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Since you live in a capitalist world, one of the things that you need mastery over is how to convince people to buy things that you want to sell, or rather, how to be persuasive and not come off as annoying. This is a tactic that is a must-have if you wish to strive forward and live that luxurious life that you have always dreamt of! If you are wondering what CRM stands for, CRM stands for customer relationship management and it helps a company not only to stay connected to its customers but also to burgeon its profits. Let’s here know ‘What CRM Does Grant Cardone Use?’.

What CRM Does Grant Cardone Use?

Grant Cardone’s CRM

“It is all about marketing yourself until the world knows you” are some of the wise words spoken by the well-renowned Grant Cardone! Grant Cardone is the New York Times bestselling author who has also seemingly mastered the difficulties of sales. Now, he is known to have achieved sales greatness which is exactly what he talked about at XANT’s Sales Acceleration Summit, an online sales summit that has people contributing from all corners of the world! 

Without further ado, let’s look at the CRM that Grant has adopted that helped him stand on the pedestal that he is today! Grant recommends 7 pointers to help you accelerate your sales:

  1.  Plan and Action: While one of the first steps to increase sales is planning, you must know that taking action accompanies right along with it! Although their planning is good, most of the salesmen fail because they never muster up the courage to pick up the phone. Grant emphasizes that follow-ups from your clients are very vital and you must get right to it!
  1. Frequency: Again, as mentioned above, follow-ups are essential. While most salesmen are done after making 2-3 phone calls, Grant says it’s more impactful if you make 6-12! These phone calls will help you figure out what exactly it is that your client wants and will eventually help you to give out helpful leads to them.
  1. Getting Regular: According to Grant, getting regular is among the best things that a salesman should do to increase his profits! You must follow a regular regimen, also known as a sales cadence. The managers must put forth their CRM so the sales rep can easily follow it.
  1. Fast Responses: Waiting too long might be harmful to you if you wish to increase your sales. Grant says that fast responses might be quite useful as they might possibly help you connect with a lead that wants what you’re offering! So, if you come across people who pose questions, know that they might be interested in buying what you are selling.
  1. Creative Ways to Connect: Grant focuses on creative ways of getting to know or reaching out to clients. While phone calls are one of the ways to connect with a client, Grant says that you can also send your clients a text, send invitations to charity events, or even post on social media platforms to grab their attention. Moreover, one of the best things to do is to ask your clients which mode of contact they prefer and follow it!
  1. What is your Purpose? Salesmen often seem vexed because most of the time they do not know where the conversation is going or rather, where to steer the conversation. As a salesman, you must know your purpose for calling; in fact, even in follow-ups, make sure to ask rational questions rather than being irrational and absurd. Once the client knows that you have a reason for calling, they might get intrigued by what you have to offer!
  1. Leaving a Message: In the race that you are running, you are not running alone. Know that there are hundreds and thousands of salesmen out there trying to snatch the attention of your potential clients, and thus, you must adopt ways that will make you stand apart from the crowd. Grant says that one of the best ways to be highlighted is to send in a message and a mail right after your call. This will not only make you stand apart but also throw light on your dedication and hard work that might bag you a client! 

YouTube Marketing

In addition to this, Grant has also given some pointers to enhance your YouTube marketing. These include:

  1. People are more intrigued to know about your personal history and how you are where you are. Offer them what they want!
  1. You must know how to reach across different people since every viewer watches videos keeping himself in mind.
  1. Movement and spontaneity are important; you need to grab the audience’s attention, and you cannot do this if you are monotonous. 


The sales world might seem like a scary monster but this monster feeds off of your fear. It is time to dust them off and stand up and take action right away! Grant Cardone has provided 7 simple but thought-provoking steps that you must incorporate into your routine. Besides this, he has also provided things to keep in mind if you wish to be a famous YouTuber, ranging from how to reach out to your audience and how to be personal yet relatable simultaneously!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many times should I do follow-ups?

6-12 times is recommended.

  1. How can I not come off as an annoying salesman?

Have a purpose or reason for your call.

What CRM Does Grant Cardone Use? – Know More

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