Does Amazon Prime Include Channels? – Read To Know More

With their presence as a global leader in many markets, it comes as no surprise that Amazon Prime happens to be a very high-value company. Their multiple offerings such as shopping, expedited delivery services from their e-commerce website, music streaming and video content streaming are favourites amongst billions of people across the globe. With that being said, it must be noted and acknowledged that Amazon Prime’s video content streaming service Amazon Prime Video, is a big player in what is considered a very lucrative and moderately-exclusive market. Let’s know ‘Does Amazon Prime Include Channels?’.

Does Amazon Prime Include Channels?

Does Amazon Prime Include Channels?

With Amazon Prime Video’s dominance now well established, one would wonder about the features that they offer to make their service exceptionally accessible and stand out from other streaming platforms. And now, you will read about a particular feature that keeps Amazon Prime in the limelight, amongst other great and fan-loved features: channels.

Amazon Prime Video does offer a selection of channels that can be subscribed to through their streaming platform.

But before that- what else do they offer?

Amazon Prime Video- Services Offered

Amazon Prime Video is a streaming service founded by the holding company Amazon, which provides content both original and produced by others. It makes personalized suggestions depending on your watch history too, to ensure that you find more of what you like! You can make use of these services through multiple devices like your laptop (through the website) or your phone or tablet (through the downloadable app available on your app/play stores). Amazon Prime Video offerings also vary about geographical restrictions- this means content that might not be viewable in one country might not be available in a different one. The service is based on a subscription model, where a customer pays periodically for unlimited access to their content library.

They also, as part of their service catalogue, offer a few popular TV channels which are household names in the United States. This is what you will now read more about.

Amazon Prime Video- Channels Offered

Amazon Prime Video’s offer of channels is not part of their membership fee- you will have to pay additional charges to access those. This is great because it gives you the liberty to pay only for what you want to have added to your membership.

The channels that Amazon Prime Video offers, as part of their platform as of 2022 are- AMC, Cinemax, popular infotainment channel Discovery+, Epix, Hallmark Movies Now, Lifetime Movie Club, MLB TV, NBA TV, NBA League Pass, Paramount+, Showtime and Starz. What Sports Channels Does Amazon Prime Offer?

For many of us, watching live sporting airings is associated with watching live TV. It would be remiss not to mention the presence of sports channels on Amazon Prime Video while discussing live TV capabilities on a streaming behemoth. So, the answer is yes, Amazon Prime Video allows you to watch live sports! Every Amazon Prime Video membership includes access to a library of documentaries, live sports, and subscription-based channels. Paramount+, PGA Tour Live, NBA League Pass, and MLB TV are some of the add-ons that allow you to watch sports on your Amazon Prime account. 

Great! Now, How Do I Avail Them?

If you’re ready to cut the cable wire and switch to Amazon Prime Video for your channel preferences, then the way to do it is very simple!

All you need to do is to log in to your Amazon account and click on the account and lists option. Here, you will see a tab called ‘Your Prime Video’, where you will be taken to the prime video site. Now you can click on the channels tab on prime video and you will see the range of channels available. Just click on the one you want to watch and subscribe to the channel! You’ll possibly be redirected to payment and then voila! Your chosen channel is ready to watch!

How to Access Amazon Prime Video on Various Devices?

If you have a Samsung TV, you should be able to use the SmartHub to access Amazon Prime Video by selecting Amazon Prime Video from the menu. The app is also available on Sony TVs under the Featured apps menu. If you’re looking for the Amazon Prime Video app, you’ll find it on the LG Content Store as well! Simply choose the Amazon Prime Video app from your remote’s My Apps menu and enjoy limitless streaming and all of the live TV perks that come with it!


Watching TV is a timeless pastime for all of us. To be able to watch a show or a sport that you’re passionate about with family or a group of friends is an unparalleled pleasure and leaves our spirits high. And when the TV offering now comes from a company known for being the best in the world in providing video entertainment to their customers, there’s no reason to say no. Channels are available on Prime Video and you should avail them today!

Does Amazon Prime Include Channels? – Read To Know More

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