What Channel Is National Geographic On Fios?

Are you excited to know What Channel Is National Geographic On Fios? Read the entire article for more information.

Are you interested in learning about animals and their behavior? Does it surprise you to see how they react to different situations? If yes, then National Geographic is the channel for you! 

What Channel Is National Geographic On Fios

However, if you are thinking about where will you get this channel in Fios? Then this article will surely try to help you with it! 

What is the National Geographic channel? 

Before learning about the availability of the national geographic channel on Fios, one needs to know what the National Geographic channel is! 

National Geographic Channel, also known as Nat Geo TV or channel is an educational network that provides content related to scientific and other social topics of the world.

The channel is under the partnership of the National Geographic Society and The Walt Disney Company which run it together with the shares of 27% and 73% respectively.

The channel offers various educational shows, original and acquired documentaries, and newly released feature films.

These shows are not just educational but also enjoyable for the audience!

Is the National Geographic channel available in fios?

After learning about the National Geographic channel, let’s move back to the main question which is if this channel is available on FiOS?

Well, the answer to this is a big yes! National Geographic channel is available on Fios! Hence, you can easily enjoy this channel by choosing the required package!

The channel is available in both SD as well as HD quality and you can find the channel on the Fios channel guide as well!

What is the channel number for the National Geographic channel on FiOS?

As mentioned before, the National Geographic channel is available in fios. Hence, after getting the channel, all you have to do is switch to the particular channel number and enjoy its shows! But what is the channel number of National Geographic on fios?

Though there might be changes in the channel number in some regions, the channel is usually found in standard definition at channel number 121 and high definition at 621.

Hence, by switching to these channels, you can view the National Geographic channel at standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) quality respectively.

What are Verizon Fios packages where you can get the National Geographic channel? 

National Geographic channel is available on the following Verizon Fios programming packages. They are-

  • More Fios TV
  • Fios TV Mundo Total
  • Fios TV Mundo
  • The Most Fios TV. 

Shows available on the National Geographic channel

After having an idea about the availability of the National Geographic channel at Fios. It is important to know what shows are available on this channel!

Air Crash Investigations

The show is all about how the ‘Roselawn’ crash took place. This show focuses on the details of the crash investigations. It brings out all the stories of survival and theories revolving around it.

The show is an eye-opener to what could have been avoided and what changes could have been done to prevent this disaster from happening. 

Science of Stupid

This show is a perfect package of entertainment and knowledge. The show talks about the reasons behind the failure of some wrongly performed stunts and experiments. 

The presenter Richard Hammond showcases not just these funny and viral failed videos but also makes us understand the physics, chemistry, and biology being this failure.

All in all, this show is a whole package of entertainment with science. 


Imagine going to the world’s most restricted places and unveiling the science behind them. Sounds so cool right! That’s exactly what the inside does!

The show has a bunch of characters that do the impossible by going to these ‘watch out’ places and investigating them with some high-tech tools. Through this show, viewers can get to enjoy all those restricted places where some memorable event has happened.

Mumbai terror attack

The show takes us back to the event of 26 November 2008, when some terrorists planned an attack on the city of Mumbai, India. The incident is still fresh in the minds of people to date.

The show not just talks about the incident but also focuses on all the problems and opinions revolving around it.


Taboo is an entertaining show that showcases some of the uncommon practices which you never knew existed. The show describes people’s opinions on such practices and why they are so important to them! 

Mega Factories

This show basically shows the inside behind some of the known and amazing factories. It has covered some recognized factories like Ferrari and BMW too! 

Naked Science

This show sheds light on some of the most amazing scientific topics and mysteries. They try to show us some findings and answers behind some scientific occurrences.


National Geographic channel is a widely known educational channel. It has some amazing shows for its viewers who crave knowledge with entertainment. The channel is available on Fios with channel number 121 for standard definition quality and 621 for high definition quality.

What Channel Is National Geographic On Fios?

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