Stores Like NPS

Who doesn’t love a good discount? The joy of indulging in retail therapy, knowing that you’re taking something new home- something sparkly and brand new is a different level of happiness for a lot of us. Now, what can top that? To be able to get something brand new and sparkly, at a discount! That’s right! For a lot of us, buying at a discount is a cheap thrill. To have saved money and not restrict yourself from buying whatever you want is self-progress all on its own. Some would also call it an art- it takes a lot of talent, after all, to buy everything and lose very less. In this article, you will be reading about Stores Like NPSand a benchmark retailer in the discount store business- NPS, (i.e., National Product Sales Inc.) and their story. What you’ll also be reading about, are a good bunch of stores for you to check out if you’re a discount store fanatic and are hell-bent on saving money and buying at killer prices.

Stores Like NPS

Stores Like NPS

  • Ross Dress for LessDD’s Discounts
  • Tuesday Morning
  • Dillard’s Clearance Center
  • Dollar Tree
  • Macy’s Backstage

And before you read about the alternatives, it is only right that you spend a bit of time reading about the top company- NPS.

National Product Sales- Who Are They and What Do They Do?

NPS are the bigwigs when it comes to discount stores in the United States. Having begun operations in 1968 in Salt Lake City, Utah, they initially began with the aim of helping out other stores with excess stock, refused stock, unclaimed stock- the works. They work on a very simple mission that helps many parties involved- managing overused stock in a way that takes the worry off the original seller’s hands and ensuring that customers make one heck of a killing at their stores to a point where they buy so much. With over 50 years of experience in this space, NPS is a discount store that helps companies to turn their possible losses into profitable stock. They sell their goods through an auction, or through their online website where sales are made on a wholesale scale or through their physical retail outlets.

The NPS stores are famously located in Salt Lake City, Layton and Orem, all three in Utah. They are a money-savers paradise, providing their customers with the ultimate bargains in many products such as housewares, groceries, electronics and collectables. You can get amazing prices on sporting goods, furniture, hardware, and equipment at the NPS Industrial Store. You are also allowed to participate in their weekly public silent bid auctions held every Monday. Those who have access to the internet will be able to browse, bid on, and purchase popular products from their listings on eBay, and Amazon.

Every day, NPS offers incredible savings, and every week, they add to those low costs by offering additional incentives from specific categories or products in their stores. Check out this week’s offers and deals below, then stop by one of their Salt Lake or Orem locations to grab the product and the discount in your hands!

And now that you know quite a bit about NPS Inc., it is about time you read about similar stores for you to try- starting with Ross Dress for Less.

Ross Dress for Less

Since its inception in 1982, Ross has been a big player in the discount store market, while specializing in budget clothing. They provide a consistent supply of high-quality department and luxury brands at a very low price to the people. They’re also very confident in letting you know that they’ve got a lot of bargaining power with the brands that they are associated with- which means they’ve got a steady stream of brands joining them at all times!

An interesting fact about Ross Dress for Less is that they do not partake in huge marketing tactics and expenses- they instead choose to believe in the power of saving up on that money and channeling it into bringing their customers some of the biggest deals in the market. So, they’ve got to be your first choice when it comes to finding an alternative discount store with deals on clothing that are just as sweet.

DD’s Discounts

DD’s Discounts has a lot to do with the first company you read about- they are part of the Ross family. They started their operations in 2004 and they sell a lot of clothing, shoes, home décor, toys and much more at a cheap price!

Their stores are all very conveniently located in all the local neighbourhood shopping centres which ensure that you don’t have to commute too long to find them. They are also cognizant of their obligations to give back to the community that brought them up DD’s Discounts as does its parent company Ross Dress for Less, which is in partnership with the BCGA, Boys and Girls Club of America- through this, they help in providing education to children who cannot afford it. They also donate books to these underprivileged kids- so you know that the money you spend here is always going towards a good cause.

Tuesday Morning

Tuesday Morning is a discount store company with a bit more than 20 years of experience in the space. They employ dealers who go in search of the best deals from the biggest brands- to make sure you, the customer, get a handsome deal. They also work similarly to the other discount stores out there, where they end up selling their customer’s products at rock-bottom prices. This makes them ideal to check out on your list to grab and steal some of their offerings at the biggest discounts!

Dillard’s Clearance Center

For any of you wondering if this store has anything to do with the Dillard’s store in your mind- yes, they are owned by them. Ironically, this well-kept secret is popularly known to sell name brand products at a killer price- people are known to buy Ralph Lauren at 30% of the store cost! The Clearance Store is a former Dillard’s department store dedicated to only clearance items. Women will find the most options because of Dillard’s varied options provided to them, but there is still something for everyone and that something is exceptionally low priced!

Dollar Tree

If you’re talking about discount stores, you’re most likely to mention Dollar Tree at least once. These are people that have committed to their cause for a considerable amount of time and provide budget deals for everyone in your family to buy! Their stores also look very cool and are so very inviting- when the décor is just as inviting as the discounts, you know they’re legit!

They offer their customers products they need at extreme values! They carry an eclectic and exciting mix of merchandise that includes many trusted national and regional brands. Some of the product departments you’ll find at Dollar Tree include housewares, glassware, dinnerware, cleaning supplies, candy, snacks, food, health, and the like- and they’re all priced at the lowest prices possible.

Dollar Tree is a national company with thousands of stores conveniently located in shopping centres and malls in all 48 contiguous states. You can also shop online for larger quantities of the same items you’d find at the brick-and-mortar stores, take advantage of online exclusives and manufacturer closeouts. Also, something interesting for you to check out is their Value Seekers Blog- where they make saving money seem like a fun and exciting prospect to even the most broad-minded spenders!

Macy’s Backstage

Macy’s Backstage is a store-inside-a-store, which is located only at select Macy’s outlets. This store works on selling some of the high-quality famous products that its parent store is known for, only at dirt-cheap prices and sky-high discounts! They are pretty much a Macy’s in all but the price- the store is just as organized and classy as its establishing entity. And if you’re wondering about whether or not Macy’s Backstage is pretty much just the dumping ground for Macy’s unsold collections (after all, what does a luxe brand want to do with a clearance store anyway?)- No! All of Macy’s Backstage products are found and brought in by a team that researches and fights vigorously for the best products at the cheapest rate- this means that you get a killer discount from a line of stores that are very well known for their proper services to their clients.


If “Hey, check out this sweet deal I got at…” is one of your favourite phrases to dish out, then you know that the above list of stores has left you squealing in happiness about the deals and the discounts that await you. NPS has always been a trustworthy brand in this space, and the brands that you have now read about are in the same league in every aspect- high-quality deals and discounts that are just as high! Now, isn’t that what everyone looks for in a discount store anyway? 

Stores Like NPS

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