Dollar General Competitive Advantages


The dollar general company acts as a retail store from where the buyers can purchase a wide variety of products from a single store. At present, the headquarters of the company is in Goodlettsville, Tennessee in the United States. The company was founded in the year 1939. This Corporation of enterprise comes under the category of a discount retail store or a discount retailer. The company also provides goods for bulk consumption, like many small retail stores can purchase products from dollar general at low prices. Let’s know about Dollar General Competitive Advantages.

Dollar General Competitive Advantages

Moreover, it has many types of seasonable items, merchandise, home decorative items and products and many more. At present, the dollar general cooperative company is owned by many public and private investors, cooperation as well as companies. The Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and the Citigroup and Public Stock is one o the equity investor in the dollar general corporation. Although, most of the retail stores or dollar general are operated with the help of Citigroup and Kravis Roberts. The company sells sealed and branded products which are previously bought by them. Let’s know about Dollar General Competitive Advantages.

Advantages of Dollar General Competitive

The dollar general competitive is one of the most popular retail stores among the local people. It enhances the person’s shopping experience through simple policies, affordable prices and customer-friendly terms and conditions. Also, the retail stores in short distances help the buyers to shop easily in their prefered timings.

1. RETAIL STORES ARE ON CONVENIENT LOCATIONS- The company is operated through a large chain of retail stores all around the United States. By the end of 2021, the Dollar General company has more than 1000 stores in the United States. One benefit of having a large chain of retail stores is that it makes it convenient for the consumers. It is more reachable it reduces the travel time and also saves the transportation cost.

2. WIDE VARIETY OF PRODUCTS- The dollar general company sells a wide range of products for personal use, home décor, office furnishings and many more. It has a big list of all types of items such as pet supplies, toys, sporting goods, health and beauty aids, automotive products, lawn and garden supplies, home furnishings and housewares. All these products are sold on comparatively less amount. Moreover, these products and items are also reliable and are of high quality.

3. AFFORDABLE PRICING- The target customers of the company are the low-income or medieval income customers. The policies of the company are framed while keeping them in mind. It is the major reason for the popularity of the company among people in the United States. Moreover, there is no extra price charged by the company on in-store shopping.

4. COMPETITIVE PRICING– The major competitors of the Dollar General company in the American market include companies like Walmart, Dollar Tree, Walgreens, Target, and Family Dollar Stores. The Dollar General company organized sales and give away challenges to attract customers. Also, the customers get to enhance their shopping experience as they can buy all types of products and items under a single roof.

5. CUSTOMER-FRIENDLY POLICIES– The company focuses on its target customers and provide them with many different types of monthly offers and sales. Moreover, only high-quality stuff, fresh grocery and other sanitized items are sold by the company. The grocery items, fruits and vegetables, meat etc. are fresh and chemical-free. It helps them to earn the customer’s trust and faith in the company. Also, the return policy, receipt and the process of billing is convenient and less time taking. It is one of the major attractions. It is why the customers prefer to buy from dollar general as compared to any other store.

6. THE COMPANY STAY TRUE TO ITS ROOTS– When the idea of the company was put forward in the year 1939, the company’s slogan given by its founder, Cal Turner was “ Save time, save money, Every day.” The company follows the idea of this slogan to this date.


The dollar general is a popular retail store owned for its customer friendly services and great shopping experience. The company has retail stores in more than forty cities of America. Last year in 2021, this retail store was one of the most liked retail stores by the local people. It has shops in all places habited by 50% of the population. The company stay true to its roots and serve the best to its customers. 

Moreover, it also offers many unique benefits to its customers. Some popular features of shopping from this company include bulk shopping, fresh grocery and dairy items, personal care products, cosmetics, home appliances, school accessories and many more. All the items sold by the company are of high quality and affordable prices. The other benefits of using dollar general over any retail store are bulk shopping, easy return and exchange policy, less travel time and transportation cost, home delivery, monthly sale etc.

Dollar General Competitive Advantages

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