Are FM Perfumes Real?- Why is FM Perfume so Cheap?

Have you ever wanted a scent that lasted not just for an hour but a whole day? It is almost impossible to get your hands on a fragrance that does a decent job. Not just for a show, but a good cologne lifts your mood and refreshes you on the inside. Let’s know ‘Are FM Perfumes Real?’

Are FM Perfumes Real?

However, where to buy a perfume that is light yet classy and sophisticated and doesn’t cost a fortune. Well, people have requirements, and FM understood that. This is why they have a decent range of fragrances available from strong to light to citrus to sensual. 

A glance at FM world.

FM is one of the best companies to design fragrances that have no match in the market. First founded in 2004 by Artur Trawinski, touching its 18th year in running the business successfully. Roundabout there was the question raised whether FM perfumes are real or copies of other international brands. If you have ever come across the same question and never got a closure about it and let’s dig deeper into the facts.

FM perfumes are represented in many parts of the world such as Europe, South America, Australia, Africa, and Asia. The company that designs FM perfumes is the same company that works with many international leading brands such as Chanel, Escada, and many more. The factory where FM perfumes are made is located in Munchin, Germany, and is called the Dorm Factory. Since the factory works in collaboration with many leading brands there might be a hint of similar smelling perfumes however, they are all real and fresh. 

Are FM perfumes real?

FM perfume is one trusted brand for many because of its core values, to provide the best products at a reasonable price and satisfy the customer’s needs and requests. It is 100 % legitimate and real. The perfumes from FM collections come in unisex in various varieties. The FM fragrance collection includes

  • Floral which has a sensual and romantic aroma
  • Oriental has a strong essence 
  • Fougere is seductive and classic
  • Citrus gives you a fresh and energetic feels
  • Woody is sophisticated and classy.

Why is FM perfume so cheap?

FM perfumes are highly in-expensive, however, cheap is not how I would phrase it, affordable yes, FM perfumes are ranged between 14.90 euros to 24.50 euros, and the reason FM perfumes are less expensive is that FM does not spend money on heavy advertising and celebrity endorsement. While most brands hire ad agencies to make the brand presence and spend heavily on celebrity endorsements. On the flip side, FM stays grounded. Another factor that makes FM in-expensive is the packaging, they don’t invest heavily in packaging keeping it subtle yet classy, and hence, you get every product at the best price. 

Does their perfume last long?

One of the biggest concerns while spending money on designer perfumes is whether or not they will last long? While other fragrances vanish in an hour, FM stays longer than you would expect. But how? Well, FM perfumes are not diluted like many other expensive brands which direct that you are getting approximately 16 to 20% of Parfum, which has high concentrations of essential oils. Which ultimately makes them last longer on your skin. The most common and in-expensive perfume from FM is Eau De Toilette. 

The Final Word

There are so many questions that dingle around when you want to buy a new fragrance. A good perfume requires heavy investment and ac cheap one doesn’t last long and keeps you on the hang, however, FM is one brand you can trust your money with. While quite a few people think that FM is in-expensive because the products are not good, however, the case is the opposite, they sell it at an affordable price because they don’t invest in advertising which maintains their overall cost revenue. So, yes FM perfumes are absolutely real.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are there perfumes unisex?

Yes, FM fragrances are unisex. You can check the details of their product on their website.

Q2. How do they maintain a brand presence, if not advertising?

FM is all about meeting the needs and wishes of their customers and this is how I believe they maintain their brand presence, by selling only the best product. So, it goes from one ear to another. 

Q3. Can I earn money from FM?

They have a membership where, after becoming a member you can become a consultant, and as you recommend FM products to others, you earn a commission. If you want to learn more about the program head to their official website. 

Q4. Do they only sell perfumes?

No, FM has a variety of quality products to offer. From fragrances to makeup & cosmetics to haircare, skincare, and health supplements. 

Q5. Are FM perfumes only have 7% perfume?

No, FM perfumes are known for their rich fragrance, they have a high concentration of perfume, about 16-20%. 7% is too low, it’s like having only water with zero essences.

Are FM Perfumes Real?- Why is FM Perfume so Cheap?

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