Why Is Golden Goose So Expensive?

If you’ve not heard of Golden Goose, It’s an Italian shoe luxury company. Golden Goose Deluxe Brand has aligned that include; Footwear, handmade leather sneakers, Ready-to-wear, and accessories. Golden Goose was founded in 2000 by 2 Venetian designers who go by The name Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo. The mantra for the Golden Goose shoes is “perfect imperfection”. Let’s know ‘Why Is Golden Goose So Expensive?’.

Why Is Golden Goose So Expensive?

Why is Golden Goose so expensive?

Let’s start with how much sneakers actually cost. On average Golden Goose, sneakers are $400 to $700!  I know, very expensive. Not just that, the sneakers also look like you’ve walked through mad or you’re from a skating park in your neighborhood.

So why are they so expensive despite their look? 

This mostly has to do with the golden Goose sneakers being handmade. The sneakers also have the hand-distressed aspect which makes them very costly during production. Lastly, Golden Goose designs use multiple pieces of leather and multiple patterns, which makes them very unique.

What we will be discussing further:

  1. Factors that make Golden Goose sneakers expensive
  2. Conclusion
  3. Frequently asked questions

Factors that make Golden Goose sneakers so expensive:

1. Golden Goose sneakers are Handmade

Each of The Golden Goose sneakers has gone through someone’s hands. The shoes are Italian and every employee is paid well for their work. The workers are paid a living wage and they are taken care of. It costs money for each shoe to be made and the workers have to be skilled to stitch and create the Golden Goose sneakers by hand.  

You can also tell they are the best because handmade sneakers are of really good quality and have the best style and comfort. The process of making the sneakers is also very slow which means that workers have to spend more hours making a shoe. 

Therefore the more time the worker spends, the more the cost that Golden Goose has to pay. Additionally, the number of shoes that leave the warehouse is fewer than an automated factory that makes shoes. Therefore since the demand is high and the supply is low, the price of the shoes keeps increasing.  

2. Golden Goose sneakers are Unique

Every two sneakers or shoes are not the same even a pair of sneakers has its differences. this is truly a unique quality that adds up to the Golden Goose sneakers being expensive. The differences are not obvious but it’s mostly seen in the distressing. for instance, one sneaker might have a different color or more color on the distressing while the Other sneaker has a completely different pattern. 

The differences are done deliberately and it’s mostly because human beings are prone to errors and changes made by people, each shoe tends to be different. That’s how the mantra “imperfection in perfection” came about.

3. The Hand Distressed Aspect 

Since the Golden Goose sneakers are distressed, it means that the cost of making the sneaker is more and therefore it makes the shoe expensive. The designers of the shoe take the ideas of the designs from skate parks in California that explains why some of the shoes have muddy tracks, folded tabs, and grass stains. 

The idea of the Golden Goose shoe is to make it look like it has been used before it was purchased by a customer but in a real sense, it’s a brand new shoe. This means that the designers took more time to make each shoe distressed and that means they have to be paid more to finish each shoe. Every year Golden Goose gives customers something to look forward to because they offer a few new designs. This means the color, art, and distressing change every year. Isn’t that cool! The cost of designing a new shoe every year explains why the shoe is expensive.

4. Cotton Laces that are Premium

Golden goose invests in premium cotton, which makes the shoe more comfortable, the sneakers make you look great and they are durable. Since it’s the most expensive type of cotton and the demand is high, this automatically makes the sneakers very expensive.

5. Golden Goose sneakers also make the wearer taller

The sneakers are high because of the tall leather insole. This design was inspired by the skating scene in California. The insole requires more material which makes the sneaker more expensive. 

6. Golden Goose sneakers are collectibles

This means that many collectors buy shoes or sneakers because they are unique. The shoes are also very valuable because they are rare and collectors love rare shoes. This means debt collectors can earn a lot of money down the line because the shoes will be in high demand. After all, it’s unique. This factor makes the shoes more expensive. The collectors get more value than collectors will get.

7. The type of leather used

Golden Goose sneakers are made of calfskin leather. This type of skin is very expensive because it comes from calves. These calves are a specific type and they have to be at the right age and in great health. And this means that farmers will need a lot of money to keep these calves healthy. 

The Golden Goose Team will spend a lot of money to buy the Calve skin to make a great luxury sneaker that provides comfort to their customers.

8. The interior is made of the loopback Cotton Towelling Material

This material helps regulate the temperature of your feet. For instance, when it’s warm outside, it helps keep your feet cooler and vice versa. You get comfort on your feet and you can wear the sneakers in any type of weather. Skateboarders can also comfortably wear the shoe because their feet become less sweaty. To make this material is not cheap and it takes time for the design to be right hence making the sneakers expensive.

The last factor that makes the Golden Goose shoes so expensive is the fact that they are very comfortable. The more shoes are comfortable the more customers will buy them. This being the case, Customers don’t have to worry about getting blisters even when the shoe is brand new. The Golden shoe additionally sends a message about how the owner feels. For this kind of comfort, it means a lot of money was spent.


As we have discussed, the Golden Goose shoes or sneakers are very expensive because of all the factors above. However, with the price comes comfort, Uniqueness, and a high-quality shoe.  

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Does Golden Goose have a return policy?

Absolutely. You can return any Golden Goose product within 14 days of purchase at a Golden Goose store or online.

  1. How long Does it take for Golden Goose to deliver?

Once a customer orders a product from Golden Goose. The delivery will take approximately 3 to 4 working days.

  1. Are Golden Goose shoes affordable in Italy?

Yes, they are!  Since they’re made in Italy, the shoes have a more affordable price in Europe. Golden Goose Shoes are around $100 to $200 cheaper in Italy and the rest of Europe.

Why Is Golden Goose So Expensive?

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