Does the Rent-A-Center Install Appliances?

It is safe to assume that appliances have become an integral part of our lives. It is almost impossible to imagine life without these. Home appliances may have many uses, but installing them is a different ball game altogether. Let’s know ‘Does the Rent-A-Center Install Appliances?’

Does the Rent-A-Center Install Appliances?

The Rent-A-Center is an American-owned franchise store that sells a wide variety of home décor and appliances. The Rent-A-Center involves an after-sales service that helps to set up applications at the buyer’s place. Aside from this, delivery and setup are taken care of as well. These services are complimentary and come with the purchase at no cost.

How to Use Their Services for Free Installation?

  • The first step would be to visit one of their online or offline stores and select the item you want. Then place an order for the item.
  • The store will process and finalize the order post which a payment plan will be set up.  One can choose to pay in installments or as a lump sum amount. They also offer plans where pause payments are allowed. 
  • After payment is initiated, one can choose to opt for same-day delivery or select a date.
  • For delivery and installation purposes a separate form is present.  This will ensure their service personnel reaches the customer’s home in 24 hours. 

What Are Some of The Appliances for Which they Provide Installation?

They provide installation services for a wide range of products ranging from washers and dryers to generators. They also cover a wide range of kitchen products like refrigerators, cooking ranges, and dishwashers. In the small appliances department, the service can be availed for the likes of toasters, stand mixers, and small ovens. One can opt for this option when purchasing power tools and air conditioners from the outlet as well. 

Some Tips to Keep in Mind Before the Installation Process

Always ensure that the fit is checked before buying an appliance. After that, it is a good practice to keep the area free from any debris or blockages as this can hinder the installation. Door clearance is another important aspect to keep in mind. Shutting off the gas and water valves ensures limited possibilities for any emergency. Do check the wattage as well before planning to buy an appliance. After the installation process check if the appliances are level. 

Are Their Installation Processes Recommended? 

The company employs technicians and handymen with years of experience to carry out the installation processes. They have a wide repository of information when it comes to installing across different kinds of spaces. Apart from that, the Rent Center provides all its technicians with the best tools to get the job done effectively. Rent-A-Center also only employs certified personnel. It is also imperative that these personnel get your demand met within 24 hours of purchase. 

What Are Some of the Benefits Associated With Rent-A-Center?

Rent-A-Center provides a no-credit option that makes it possible to purchase items without having to resort to financial plans or loans. All that they require is a credit history and based on it an approval process. The payment options are also extremely flexible. One can choose to pay in smaller amounts or even opt for a period of no payment if required. They also have a competitor price match option that lets one purchase the product for a lower price being advertised elsewhere. 


Rent-A-Center is the place to go to if one is looking for great deals with the assurance of quality. Their products comprise top-notch brands and latest designs and flexible payment options that remove the hassle of the process. There is no need for any extra expenditure to get the installations done and one can reach out to their customer care in case extra setup is needed. All of these services are free of cost and make the process easier for customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need professional installation services for appliances?

Installation processes can be quite tricky and without the right know-how, it can eventually lead to damage. Rent-A-Center’s group of expert professionals comes equipped with the experience and tools to ensure the process goes without a hitch. 

To access the free delivery and installation services what information do you need to provide?

All that Rent-A-Center asks for are some basic credentials such as your name, age, and contact number along with financial details at the time of purchase. For installation services, they would require your home address and contact information of the landlord in case of rented spaces.

What is the return policy for appliances bought from Rent-A-Center?

One can return the item at any time in case of issues. All that is needed is to contact the store to schedule a return. After resolving the problem you can return to the store to collect your refund. Alternatively, you can refinance your purchase again.

Does the Rent-A-Center Install Appliances?

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