Does Neiman Marcus Do Alterations?

Neiman Marcus stores have been the big name as far as a luxury for the masses is concerned- the brand’s vision statement also attests to it in the most-firm way possible. Have you ever wondered, Does Neiman Marcus Do Alterations? – read further to know the answer.

Does Neiman Marcus Do Alterations?

Does Neiman Marcus Do Alterations?

They say, “Neiman Marcus Stores will be the premier luxury retailer recognized for merchandise leadership and superior customer service. They offer the finest fashion and quality products in an exceptional environment”. With a vision statement like that, it is obvious that Neiman Marcus works on providing the finest service to their clients, all around. That includes alterations as well! So, yes- Neiman Marcus does provide alteration services. But what is it about this company that keeps people coming back to it?

The Rise of Neiman Marcus and the Customer Approach

Neiman Marcus works on the keep philosophy that if it isn’t a good sale for the customer, then they don’t consider it a good sale for them either. It is this outlook to their business that keeps their customers coming back to get their clothes altered with them, rather than choosing to replace their clothes with a different brand.They also go to great lengths to ensure that their customers receive the ideal and luxurious experience- which is a great selling point for the brand, given that they have been in the business for more than 100 years! Neiman Marcus Group Inc. has a lot of famous and prominent subsidiary companies up its arsenal as well, apart from the Neiman Marcus stores themselves- the famous Bergdorf Goodman stores and the Horchow e-commerce website also come under their umbrella!

However good the executives of the company are at ensuring the steady growth of the company, it is the strange cookie recipe legend that made the company uber-famous! It is said in the early 80s that a lady and her daughter had cookies at the Neiman Marcus store and loved it so much that they wanted the recipe and asked the waiter- the waiter agreed to give them the recipe, for a “two-fifty” charge. While the woman anticipated a shock from the great taste of the cookies, she got it in the form of her credit card bill, where she was charged $250 USD!

While the company has gone on to reject claims that this actually happened, it is their reaction to this urban legend that won hearts- they shared the recipe for free for everyone to use and enjoy!Goes to show that any publicity is good publicity and a bad rep can always be turned around with the sweetest gestures- it is this urban legend (and the cookie) that made the company the talk of the town, even though it never ever happened!

Coming Back to Alterations,

What kind of alterations do they do?

Neiman Marcus provides excellent alteration services for their customers and their process caters to just about any hemming worry you could possibly have! All regularly priced suits, pants and dresses are altered for free for basic services, like shortening the cuffs. Any other services are charged based on the service required and the time incurred by the team to do it. If you need anything altered in a jiffy for a meeting or a party happening in less than an hour- Neiman Marcus have got your back! But this speed comes at a cost of $25 USD for the same hour and $15 USD for the same/next day delivery.

If you need only some basic repairs, like stitching a hole or a button back onto your shirt, fixing a fallen hem or something of the sort- they’re happy to oblige!

The best part is that unless it’s a wedding dress, Neiman Marcus doesn’t mind altering garments bought from other stores too! So, feel free to go ahead and take anything you need help with- their talented and friendly team ensures that your garments are perfectly well finished. Their only ask before they work on your clothes, is that they are washed or cleaned before you give it to them.For those services that do not come under their complementary basic services, alterations are charged based on the complexity of the service and the time that it’ll take to finish it up. In addition, they also help repair your shoes and handbags too!

In Conclusion

Neiman Marcus’s reputation as a consumer-oriented luxury brand didn’t happen overnight. Their dedicated service to their customers before, during and after the purchase of their goods is what keeps them in the minds of their customers regardless of every other minor issue that could cause a damper on their experience. Their attitude towards the customers makes everything right.

And yes, if you need your garments or shoes altered or restored, their relaxed and no questions asked approach makes the customer feel valued- just as you would when you go in for your own service (assuming that’s why you looked up this question anyway). So now that you have your answer, it’s time for you to get your clothes back to looking good as new!

Does Neiman Marcus Do Alterations?

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