Who Makes Breeze Detergent?

Breeze detergent was one of the first forms of soapless detergent in the world. It was available in the United States since 1947 and was sold in six cities in the mid-western states. The parent had to invest $2 million in capital for the product to hit the shelves. The detergent began its marketing campaign by running advertisements in some of the biggest news publications of the time. It also engaged in a variety of in-store marketing campaigns such as providing it for free on the purchase of bath towels. Currently, the detergent is sold in some Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. Let’s know Who Makes Breeze Detergent?

Who Makes Breeze Detergent?

Breeze is produced by the fast-moving commodity goods company, Unilever. Breeze detergent is manufactured in the country of origin typically. The company has many manufacturing units set up across the globe and a sizeable chunk of them manufacture home care products. Packaging and distribution are carried out from the point of manufacture as well. 

What are some of the features of Breeze detergent?

  • The detergent is known for its superior stain removal properties. It can remove multiple stains such as grease, oil, and water-based dyes. 
  • They are formulated in such a way that they do not cause any harm or irritation to the hands. 
  • Breeze can be used on several fabric types such as cotton, knitted polyester, and linen. 

What are the different variants of Breeze detergent available?

The detergent is available in six different variants. The first is the original version which is known as “Power Clean.” It is used to get rid of any stubborn stains. Next is the “Gentle on Skin” type which has moisturizing beads to provide hydration to hands. The “Goodbye Musty” has a strong fragrance to eliminate the mildew smell from clothes. The “Anti-bacterial” type helps to kill germs that may attach themselves to clothing. Lastly, we have “Colour Care” which gently washes clothes without fading their color. The detergent is available in the form of small sachets, packets, and plastic bottles. 

How to wash clothes using Breeze?

The first step would be to soak the clothes in some cold water. Next, load the clothes into the washing machine. Look at the loading instructions before doing so. Breeze liquid detergent is used for washing machines that are front loading in nature. Run the wash cycle as per the recommended instructions. After this is finished, you can remove the clothes and rinse them under running water. Wring them dry once the washing is complete and leave them out to dry as per the fabric requirements. 

How much does Breeze detergent cost?

Each sachet of the detergent costs around $ 1.05. The bottles are priced according to their content volume and range from $3 to $10. The packets are around $5 to $7 depending on the variant. Breeze detergent can be found in most retail outlets and general stores. They are sold on online e-commerce platforms too. 

What are some products that are substitutes for Breeze?

Product substitutes for Breeze exist within both the parent company and external product portfolios. Unilever’s OMO Detergent, Surf Excel, and its variants, Persil and Skip are substitutes. Ariel, Tide, and Henko would be some other alternatives. In local markets, there are a lot of local manufacturers that produce detergents that can be alternatives as well. 


For a liquid detergent that has been in existence since the early 1900s, Breeze has had quite a legacy. It was discontinued in the United States in the early 2000s but has found prominence in Asia now. Product development has changed a lot with new formulations coming in over the years. The detergent has been a part of people’s households over the decades and continues to play an integral role in their lives. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Breeze chemically corrosive to use?

The detergent has been deemed safe for everyday use. However, in rare cases, it might cause allergic reactions. It is recommended that you visit the doctor in case of any medical emergency. Similarly, keep the detergent out of reach of children and pets. 

2. What are some of the first aid measures if someone shows a reaction to the detergent?

In case of inhalation, it is recommended that the patient be taken to a well-ventilated area. In case the liquid gets into the eyes, immediately rinse it with cold water. The same is applicable if there is any allergic reaction to the skin. 

3. Is Breeze environmentally friendly?

Unfortunately, the detergent contains traces of heavy metals that can cause water pollution. The suds that occur after washing also run down waterways and prove to be dangerous to aquatic life. It is recommended that the water containing the detergent is not dumped near potable sources in case of any contamination that might occur in the future. 

Who Makes Breeze Detergent?

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