What Channel Is HLN On Fios?

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Fios Cable is one of the most popular cable suppliers in the United States. Fios offers all channels at a very reasonable price. HLN is one of the top television channels in the United States with numerous television series and shows.

What Channel Is HLN On Fios

HLN Channel is a cable news channel owned by Turner Broadcasting System. HLN primarily focuses on the national news that people are watching across America. Almost every day, HLN broadcasts the latest news to boost its reputation. The program is also presented in a fast-paced way that nails the viewer to the screen.


HLN, a headline news channel, provides segmented 24-hour updates of news available for the day. Any major news item that airs will be made available on HLN.

Plus, other show segments like Headline Prime, Prime News Tonight, Showbiz Tonight, Nancy Grace, and more, will air at night to keep you informed, entertained, and focused on your TV.

Channel Name Channel Number 
HLN 101

A Background Of HLN Channel

Previously, HLN was an abbreviation for Headline News, CNN, and even CNN2. The channel originally appeared in 1982, named CNN2 as CNN’s intended plan. 

In 2001, the channel differentiation was serious, first in the form of rolling news, and then began to establish several live broadcasts. The prime time block was later added featuring an expert-based program.

Shows Aired On HLN

Forensic Files II

Forensic Files II has aired into its 3rd season and is one of the most famous shows on HLN. It featured around 32 sessions of real-life investigations of a wide variety of cases, ranging from common, mysterious, and even unsolved murders. Scientists and forensic experts are involved in unraveling the case.

Murder Nation

is it a true-crime documentary series based on eyewitness testimony, newsreels, and crime scene photographs? This is one of the most-watched shows on HLN. The murderous nation revolves around the start of police investigations into families killed by unknown perpetrators.

Real-Life Nightmare

It is the original HLN series, but not for non-horror enthusiasts. It features real-life crimes and disappearances that have caused damage to the world.

Unmasking a killer

This HLN’s original show tells the horrific true story of the Golden State Killer, one of America’s most prolific serial killers who committed a staggering 50 rapes and 12 murders in California.

Real-life Nightmare

It is a tragic personal story of unsolved disappearances and unexplained deaths that baffles investigators and continues to terrorize those who remain.

As police continue to seek help from the general public, this series unravels the mystery by unraveling the latest evidence and forcing viewers to search for answers in subpoenas.

Beyond a reasonable doubt,

The show takes viewers into the real world of a criminal investigation through the high-profile criminal cases of the last century, which were eventually resolved through forensic medicine or technological advances.

Heads Up

is a comedy series where two friends who are also two surrogate brothers come to take great care of each other. When their trust and loyalty in poker are questioned, anger flares up and they fight. In short, it is a series that reveals the thin line between love, hate, and intense feelings between siblings.

Dr.Drew on call

The show features doctors specializing in addiction, with episodes about how Dr. Drew first became a media person and then how to balance important work and life. The show also offers its viewers talk shows on addiction, the effects of drug use, family, and sex, and sometimes reveals details of some medical failures.

Is HLN Channel In Hd?

HLN broadcasts in 1080i high definition. It is available nationally from almost all pay-tv providers in the United States, and in Canada from satellite provider Bell Satellite TV, which downscales the HD feed to 720p.


HLN is the most-watched TV channel in the US and you can always expect something new to come for you.

After tuning in to channel 101 with your TV remote, you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows offered by HLN

HLN can be live-streamed on xfinity.com / TV or live-streamed on many other devices for seamless access to favorite TV shows and movies.


How can I watch the HLN channel?

Like many other channels, HLN can be streamed live from the channel’s website on any device, mobile, desktop, or laptop.

Is there an app dedicated to HLN?

The answer is Yes! There is an app exclusively for HLN and alternatively, you can use the HLN website for streaming.

Can I watch HLN on Hulu?

With a subscription, HLN is free on Hulu Live TV. Hulu Live TV is known for its extensive and interesting streaming library, which can be viewed on-demand or with a regular subscription.

What Channel Is HLN On Fios?

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