Burberry Competitive Advantages

Burberry is a heritage British luxury fashion house that established itself in 1856. They have been responsible for designing some of the most iconic ensembles in the history of contemporary fashion. In 1856, a young Thomas Burberry decided to open an apparel company of his own. By 1888, the company had already invented its trademark fabric and had it patented as well. The equestrian logo that is so synonymous with the brand was created in 1901. Over the years the brand provided clothing to adventurers and globetrotters before being manifested in its current state. Burberry has been an icon of classical taste ever since its inception. Let’s know about Burberry Competitive Advantages.

Burberry Competitive Advantages

The best competitive advantage for Burberry is its established brand image. Over the years, as new entrants enter the market, Burberry has retained its control over the selective client base. They have the advantage of being one of the oldest fashion houses and thus, have become very recognizable. Over the years, they have been aggressively entering newer markets and increasing their share. A foray into digital spaces with unique innovation has also helped to set them apart. 

What makes the brand so special?

  • The brand has over a century’s worth of experience in the world of fashion. It makes them aware of changing consumption patterns, and trends and understands what consumers want. 
  • The fashion house also invented Gabardine. It is a water-resistant fabric that is breathable at the same time. 
  • The Burberry Nova Check has now become a fashion symbol in its own right. It is recognized almost all over the world. 

How is the brand different from its competitors?

The brand has identified what it does well and sticks to it. They specialize in producing trench coats and leather goods. Over the years, they have perfected their craftsmanship in this department without entering multiple product areas. Burberry was also the first luxury brand to go digital in 2006. They also engage with their customers more frequently through social media platforms compared to other luxury brands. The brand has consistently changed its messaging and stayed relevant to the popular culture. When it comes to legacy, the brand has been a favorite of explorers and discoverers for decades. 

What are Some Recent Strategies of the Brand that Helped it Stand Out?

• The fashion house has diversified its portfolio to widen its clientele. They have designs catering to the runway, high-end luxury retail, and casual weekend wear. 

• Burberry also made strides to cater to the younger buyers. 

• They changed their vintage-looking logo to a dynamic design which struck a chord with many buyers. 

• The brand also employs an effective strategy of using social media and technology to generate curiosity and raise interest. Be it a new collaboration or store opening, the brand leverages its digital footprint to drive sales volumes. 

• They also got rid of unsustainable business practices over time. For instance, they scrapped inventory losses by encouraging customers to reduce their waste output. 

How Do Burberry’s Retail Chains Differ From other Brands?

All Burberry stores are present with AI chatbots with which customers can interact to browse the store’s collection or gather information on a product. They also have huge LED displays inside the stores that provide live feeds of their runway shows. The stores also have the technology to detect a product and declare if it’s genuine Burberry.

How is Burberry Using Technology to Improve Business Function?

Burberry is perhaps the only luxury fashion house in the world to have over 10 million customers in its database. It also boasts of a very high retention rate when it comes to customer data. Their digital customer management program ensures a high recall rate and more than half of their customers’ returns. This repertoire of data helps in identifying cues that come in handy for new product launches and visual designs. 


If one wants to buy luxury clothing steeped in heritage, then Burberry is one of the best options out there. The brand has shown over time that its legacy is timeless and has taken measures to ensure that. The company also took up an agile mindset in the 2000s which enabled them to successfully capture the digital wave. Burberry has been responsible for creating some of the unique product launches of the decade and the company’s vision stays strong into the present times. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Burberry provide any kind of customization services?

The brand does provide customization services. However, this is limited to the scope and design of the product. Check below the product listing to see if they are available for customization or approach a Burberry store to learn more. 

2. Does Burberry have any exclusive collections?

The brand does time to time come out with exclusive product launches. These can be limited-time collaboration events or collections that are available for sale only on their online stores. To learn more about these collections, check out their product listings on the official website. 

3. Does Burberry provide any kind of repair services?

Repair services are only provided in the case of hardware issues. These cover items such as small leather goods, handbags, and outerwear. Any piece of clothing is not eligible for repairs. One has to take the items to their stores and get them examined to judge the extent of repairs. 

Burberry Competitive Advantages

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