YouTube TV customer service – know more interesting facts

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a TV streaming service that includes live TV from 85+ broadcast, cable, and regional sports networks. Let us discuss YouTube TV customer service

YouTube TV customer service

Customer Service

It is an assistance provided by the company to people who use or buy its services or products.


In the age of digitalization, the convenience of watching TV has switched to mobile phones and the progress technology is making and with the pace it is moving while making TVs second-hand mobile phones, and in this progression only. With many digital channels, YouTube TV is a step ahead in this scenario. YouTube TV is the new lingo amongst people everywhere as it is ranked 319 out of 1739 in the Telecommunications category.

YouTube TV customer service 

When one is having an issue with the services of YouTube TV, one generally avoids following the long procedures of steps to complain about the issues, one might be facing. So, there are other ways to reach out the YouTube TV customer service and some of them are:

Method 1- Trying to reach the customer service by calling on(650) 623-4000

Method 2- By contacting Help Center

To avail of the support via the help center, one needs to follow a few steps: 

STEP 1- Open the YouTube TV help center

STEP 2- Provide details of the issues 

STEP 3- Looked at the resources

STEP 4- In the resources, one option can be seen to contact YouTube TV through chat

STEP 5- Click on the chat button.

NOTE: Sometimes, the chat facility is not available at the same time, so, one will be informed about the time, the customer representative takes to respond.

Method 3- By reaching social platforms like Twitter

Many a time, an issue doesn’t get resolved for days but in the digital era, social media platforms have become a weapon to solve any kind of problem and the YouTube TV customer service problem can be solved by using Twitter in the following ways:

STEP 1- Go to\teamyoutube

STEP 2- Send a tweet to YouTube by just clicking on a tweet

STEP 3- Enter the message about the problem where it says, Everyone can reply

STEP 4- When done with message writing, click on the tweet.

Once the problem will be received by the YouTube TV customer service, a member representative will respond within a day or so either by a tweet or by asking for the contact number through personal chat via Twitter only.

Reasons for Customer Calls

As it provides services to its customers with every minute problem, customers keep calling the service center with a maximum call duration of 00:18 seconds, and among all these calls, the top reasons for the customer calls are:

  • Issues related to payments and charges
  • Activation\ cancellation requests
  • Product\service
  • About account problems
  • Shipping and cleaning questions
  • About cards questions and
  • Others

Is YouTube TV free?

With the rapid growth of digital technology that has taken place in the market, people are cutting their cable cords but before running into the same crowd, one should check and read a detailed analysis of YouTube TV reviews from its price to its functioning of it.

According to its website, YouTube TV subscriptions cost $64.99 per month only and $54.99 per month for the first three months. So, no, YouTube TV is not free to avail.

Features of a YouTube TV subscription?

  1. Live sports
  2. Unlimited DVR space
  3. Up to six accounts for one price.

How to sign up for YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is a paid membership that offers an unlimited amount of joy from showing trending videos to Originals on YouTube.

To sign up for YouTube, there are a few steps that need to be followed.

STEP 1- Download the YouTube TV app

STEP 2- In the app, tap the button to begin the free trial

STEP 3- Sign up with the Google Account

STEP 4- Confirm the home location

NOTE: Home location means one zip code and it is required to get access to the correct local networks.

STEP 5- Customize the membership

STEP 6- Review the networks on YouTube TV Base Plan and check the price of membership

STEP 7- Select Next to proceed

STEP 8- Add the premium networks to the Base Plan 

STEP 9- Select Next

STEP 10- Confirm the credit card, which can be used to buy the membership.

NOTE: YouTube TV doesn’t charge until the free trial gets expired.

STEP 11- Select Buy to complete the sign-up process.


With many options available in the market, YouTube TV is the best option to avail after cutting the cord with the cable connections. Also, the services provided by YouTube TV are good which not only satisfies its customers but also helps in increasing the connectivity making the entire journey of watching TV a beautiful experience.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Question 1- Does the YouTube help center have its personalized email address?

Answer- No

Question 2- Do YouTUbe call numbers to work?

Answer- The majority of the time, it doesn’t work.

Question 3- Is the customer service for YouTube TV useful?

Answer- Yes

Question 4- Does YouTube customer service responds on social media platform?

Answer- Yes

Question 5- Is the Community Forum of YouTube safe to use?

Answer- Yes

YouTube TV customer service – know more interesting facts

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