It is very easy to access the Wi-Fi model, just switch on the Jetpack device and open your device’s Wi-Fi and the phone will easily connect to the Wi-Fi. It can easily connect to multiple devices and provide internet access.

Set up your Jetpack device

  1. Insert the SIM card.
  2. Insert the battery.
  3. Press and hold the Power button 
  4. MiFi will appear on the display

Activation will occur automatically 

The LED indicator will turn green once the device is activated

Jetpack signal booster

A signal booster is a small addition to the jetpack device that amplifies the cellular signal like 2G,3G, or 4G LTE and ensures good browsing speed. In case, you are in an area with poor cellular reception a signal booster can ensure perfect internet speed at all times

About Verizon

Verizon is the largest wireless carrier in the United States and operates a national 4G LTE network catering to the needs of 90% of the American population. Verizon offers internet services through various devices. A jetpack can help access Wi-Fi on your laptop, phone, and other devices. It allows you to enjoy uninterrupted movie streaming and games. It is more robust than a mobile phone’s hotspot and portable, unlike a Wi-Fi router. 

How does Verizon Jetpack work?

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