Can I use my Yamaha Credit Card anywhere?

Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. is a Japan-based motorcycle manufacturing company. Genichi Kawakami founded the company on 1st May 1955, and the company headquarter is located in Iwata, Japan. Yamaha stands in the front row for the best sports bike globally. Yamaha is the second-largest motorcycle selling company and the top-selling water vehicle brand in the world. Let’s know ‘Can I use my Yamaha Credit Card anywhere?’

Can I use my Yamaha Credit Card anywhere?

Yamaha credit cards cannot get used everywhere. They can only get used at Yamaha dealers for Yamaha and non-Yamaha purchases. They get issued by WebBank. Yamaha credit card also had an agreement with Capital One bank.

To Login To Yamaha Credit Card 

  • First, you have to prequalify for the credit card. Before the prequalification process, please read all the terms and conditions. For prequalification, fill out the form on the site by filling in the personal and product details and click on ‘click here to sign and submit. Get the print of the prequalification form copy for future references. This form gets submitted to WebBank for the credit card.

  • Then you have to register on the given site by filling in details (Account number, birth details, last four digits of SSN, postal code, and email address). Then create a username, and password, select the security question, and answer. Click on the Register button

  • After registration, visit the website and sign in with your user ID and password.
  • Lastly, click on LOG IN to your account 
  • If you face any problem in registering, contact customer care

Customer care service 

For Yamaha credit card Account service:  1-877-327-7310

For Yamaha installment Program service: 1-866-594-9055

Yamaha Credit Card Pricing Information

Using Yamaha credit cards you can buy Yamaha products, parts, and other accessories not necessarily Yamaha products at Yamaha dealers.

The following is the Yamaha credit card pricing information:

  • APR interest rate on purchase is 15.99-23.99%
  • The minimum interest charge is $2
  • The due date is at least 25 days from the purchase to pay minimum 
  • No annual fee and transaction (balance transfer, foreign transfer, and cash advance fee) fee.

Ways To Avoid Unnecessary Interest And Fees 

Pay your bills before the due date. Interest rate and interest charges start to count after the due date of each billing cycle. Pay your bills within 25 days of purchases.  For promotional credit plans, interest charges begin to accrue from the date of promotional purchase. Interest charges may increase if there will be a change in an agreement.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Yamaha Credit Cards

The following are the advantages of Yamaha credit cards:

  • You can apply easily for the credit card
  • No annual fees required
  • The card applies to all authorized Yamaha dealers
  • Flexible monthly payment option and low rate of interest
  • The credit line is available for future purchases 
  • Exclusive loyalty benefits program from Yamaha

The following are the disadvantages of Yamaha Credit cards:

  • Interest rates are very high for non-Yamaha product
  • Slower customer care service

Credit Cards To Get Avoided

Various car companies offer credit cards for financing the purchases such as BMW Signature Cards, Fiat Chrysler Automobile MasterCard, Toyota Card, and Mercedes-Benz Credit Card. Every card comes with benefits also has disadvantages. In general, we should take proper precautions before registering for credit cards. Avoid credit cards with high annual fees, high foreign transaction fees, and high-interest rates, and Credit Cards that do not offer points, cash backs, rewards, and other customer benefit services.


If you are a sports bike or any other motorcycle enthusiast looking forward to buying a Yamaha product, you can use a Yamaha credit card. Yamaha cards help you to provide finances to buy their product at the best deal. Not only can you buy a vehicle but also other Yamaha accessories such as helmets or Yamaha music instruments, Yamaha credit card will be helpful. Yamaha is also in the services of musical instruments and production, golf services, and electronic devices and provides financial services.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Is The Penalty Fee For The Yamaha Credit Card?

Answer: The Penalty for both late payment and return payment is up to $41 by WebBank. In Capital One agreement with Yamaha Credit card penalty for late payment is up to $35 and the penalty for return fees is up to $25.    

  1. Can Residents Outside The USA Apply For This Card?

Answer: No

  1. Why Was My Yamaha Credit Card Disapproved?

Answers: There could be many reasons

  • Not provided proper address details/ missing details in the application
  • Address outside United State
  • Age is below eighteen
  • No valid security number or Individual taxpayer Identification Number.  
  1. Do Credit Cards For Financing Products Offered By The Company Itself? 

Answer: No, credit cards are not provided by the manufacturer company. They are backed by a certain bank. In the case of Yamaha, it was earlier Capital One bank and now WebBank.

Can I use my Yamaha Credit Card anywhere?

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