Can I use my Pink Credit Card anywhere?

Victoria’s Secret is an enormous retailer for lingerie in the United States. The company was founded – by Roy Raymond and Gaye Raymond in the year of 1977. The company is renowned for selling lingerie, underwear, cosmetics, swimwear, and accessories. A pink credit card is Victoria’s Credit card Program. Loyal Customers can avail of $15 Off from their first purchase. They also gain 5% back in rewards, i.e., procuring 10 points for one dollar spent. The topic is ‘Can I use my Pink Credit Card anywhere?’

Can I use my Pink Credit Card anywhere?

One can use Pink Credit cards only at Victoria’s Secret websites and at Pink Stores. The card is not applicable to use outside of one’s country. These cards are not valid at Gas stations.

Using A Pink Credit Card Apart From Pink Stores

The card does work at Bath & Body Works. The company offers a store credit that can be applied at the store of Bath & Body Works and also in online mode. The company Victoria’s Secret is in coalition with Comenity Bank. It dispenses to the loyal shoppers with a line of credit. These shoppers earn discounts and rewards based on their products acquired in online mode or either in-store shopping.

Terms & Conditions For A Pink Credit Card

The pink credit card does not charge an annual fee. However, the company does impose extra charges for late payments. It can go up to $41 for late payments. $25 fees for the returned payments. The late payments can affect their credit score. It is a must for the cardholders to read the agreements utterly. As mentioned on their website, the payment due is for 25 days at least after the close of each billing cycle. 

Types Of Victoria’s Secret Card

  1. CardMember

As mentioned on their official website being a cardmember a consumer can earn 1 point for each dollar spent. There are 3x points on Bras. Gaining 250 points they secure for $10 reward. Additionally, customers can save up to $15 by using the card online. A check on email is a must for the offer.

Attain no charges on shipping for every $50+ purchase on the credit card. Advance access to sales, exclusives, and other perks. Moreover, attain $10 a treat during your birthday month. 

2. Silver

The benefits are the same as being a card member. But, any customer needs to pay $250 each program year. Additional benefits received are acquiring a $10 treat on your birthday month. Receiving a $10 treat on your half-birthday month. On top (of that) attain a 15% special offer on your anniversary month. 

3. Gold

Consumers need to pay $500 each year to reach gold status. Attain free shipping for every $50+ product purchased only on Victoria’s Credit card. Gain early access to exclusive sales and additional other perks.

Obtain 15$ a treat on your half-birthday month & also on your birthday month. Experience a 20% special offer on your anniversary month. 

Conditions To Apply For Pink Credit Card

The applicants must remember the following before applying for the Pink credit card:

  • Any applicant shall be no less than 18 years old.
  • The applicant shall be a resident of the United States and have a rational mailing address. 
  • The applicant must have a Government issued Photo ID and a U.S. Social Security number. 
  • The Comenity Bank decides based on the personal information for extending the credit to the cardholder. 
  • Following the customer’s credit card history and finances, the limit of the card is allotted.  

Registering For The Pink Credit Card

If the applicant is a U.S resident, then there are two alternatives to applying for a credit card:

  1. Visit the official Victoria’s Secret Website. 
  2. Visit the link and then the page will direct you to another tab. Fill out the application online. All the information provided by you to the third-party website is subject to their terms, policies, etc.
  3. Another alternative is to visit your nearby Pink store. 


Victoria’s Secret is a prominent company in the United States for lingerie and beauty products. It offers Pink Credit cards that cannot get used anywhere. These cards get linked with the Comenity bank. They get solely meant to get used at Pink stores, the official Victoria’s Secret website, or either at Bath & Body Works. Customers can gain discounts, offers, and free shipping based on the card type.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the Pink credit card and Victoria Mastercard the same?

The design of both the cards is different. The benefits of both the cards are equally the same. Both cards can be utilized at or their stores. As mentioned on their website, additionally the customer will receive 2% back on dining, and travel streaming services with 1% back on the products acquired outside their website or at the PINK stores.  

2. What is the cost of a Pink Credit card?

The credit card will cost you $3.50 with the annual fee. However, the card’s fees are waived off for that year, if the customer spends more than $150 in one visit.

Can I use my Pink Credit Card anywhere?

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