Where Are LV Bags Made?

LV is the acronym for Louis Vuitton, also known as Louis Vuitton Malletier. It is one of the most expensive and valuable brands in the world. It is a French brand, and the name of the brand is kept on the name of its founder, ‘ Louis Vuitton’. It was founded in 1854. Besides bags, the company produces many other luxury products like watches, sunglasses, shoes, and accessories. The company sells its products through its website, high-end stores, and boutiques. It remained the world’s most luxurious brand for six years straight, from 2006-to 2012. Due to its high status worldwide, Louis Vuitton is the most forged brand among all luxurious brands. Let’s learn ‘Where Are LV Bags Made?’.

Where Are LV Bags Made?

Places where they are made

Louis Vuitton bags are predominantly made in France, Spain, and the United States (which is currently added to the manufacturing list), and some of the selected products are made in Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. There is no difference in the quality of bags made in these different countries. Only the label will show the name of the manufacturing country, such as ‘Made in France’ if the bag is made in France.

LV bags made in the United States

A Louis Vuitton press statement was released which stated that the company would educate and train the workers of America to make the  Louis Vuitton bags to support them. There are three factories where Louis Vuitton bags are made in the US. These are in California, San Dimas, and Irwindale. The latest one opened in Texas. Having manufacturing companies in other countries rather than the origin country always comes with the concern of quality issues.

The bags should be made by an artisan worker and not by any unskilled worker where the quality of the bag is at risk. Most of the bags are made of Canvas in the US. Luckily, America has never compromised on the authenticity and quality of LV bags and never created a replica product. The Louis Vuitton bags made in the US from 1995 to the mid-’20s were written with ‘LOUIS VUITTON PARIS made in the USA’. Later in 2013, the brand inserted a leather tag, written ‘Made in U.S.A’ for all the bags manufactured in America.

LV bags made in Spain

Some selected Louis Vuitton products are made in Spain with no compromise in quality. The bags that are made in Spain have a stamp of ‘LOUIS VUITTON PARIS made in Spain’. In Spain, there are four leather workshops by Louis Vuitton that perform different forms of manufacturing. Some perform the designing of bags and some have the responsibility of looking out for raw materials. These shops lie from Barcelona to Girona. Barcelona is the newest one and it works on the fragmentation and formation of leather. After this process, the leather is sent to other shops for making the complete bag.

LV bags made in France

Louis Vuitton bags were firstly made in France and after that, it continues to manufacture in different countries. France has sixteen Louis Vuitton workshops and the most recent one was opened in 2019.A stamp of ‘LOUIS VUITTON PARIS made in France’ is composed on the bags made in France. Many people have the belief that LV bags made in France have better quality than those manufactured in other countries, but this is not true. All the artisans who made LV bags in countries like Spain, the U.S.A, Italy, and Germany have given training of at least one year to get skilled in their job.

Are LV bags manufactured in China?

Louis Vuitton does not prefer to open its manufacturing line in China. It is because Louis Vuitton has maintained a very high-value brand image in the world, its products are handcrafted with great attention given to the details and China is taken as a cheaper business representation though China also manufactures good quality products and also there is a high demand of LV bags. The main reason is that the Louis Vuitton bags have a stamp having the name of the manufacturing country written on it and the ‘made in China’ tag is now taken as a cliche because a bundle of products has that tag and LV doesn’t want the same on its products. So it is just that LV doesn’t want to devalue its years of hard work and reputation and thus does not locate its manufacturing company in China.

Cost of Louis Vuitton Bags

Louis Vuitton bags are being sold in over four hundred stores and their costs increase every year. At present, its cost is around $1100 which is twice more than its cost in 2002.

What is the material used to make Louis Vuitton bags?

Louis Vuitton bags are known for their craftsmanship to design bags. The materials that are used to manufacture bags are leather, exotic skin, and coated canvas. Some metals like gold and brass are also used to make outer parts. A single bag can be made with different materials like Neverfull ( which comes in the classic bag category ) is made of coated canvas and Vachetta leather. But there are also some categories of bags that are made of only leather.

There is a big misconception that Louis Vuitton coated canvas is made of leather which is not the truth. It is just that the bags made of canvas sometimes have handles made of leather. There are different kinds of leather used by LV, namely: Empreinte leather, EPI leather, Vachette leather, and Taurillon leather, and all these leather are being made from original animal skin like crocodile skin, camel skin, and lambskin. It also uses python skin which is in their list of favorites. All the leather is available in Louis Vuitton workshops in its manufacturing countries. The canvas is made from pure cotton that is coated with polyvinyl chloride and it finally makes a hard-coated canvas.


Louis Vuitton’s bag was firstly made in France and then located in its manufacturing industries in the USA, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. The quality of the bags is the same whether it originates from any of the above countries. These bags are handmade by professional artists who take care of the detailed design.

Where Are LV Bags Made?

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