Where Does Fast Food Meat Come From? – know in detail

Well, it’s a fact that nobody can resist fast food. And it is an understatement to think of it as a rare issue. For some of us who like to add taste to our lives, fast food is a daily struggle. The reason it’s a struggle is that it’s hard to resist even after the health issues it causes. Let us find Where Does Fast Food Meat Come From?

Where Does Fast Food Meat Come From?

While you can ask and know where the meat you are eating is from if you are in a fancy restaurant. But, what about the times you are out eating fast food or street food. You know nothing about its origin. Plus, how can you be sure that the meat you are eating is raised on a farm instead of a factory. Fast food is a bustling business and it’s even more bustling when the production cost is lesser. Adding to it the high demands are hardly met by farm-raised animals.

Where does pig meat come from?

Well, if you think that the pig meat you eat in those delicious delicacies is raised naturally on the farms then I might tell you that it is not. On the contrary, it is raised in the factory units and only experiences daylight when it is out for slaughter, deprived of all the things it loves. Pigs are very social animals and they love to make friends and bathe in the sunlight while playing in the mud. But it is deprived of all its playfulness and prepared for slaughter or more precisely raised for slaughter in the dungeons of a factory. Plus, the female pigs suffer more as they are repeatedly, inseminated artificially and fitted into crates barely their size. And when they can’t give birth they are sent off to serve as meat. This type of meat surely does not benefit your health and even snatches away the lives of pigs and leads them to suffer terribly.

How do you get your beef?

If you think that the beef you eat in your hamburgers comes straight from farms, then you might not know that it comes straight from the factories where they are tied with chains and sunlight is still a dream for these male calves. Plus, not only them, cows are exploited too for their milk which is meant for their young calves. The stalls they are kept in are sometimes so small that they can’t even move a limb. These conditions are far from the spacious, organic, and green farms, where these animals should probably be raised. Yet they are grown in the dark and devoid of sunlight. The cows suffer even more to maintain a regular supply of milk, they are inseminated once a year, and their half-born calves are removed just for some extra milk.

Where does chicken come from?

The same goes for the broiler industry in the United States. In a fact, approximately about 8.5 billion chickens are killed each year to meet the nation’s demand. Almost 20.000 chickens are crammed in a shed where they are forced to live among their waste. This highly affects them as the ammonia generated from waste irritates the eyes, nose, and skin. Plus, the industry chickens are made to eat more and sleepless. Due to this they gain massive weight and become crippled. Adding to all this the unhygienic atmosphere and the cramped space make it hard for them to live. On top of that they are tortured by their owners and in the end, ruthlessly killed. These conditions are far from that of a farm where these are grown naturally.


Well, the conditions in which these animals are raised and slaughtered are far from the natural ones. Yet, the demand for meat is growing day by day. A reason for his industry to grow even more. Most of us have an illusion that the fast-food meat we eat comes naturally from the farms. But this is just a misconception. However, we can do our part and settle for some alternatives just like using green meat. That’s the least we can do for these animals that are raised in extremely unhealthy conditions to cater to our meat demands. 


Q. What are the companies that use plant-based meat?

Ans. Fast food companies that use and sell plant-based meat are Beyond Meat Burger, Impossible burger, Quorn Chicken, and so on.

Q. Is plant-based meat good?

Ans. Yes, it is and it tastes pretty much the same. Plus, this also reduces the suffering these animals have to go through.

Q. What are some replacements for milk?

Ans. Some replacements for cow’s milk are almond milk, soy milk, and rice milk. These three are great alternatives to cow’s milk and cows don’t even have to get through those horrendous situations.

Q. Do all the animals have to go through the same suffering?

Ans. No, the suffering is more for chickens due to the tight compartments they are grown into.

Where Does Fast Food Meat Come From? – know in detail

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