Can I use my Burlington Credit Card anywhere?

Burlington is an American retail company that is more prominently known as an off-price department store. Burlington is known for its vast collection of different brands presenting different style options. Burlington was earlier known as Burlington Coat Factory. It started its operation in the year 1972. There are many benefits to the Burlington credit card, though. We will discuss the benefits and the application process for the credit card further in the article. The topic is ‘Can I use my Burlington Credit Card anywhere?’

Can I use my Burlington Credit Card anywhere?

Another great option from Burlington is credit cards. However, as these credit cards are not linked to MasterCard or Visa, they cannot be used anywhere else apart from Burlington stores and the website.

Burlington Credit Card

Besides the collection, another significant aspect of shopping at Burlington is that the prices are very reasonable. The costs not only help the customers save money but also get more items on less budget. Burlington now has more than 700 outlets across the United States. Let us now have a look at Burlington Credit Card.

In association with Comenity Capital Bank, Burlington has introduced a credit card option for its frequent users. Upon using the credit card to purchase anything at Burlington, customers can get various rewards and benefits that can be used later on. There are many benefits to having a Burlington credit card. However, customers need to remember that credit cards can not be used for other purchases, either offline or online.

Benefits Of Burlington Credit Card

The benefits that a person can get by using the Burlington Card are as follows:

No Annual Fee

If you wish to get a Burlington credit card, you will have to pay only $4 as a one-time fee. After this, you can utilize the card for the whole year without additional charges. Plus, after the initial year passes, you will not have to pay any other annual or monthly fee for maintenance. It also does not matter how frequently you use the card. There will be no additional charges.

Easy Management

The Burlington credit card is pretty easy to manage both online and offline. You can easily track the payments’ records, and the rewards earned quickly by going and logging on to your online account.

Burlington Benefits

If you are a frequent shopper at Burlington, this credit card will benefit you. The Burlington Credit Card lets you save more than average when shopping at a Burlington outlet. With that, you also can grab the best items first. As a Burlington Credit Cardholder, you will be notified first about a new product that will be put on the rack.

Simplified Payments

Paying for a credit card expense can sometimes be very tricky, time-consuming, and frustrating. However, with Burlington Credit Card, the payments are straightforward and it gets done just in minutes.

Burlington Reward Program

Once you have got yourself a Burlington Credit card, the company automatically includes you in their rewards program. Being in the rewards program can get on the list where you will be informed about an offer or a new arrival beforehand. 

Rewards For Using The Card

Once you start using the Burlington Credit Card, for each dollar that you spend, you will get 1 point. You can collect these points and later use them for other purchases. This way, you can purchase more with less expenditure.

Steps For Application For The Burlington Credit Card

Now that you have info about the benefits of having a Burlington Credit Card, we are sure you might want to know how you can apply for a Burlington Credit Card. 

Below are the steps you can follow to get a Burlington Credit Card:

Step 1: Visit Burlington’s website –

Step 2: There is an option for a credit card on the website.

Step 3: Under the credit card option, there are options for knowing the benefits and an opportunity to apply. 

Step 4: After clicking “apply,” you have to fill in a few details and submit it.

Step 5: After the submission, the details will be sent to Burlington for review.

Step 6: The team for Burlington will get back to you with further communication.


Burlington has come out with a credit card option to benefit its loyal customers from shopping at Burlington. The benefits are great, as you do not need to invest a lot of money to get the rewards. It has been half a century, and Burlington is still famous with its customers. Customers love visiting Burlington mainly because of several options for one item that can be found under one roof.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which bank does Burlington use for its banking services?

Ans: Burlington uses Comenity Capital Bank to issue and maintain a credit card.

  1. Are there any other ways to apply for Burlington’s Credit Card?

Ans: Yes, you can also visit Burlington’s outlet and ask for assistance with the credit card.

Can I use my Burlington Credit Card anywhere?

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