Giffgaff Phone Return Policy- How to Return?

Giffgaff is a British phone network provider and provides virtual network services to its clients. The inception of the company was on 25th November 2009. Currently, it is owned by O2 UK. The company’s first product involved the manufacturing of 2G/3G sim cards for mobile handsets. Over the years, it designed the concept of “goody bags” which are bundles of call minutes and data. It has also partnered with iPhone to provide authorized services for its handsets. The company’s website also started selling phones and refurbished handsets in 2014. Let’s know about Giffgaff Phone Return Policy.

Giffgaff Phone Return Policy

Giffgaff provides provisions for its customers to return items. These include both new and refurbished handsets. The phone has to be returned 21 days within the purchase date to be eligible. You have the provision of returning a used phone, but it has to be in a proper condition. If the phone is damaged, the buyer will be held liable, and the return will not be accepted. For phones that come with a warranty, ensure that they are returned within the warranty period. 

How to return a phone on the Giffgaff website?

  • If you have purchased a phone from Giffgaff, you will have a user account created on the website. Log into your Giffgaff user account and click on the “Your Orders” tab. 
  • Click on the “View Details” option and select the “Return Phone” tab. 
  • Fill up the details form afterward. Ensure that the phone is being returned in the original packaging, inclusive of all the accessories that came with it. 

How to prepare your phone for refund and replacement?

  1. Choose the information you want to keep and ensure a backup is done for those. 
  2. Open the sim slot and remove the sim card from the inside. 
  3. In case you have been using an SD card with your device, remember to remove that as well. 
  4. Go to the phone settings and restore the phone to its factory mode. 
  5. Put the phone in the original box and package it securely. 
  6. Print out the return label from the Giffgaff website and paste it on the package. 

What are the delivery options available to return the phones?

When you submit the return application, you can download the shipping label generated next to it. All the returns are picked up by the Royal Mail Tracked 24 Service. Once you have pasted the label, take it to the nearest Royal Mail post office. Here the barcode will be scanned and a receipt will be generated. This receipt acts as proof of return and contains details like the tracking id. Remember to take the package to a counter and not directly post it in a letterbox. Regular returns are free of cost, but if you want expedited returns you will be charged extra by the mail carrier. 

What are some alternative means to fill out the return form?

If you do not have access to a printer, you can click on the “Complete Royal Mail Return Form”. It will direct you to the Royal Mail page, where you will be asked to fill in some details. Post this step, access to a QR code will be generated that you need to show at the post office at the time of posting the parcel. A receipt will be available after this step that will act as proof of posting. 

How to know if your return is accepted?

The return center will send an intimation once they have received the return, the communication will be sent either via email or text. If the package has reached them after 14 days, the request will get automatically canceled and sent back to the buyer. They will inspect for damage and proceed with the refund and replacement process. 


Giffgaff has revolutionized the way mobile services operate in the market. The company is known for its innovative solutions, such as introducing voice mail options in iPhone that which never possible earlier. The system of introducing goody bags also meant consumers now had access to flexible mobile plans without having to pay for an entire pack. Giffgaff’s attention to customer needs has quickly earned them a favorite title over the years. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Giffgaff provide compensation in case your return gets lost in the mail? 

No, Giffgaff does not cover any losses that might occur due to loss or theft of the package.  

2. Will Giffgaff consider a transit delay if my package reaches them after 14 days? 

Any delay in transit is solely the responsibility of the sender and the mail carrier. Giffgaff does not have liability in that case. The returns will either be invalid or they might charge a fee on it. 

3. How to get further assistance in case of any queries?

In case of queries, one can check out the “community” tab on the webpage. This is run by Giffgaff customers and they provide a real-time solution. One can also chat with one of their customer service agents to get assistance. 

Giffgaff Phone Return Policy- How to Return?

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