How much does Menards charge to install a storm door? – know more

Menards is an American home decorator retail company. They sell home improvement things like furniture, types of doors, windows, etc. This retail was founded by John Menard Jr. in 1960. Since then it has become one of the largest home decorating retailers. Let us find out how much does Menards charge to install a storm door?

does Menards charge to install a storm door?

They are the first choice of US citizens. They sell the best quality home decorating appliances to the buds. They also offer many discounts on their products. Under their discount offer veteran discount, student discount, and senior person discounts are available. They are not only the sellers of home decorating products they also provide installation services to their customers. Now the point is they don’t provide installation service to all their products but on some of the small range of products. To know about their product installation service and approx cost please read the article.

Does Menards install a storm door?

Unfortunately, Menards doesn’t provide the installation service for the storm doors. People install storm doors for security purposes. But the famous house decorating retailer doesn’t install storm doors.

If Menards doesn’t offer storm installation service then what do they do to install a storm door 

No, Menards retailer doesn’t install storm doors. Though they don’t have an installation service facility so as an alternative way they will suggest you the installation service contractor. They will pick up the service contractor for your storm door installation from their bulletin board. They will install it in your house properly. 

How much does it cost to install a storm door?

 Well, the cost of the storm door installation is an important thing to notice. The installation cost depends on the size and materials. If your storm door is huge then there might be a need for more people to install it properly. So then the cost might increase a little. Again if you choose to install it with good materials for long-lasting then the cost will be high. As the approx cost for materials and labor, it is about $114 range and $553. The average cost for installation without material is $335 to $555. To explain to you better we have prepared a basic list of materials and their price so that you can guess the average cost properly. 

Well, a storm door is the front door of the house so as usual buyers will want the door material as good as possible. The cost of the door material Does not differ much. It comes to an Average of $300 to $400.

Next are the fitting tools and hardware pieces. To install a door you need many tools. The average cost for the fitting tools are

·   Knob – 20$ to $270 each

·   Door slab – $100 to $150

·   Hinges – $5 to $25 each

·   Door jamb – $100 approx

·   Threshold – $50 to $55 each

·   Deadbolt – $30 t ok $300 depends on the quality

·   Doors insulation- $10 – $20

Please note that this price is given as an approximate cost. This price will vary on the market. 

Does Menards sell storm doors? 

Yes, Menards sells storm doors. They have good reviews on their storm doors. You will find different types in different sizes and storm doors for your house. If you want they will make you storm doors as your house fitting. They also provide discount offers and discount promo codes for purchasing storm doors. 

Does Menards add the contractor’s service charges with the door price?

No, Menards doesn’t add the door price with the installation service contractor’s cost. They won’t charge that cost additionally with the door cost. You have to pay the installation charges to the installation service team. Menards doesn’t charge a cost but they will give you an installation discount card as a purchased gift. Also, this offer is an occasional offer. It isn’t available on every purchase. You can get a discount (5% to 7%) using that card on installation charges.

 Why doesn’t Menards provide storm door installation?

There is no official reason published by Menards for not providing installation service of storm doors. We can assume that they have their reasons for that or they do have not that much expert installation service team in their retailer.

How much is the installation service team charge suggested by Menards?

The installation service charges depend on the place, door size, number of doors to be installed, etc. The average cost of a storm door installation is $300 to $ 500 ( per door installation).

Is the installation service team reliable suggested by Menards?

 Yes, you can Fully trust the installation service team suggested by Menards. They always suggest experts for the door installation service.


Installation of a storm door is very easy. If you buy storm doors from Menards then they might not install them for you but will provide you with the experts for installation.

How much does Menards charge to install a storm door? – know more

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