What Channel Is Cbs On Fios?

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The Fios is the perfect way to get all the comprehensive entertainment you need. The CBS channel offered by Fios is one of the popular channels for watching great TV shows and other great shows. For more than 80 years, CBS has continued to provide great programming in a variety of genres. This largely ensures the quality of entertainment.

What Channel Is Cbs On Fios

As such a popular channel, it’s no wonder that CBS is part of the channel lineup of well-known cable providers like Fios. This is one of the channels you don’t want to miss.

What Channel Is Cbs On Fios?

Fios TV has a long list of channels, all of which can be too confusing. This is where the channel number comes into play. If you recently connected with the Fios family, you may need to know the channel number for CBS on Fios.

Channel Name City/ state Channel number 
CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System)Bristol County, MA 4

Jersey, Southern California 2

Southeastern, PA3

A Quick Note On Cbs 

This CBS channel is a US-based television network owned and developed by Viacom CBS.

One can enjoy watching movies, trending shows, comedy, drama, news, reality TV, primetime, daytime, late show clips, and more on the CBS channel.

So those who want to relax their mind should watch the CBS channel to get more entertainment and enjoy CBS with its live TV and on-demand content.

About Fios

Fios, a streaming service is a great streaming service that offers more features and benefits. You can watch massive amounts of media content online with this Fios streaming service, which is owned by Verizon Communications.

This streaming service has over 5 million subscriptions. With this popular streaming service, one can get video on demand, and it also offers standard definition, and high definition streaming quality. And it uses QAM technology for streaming.

Fios Subscription Plans

Fios streaming service package rst plan is your Fios TV, which costs $65 per month, and has over 125 channels

  • The second plan is More Fios TV, which costs $ 85 per month and has over 300 channels.
  • Then the third plan is The Most Fios TV, which costs $105 a month and has over 425 channels.

Why Fios Is Popular?

Fios is popular because of the following reasons-

  • For one, Fios is one of the top cable TV services, allowing you to watch many channels in HD. 
  • Second, it’s completely reliable. CBS offers great entertainment at any time of the day and is the perfect addition to your cable package.

Must Watch Shows On CBS

CBS has some really good drama programs. Most of the shows on CBS are the perfect mix of suspense and action.


NCIS is a TV series that revolves around a team of agents fighting crime and solving cases. The best part is that the show incorporates a sense of humor. It’s not just an action drama. That’s what made it famous and has since become a hit.

Blood and Treasure

In a way, the show lives up to its name. Follow an antique expert and ex-art thief around the world in pursuit of a terrorist who finances his nefarious activities with stolen treasure. It’s a very entertaining show and will keep you hooked until the end.

Blue Bloods

has aired on CBS since 2010. It is about a fictional Reagan family living in New York. You will notice that each member of this family represents a different aspect of the legal process.

Young Sheldon

In this show, you will meet a brilliant kid named Sheldon Cooper and his family. Socially challenged Sheldon faces some unique challenges.

FBI- Most wanted

It follows the division of the FBI, whose mission is to track down and catch notorious criminals on the FBI’s wanted list

The Equalizer

This is a story of a mysterious person who uses her abundant skills to help people who have no other place to turn.


The dream of a young couple comes true when they inherit a beautiful country house, but they only realize that it has collapsed and is home to many of its pre-death residents.


CBS offers carefully selected content for different audiences. Like CBS, few channels are close to taking over people’s hearts. Overall, CBS on Fios is a great deal.


Does Fios have a streaming service?

The answer is Yes! Fios offers a streaming service network. Through this one can get several channels, on-demand content, movies, TV shows, and more entertainment on Fios Streaming.

What channels does Fios offer?

Fios TV has the best channels like FOX, ABC, NBC, Telemundo, Univision and MyNet.

Can I watch CBS Channel on HD?

Yes! Fios offers CBS channels both in HD and SD.

What Channel Is Cbs On Fios?

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