Can I use my Kohl’s Credit Card anywhere?

Kohl’s is a famous departmental store in the USA that operates in all the US states except Hawaii. It has around 2,000 outlets in the country. Being one of the most popular retail chains in the USA, Kohl’s has various offers and perks for its customers. One f those perks is Kohl’s credit card which could be used for making payments at Kohl’s stores and e-commerce. But do Kohl’s credit cards work everywhere like a normal credit card? The topic is ‘Can I use my Kohl’s Credit Card anywhere?’

Can I use my Kohls Credit Card anywhere?

No, Kohl’s credit card could not be used anywhere like credit cards of Visa MasterCard and other companies. This card is designed to be used only in Kohl’s outlets and e-commerce.

Why Can’t I Use Kohl’s Credit Card Everywhere? 

Kohl’s credit card is a retail store credit card that has a specific limit far less than normal credit cards. Customers have to pay the credit card bill every month like other cards. So, it is different from a traditional credit card.

The credit limit of retail credit cards is less and they are awarded the motive of encouraging customers to shop even when their budget does not support it. Therefore, Kohl’s credit cards could not be used at any other, store, shop, or e-commerce platform.

Where Can I Use Kohl’s Credit Card?

The Kohl’s credit card is a retail store credit card that could be used at Kohl’s for cashless payments. The credit card could be used in Kohl’s outlet, Kohl’s online website, and the mobile app. However, there is a certain limit set for the credit cardholders to shop via the card at Kohls. 

The credit limit is different from shopper to shopper according to their credit score. The limit is usually between $300 to $3,000. However, most of the shoppers get the annual limit of $1,000 on their cards. Up to the credit limit shopping could be done at Kohl’s stores and website. 

How To Use Kohl’s Credit Card?

Kohl’s credit card is used in the same manner, you use a traditional credit card by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. If you do not have cash or sufficient balance to use a debit card, you can use your Kohl’s credit card to shop from Kohl’s outlets and website.

Kohl’s credit card holders also have to pay the card bill monthly. The bill is generated based on purchases you made via your credit card. Notably, this card could not be used in any other retail or departmental store that accepts Kohls in the USA. 

To use the Kohl’s credit card at Kohl’s stores and website, customers have to apply for a credit card. The application for the credit card could be made online or at the nearest Kohl’s store. If you are a regular shopper of Kohl’s then a Kohl’s credit card is a worthy benefit for you. 

What Are The Perks Of Kohl’s Credit Card?

A Kohl’s credit card is very beneficial for the regular shoppers of Kohl’s departmental stores. The benefits it offers are better than a traditional credit card. However, as the use of Kohl’s credit card is limited to the Kohl’s only, the benefits are also effective at Kohl’s. following are the major perks you can receive at Kohl’s stores and e-commerce with a Kohl’s credit card:

  • Savings

You could save up to 35% on your first purchase from Kohl’s credit card as a welcome reward. Kohl’s also offers other saving options periodically, to credit cardholders. 

  • Coupons and gift card

Kohl’s credit card holders are also awarded Kohl’s discount coupons and gift cards periodically. These coupons and vouchers are sent by mail or to Kohl’s wallet. With the coupons, you can receive 10%, 20%, and 30%. Or more3 off on your purchases.

  • Rewards

Kohl’s credit cardholders also receive points on their purchases. Every single dollar spent at Kohl’s gives you 1 point. And when you earn 100 points, $5 is awarded to you.


Kohl’s credit card is a retail store credit card that could be for credit purchases at Kohl’s stores, website, or Kohl’s app. It could not be used in other departmental stores and retail stores because it is not a co-branded store card like traditional credit cards of Visa, MasterCard, Discover, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Kohl’s Charge Any Annual Fees To Kohl’s Credit Cardholders?

Answer: No, Kohl’s does not charge any annual fees for using or keeping Kohl’s credit card. However, if you don’t pay the card bills on time, you will be charged late fees or interest. 

  1. What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Monthly Kohl’s Credit Card Bill On Time?

Answer: Kohl’s charges late fees to those who don’t pay their credit cards bill on time. It also charges interest which is 24.99% APR per month. 

Can I use my Kohl’s Credit Card anywhere?

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