What is Starbucks?- What does Starbucks sell?

In 1971, a small shop was opened in Seattle, that offered world’s finest fresh-roasted whole bean coffee and equipment. Today that coffee house has stores, in over 80 countries and it is one of the most popular coffee houses in the world – Starbucks. Let’s know What is Starbucks?

What is Starbucks?

Starbucks has redefined the coffee experience worldwide. It was founded by three visionaries Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker.

The modern-day Starbucks is the product of Howard Schulz’s hard work and perseverance, who was inspired by French coffee shops and tried to recreate the same experience back in States. 

Starbucks – an experience

Every Starbucks store is similar yet unique. The moment you enter a Starbucks store, you will get a whiff of delicious coffee aroma, a comfortable temperature-controlled environment, and pleasant lighting.  The whole experience is captivating from the start. The baristas are highly trained and welcoming towards their guests. 

It has the tradition of asking their guest’s name and writing it on the cup. This provides a personalized touch to anyone who orders their coffee. The coffee is served in cute cups which come in different sizes

Starbucks seating is cute and comfortable. The store has small round tables with a comfortable chairs. It also provides free Wi-Fi for its guest. With everything combined, it provides a wholesome experience to its guest.

Starbucks logo

Starbucks ‘ logo has become a unique emblem that evokes trust. It is eye-catching and unique, with an intriguing history

 Originally, it was a brown color logo that depicted a twin-tailed siren, a mythological sea creature that lured sailors into crashing their ships. Similarly, it wanted to lure its customers into buying their delicious coffee.

With time the logo transformed into a green color emblem, taking a modern and minimalistic form. The main focus is on the siren, with strikingly beautiful, symmetrical features.

The logo has become an integral part of the brand’s identity and it is associated with delicious coffee around the world.

What does Starbucks sell?

  • Beverages 

It offers premium, handcrafted coffee. They serve freshly brewed coffee and a plethora of hot and cold beverages. 

Hot beverages like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are popular choices among guests. Cold drinks such as Frappuccino, iced-coffee are a great refreshing option. 

  • Food

It offers various sweet treats, breakfast food, and snacks that pair well with coffee. Assortment of delicious, freshly-baked cookies, muffins, and cakes 

adorn their bakery section. 

  • Packaged juice and bottled water

Starbucks sells Ethos packaged water

Packaged Fruit juices and energy drinks are also available at Starbucks.

  • Bottled coffee

It sells an assortment of bottled coffee that can be blended at home and enjoyed. Frappuccino, iced tea, cold brew is a few of the options available

  • Tumbler and merchandise

One of the most exciting items that it sells is the cute Starbucks tumbler that is placed just near the entry

  • Packaged coffee

Starbucks sells premium, roasted coffee for all the coffee lovers

Starbucks famous drinks

Starbucks keeps its guests engaged by constantly changing its menu and introducing new items every season.

Pumpkin spiced latte

A perfect fall drink, that became an instant favorite, has the perfect warmth of nutmeg, cinnamon, and notes of pumpkin. It is the brand’s signature drink

Java chip Frappuccino

High in sugar, this drink is a fan favorite. Prepared with Choco chips, whole milk, mocha-flavored sauce, whipped cream, and sweeteners 

Pink drink

This was a part of Starbucks’ secret menu but not for long. Made with acai berries, strawberries, and coconut milk the drink has a beautiful pink hue and a super refreshing taste

Peppermint mocha

Refreshing peppermint and warm chocolate, it is like a burst of flavors in every sip. Peppermint mocha is introduced during the holiday season and has the perfect taste to suit your holiday mood 

Loyalty program

There is another reason to love Starbucks and it is their loyalty program

What could be better than being paid for your favorite cup of coffee? It has curated a wonderful loyalty program for all the Starbucks buffs out there. It gives you a chance to earn stars when you order from it that can be later redeemed for drinks and food. The loyalty program makes you eligible for freebies and discounts.

Free upgrades, birthday drinks, and many more offers are an integral part of this program that keeps on getting better. Enrolling in the loyalty program also makes you eligible for a free refill of certain drinks, which is like a cherry on the top.

If you love coffee, you love Starbucks. 

People all around the world love coffee, it is a universal mood-uplifter and Starbucks has become synonymous with good coffee

Starbucks has created a rich legacy for all coffee lovers around the world. unmatched customer experience and their delicious coffee has garnered a huge and loyal fanbase all across the globe 

What is Starbucks?- What does Starbucks sell?

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