Google Hotspot Plans- Steps To Create A Hotspot 

Google LLC is a multinational technology company founded on 4th September 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in California, USA. Google is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. Google count among the big five IT companies in the USA along with Meta, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. Their services include internet-based services such as search engines, advertising, web-based services, software, hardware, enterprise service, internet services, etc. Let’s know about Google Hotspot Plans.

Google Hotspot Plans

Google Fi provides phone internet plans and you can use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot to connect to other devices. Google’s phone plan is designed according to the number of people using it.

Google Hotspot Plans

Google’s internet service, Google Fiber introduced in 2010 on a trial basis. The aim was to build an ultra-high-speed internet network in cities of the USA. You can use your phone as a portable hotspot device and connect to other devices. You can also set up an internet connection via USB and Bluetooth i.e. tethering through your phone. 

No.of peopleGoogle Fi Plan (excluding taxes and government fees)FlexibleSimply UnlimitedUnlimited Plus

$20 + $10/GB$60$70
2$18 + $10/GB$45$60
3$17 + $10/GB$30$50
4$17 + $10/GB$30$45
5$16 + $10/GB$30$45
6$16 + $10/GB$30$45

The above data plan is applicable in the USA, Canada, and Mexico with high-speed coverage, and 5G speed. Flexible plans are for those people whose daily data usage is less. Simply Unlimited plan is an affordable plan for people who use a lot of data. The Unlimited Plus is for people who use lots of data, travel, or tether. You can use your phone as a portable hotspot tethering to connect up to 10 people (applicable in Flexible and Unlimited Plus).

Steps To Activate Fi Service In Android

If you own Fi supported phone:

  • Sign Up for Google Fi 
  • Buy/order SIM Card or use eSIM 
  • Download Google Fi App from the play store 
  • Sign in to the Google Fi

Steps To Create A Hotspot 

  • Open phone settings and click on ‘Other Wireless Connections’/ ‘Wireless and Networks’
  • Select ‘Personal Hotspot’ and then Enable Your Hotspot 
  • Under the same settings set up Name and Password for the hotspot and in security select ‘WPA2 PSK’ for secured connection or open connection select ‘None’

This setting can vary on different phones.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Google Hotspot Plans


  • Unlimited calls and texts 
  • Privacy and security features: Google Fi provides you with a built-in VPN so that it protects your online activity. Phone calls made on the Fi network are protected by end-to-end encryption and it also blocks spam calls. 
  • Family features: Share location, manage data usage and screen time from children 
  • No annual contract, activation, or leaving fees
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Great Unlimited plus service for regular international travelers 
  • Under the Flexible plan, you only pay for the data you use
  • You can pause and suspend service for up to three months and resume at any time
  • 100 GB Cloud storage in Unlimited Plus


  • Hotspot only created in ‘Flexible’ and ‘Unlimited Plus’ plan 
  • Google Fi comes with little expensive sides. Rival companies are providing unlimited plans at cheaper prices than Google Fi
  • Google Fi is not compatible with any other phone. Only limited cell phones of specific companies are designed for Fi services, some of them are Google Pixel, Samsung, Moto G7, Moto G6, LG G7 ThinQ, LG V35 ThinQ, Android One Moto X4
  • Data gets slower to 256 kbps after 15 GB in usage in the Flexible plan and 22 GB usage in Simply Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plan

Comparing Google Hotspot Plans With Others

Compared with the prices of the other internet service providers in the USA such as Verizon, Google is on the affordable side. But Verizon’s Fios offers proper hotspot services with various perks such as Disney+ and Hulu plans than Google, given that Verizon is providing faster internet than Google.

What Makes Google Stand Out From All Other Services?

Google’s most vital benefit is that its company operates in almost every country. It enables them to provide services worldwide. You can access Google Fi internet services in several countries. If you are taking rigorous international trips, you must try this service. To activate Fi services in other countries, you need active Fi service in the USA before traveling abroad. You cannot use this plan after landing at an international destination. Then, Download the Fi App on your device and turn it on.

You will not get charged extra. You must pay $10/GB in over 200+ countries and territories in the Flexible plan, same as in the USA and free in Unlimited Plus Plan come with including international charges. For the customers with the Simply Unlimited plan, the calling and texting services get limited to Canada and Mexico. Else, you must upgrade your plan to Unlimited plus to access the international data.


Google is a very reputed company providing quality services to customers worldwide, Google Fi is one of the services. Google hotspot can be operated from a phone and tablet and up to 10 individuals can use it at a time. Google Fi offers plans for national and international levels is a unique and useful feature for customers. Other than these services, Google offers their mail services Gmail, Google maps, web browsing service Chrome, Android operating system, YouTube, online payments Gpay, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is There Any Referral Reward From Google Fi? 

Answer: Yes, you can refer Fi to your friends and Google Fi will give you rewards of $20 credit to old and new customers for up to 10 referrals each (Maximum $200 Fi Credits). 

Valid Only for the USA residents

  1. How Much Does Google Fi Charge For International Calls?

Answer:   Calls within the USA and international calls in Canada and Mexico are free of cost. No charges are applied for Unlimited Plus customers across 50+ countries. For remaining countries whether using Wi-Fi or not, there will be per minute charge depending on the country while calling from the USA. 

  1. Can I Use Fi On My iPhone?

Answer: iPhone iOS does not have network switching technology, therefore, you can activate the Fi service on the iPhone with eSIM, which is used in place of a physical SIM card. 

Note: Fi with eSIM only works in iPhone 11, 12, 13, XR, XS, XS Max, series, and iPhone SE 2020.

Google Hotspot Plans- Steps To Create A Hotspot 

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