Is Ross-Simons Jewelry Real?

Silver, diamond, gold, and gemstones like pieces of jewelry are part of our life. Especially women love to wear and possess a lot of jewelry. Besides women, many men are also in love with jewelry. We spend dollars on buying pieces of jewelry. Whether it is a wedding or an engagement the first thing we search for is a piece of jewelry. Mostly, we like to buy jewelry from authorized shops where we can trust regarding the jewelry is real. Let us discuss is Ross-Simons Jewelry real?

Is Ross-Simons Jewelry Real?

Ross Simon is one of the oldest hallmark Jewelry selling retail stores. This brand is popular among many people. They sell varieties of jewelry in their stores such as gold, silver, and diamond. The jewelry at their store is real and is made up of real metals. One can trust the jewelry is real. They don’t sell fake products. That is one of the reasons behind their popularity. 

What Is Ross Simon?

Ross-Simons is a jewelry shop spread over the whole country. They possess various stores selling their jewelry. They sell necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets at their shops. Varieties of products are there to choose from. They have numerous exclusive collections of their jewelry. The store has been established in 1952. Since that year, they are selling jewelry in their store. That is what makes them one of the trusted and oldest jewel shops in the country. They have a record of the customer’s satisfaction. Their jewelry quality meets the satisfaction of their customer. 

What Does Real Jewelry Mean?

We spend our hard-earned money buying jewelry. Those pieces of jewelry cost too much. It must not go in vain. If one will buy a costume or fake product by giving original money, that means that is a waste of money. So we must recognize and buy real jewelry for ourselves. Below is how to recognize a real piece of jewelry.

  • First of all, check the hallmarks on the piece. If one is buying jewelry, the person can check for the number and letters on that. The numbers can be seen on the backside of the jewelry. Some numbers are there that indicate the jewelry is real. And some numbers and hallmarks indicate fake jewelry. 
  • If you have bought that piece at home, you can check using a magnet. Metals used for jewelry are not attracted to magnets like silver, gold, and diamond. If the jewelry is real, it will not get attracted and if it is fake then, it will get attracted to the magnet.
  • Else check if there is any scratch mark on the pice or scratch it n the stone. There is a stone that can check if a bar of gold is real or fake. If the gold gets scratched then the gold is fake. 
  • If you have bought any gemstones or diamonds, then there must not be any scratches or marks. If there are any marks on the piece, there is no chance of the stone or diamond being real.
  • Jewelry like gold doesn’t flow in the water. Place the piece of gold in a water-filled container. If it is real, it will sit on the bottom of the container else, it will float.

Is Ross-Simons Jewry Real?

Next coming to the question is, is the jewelry at Ross-Simons real or not. So the answer is yes. They have been trading jewelry for many years. And they have a great rating of their jewelry is real. All the gold, silver, and other metal pieces used for their Jewelry making is real. Also, the gemstones and diamonds imposed on their piece of jewelry are real. A customer has a full guarantee over their products. There is no chance that you will get fake products from their shop. 

What Are The Other Features Of Ross-Simons?

Ross-Simons have an exclusive collection of their real pieces of jewelry. Also, the jewelry is not much expensive at their store. You can pay in installments for their jewelry. Also, you can get cash in the place of jewelry if you want to sell any. You will also get a policy and delivery offer at their shop. All these features at Ross-Simons make them even better than their real products. 

One can trust for buying jewelry from Ross-Simons. They sell real pieces of jewelry at their store. Their collections, features, and policies are the things that act as an add-on to their reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the policy at Ross-Simons?

Ans: One can get the trade-in and trade-off policy at the Ross-Simons store.

Q. Can I sell my jewelry to Ross-Simons?

Ans: Yes, you can sell real jewelry to Ross-Simons and collect cash from them.

Q. Is every product at Ross-Simons trustable?

Ans: Yes, their products are trustable but the designs depend on the customer’s choice. 

Is Ross-Simons Jewelry Real?

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