Does The Wedding Shoppe Do Alterations?

If you’re looking to see if a bridal store does dress alterations- congratulations! You’ve either gotten engaged or are moving closer to your wedding date! Either way, finding the dream dress and having it fit you like a glove is a dream for all women across the world- one that everyone has from when they are much younger, whether they care to admit to it or not. If you’re in the US, you know that The Wedding Shoppe is undisputedly the one-stop destination for all your wedding needs. Let’s here know – Does The Wedding Shoppe Do Alterations?.

Does The Wedding Shoppe Do Alterations?

Does The Wedding Shoppe Do Alterations?

Now even if a bride finds her perfect looking dream dress, it’s not going to feel right if it doesn’t fit right- which is where alterations work their magic! And if you’re wondering if your favourite bridal boutique in Michigan- The Wedding Shoppe- does alterations: the answer is yes, they do! But before moving on to The Wedding Shoppe’s amazing alteration services, you probably want to know what services they offer in the first place- and for that, here goes!

The Wedding Shoppe- A One-Stop Destination for All Your Wedding Needs!

The Wedding Shoppe has been in the wedding business for a good while now and they have had more than 20,000 happy brides as their clients! With over 800 stunning dresses as part of their collection and more than 20 years of experience in the business, they are clearly at a level of their own when it comes to furthering their passion for making a woman’s big day the best one of her life.

As far as their wedding dress perks are concerned- they are easily very friendly not just in person, but also in the pocket! The Wedding Shoppe offers an amazing discount of $200 USD on their regular priced dresses (which are priced at $USD 1100 or more), on one condition- that you purchase that dream dress for your big day on your first visit to the store.

The services they offer

They also are respectful of the body positivity campaign, which shows in their wide and beautiful range of plus-size wedding dresses: designed to be form-flattering and make you look drop-dead gorgeous! They don’t stop there- to help you round off your whole look, they also offer accessories to go perfectly with your dress. Their extensive and varied collection of headpieces, jewellery, veils and belts are the best choice for any bride to elevate her already beautiful wedding dress.

And it’s not just your wedding day that’s on their minds- it’s the future too, that they care for! Their dress preservation services ensure that your wedding dress looks just as new as the day you laid eyes on it for the first time. 

So, when you’ve been happily married for a long time and choose to renew your vows with the same beautiful dress that you started your journey with, it’ll look as perfect as it looked to you on your wedding day!Their services are provided on an appointment basis, with a stylist assigned to you until you find the perfect look for your big day. You are ushered to a private suite and get to celebrate your time shopping rather than just experience it- just as a wedding shopping trip was always meant to be. Oh and, there’s champagne!

About Their Alteration Services procedure and rules

As already mentioned in this article, The Wedding Shoppe provides for some amazing alteration services to ensure that your dress fits as if it was made just for you. Here at The Wedding Shoppe, they understand that the fittings and the alterations are an important part of your wedding planning, perhaps even just as important as the wedding itself!

They do give you a heads up on some things you should remember when you’re ready to come in for your fittings- always bring your shoes to ensure that your dress is of the perfect length and you can walk gracefully in it.

You will be better served if you bring your undergarments too- to ensure that they provide the right lift for your dress. They also ask that you pay for all fittings together at the first one- nothing makes a bride feel more at ease than knowing things have been taken care of. They’re also particular about the amount of time you give to finding your dress- they advise that you start 3 months prior to the wedding and be ready for multiple fittings.


The Wedding Shoppe is nothing short of a fairy godmother for your wedding day. They ensure that you look the best you’ve ever looked in your whole life on your big day- and feel even better (which is a lot!). Nothing can make a woman happier than the perfect-fitting beautiful wedding dress and a seamless and peaceful experience to find it. If that’s what you’d like too- from the purchase to the alterations, then The Wedding Shoppe has got to be your first stop!

Does The Wedding Shoppe Do Alterations?

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