How to fix blocked from originating messages?

In a world full of engaged people, it is trouble calling them out and from this only, the reliance on text messages started to pop. From Jan Koum, Brian Acton to Sundar Pichai, everyone prefers to text over a call, and because of this, the importance of text messages, WhatsApp came to market. In here, we know ‘How to fix blocked from originating messages?’.

Texting is so much more convenient and allows one to get to the point without the perceived need for small talk. The benefit of text messages is that one can send and receive them so quickly no matter where in the world. Also the more reliant we become on text as a form of communication more we choose to get closer to the unavoidable errors. So to fix the cause of the problem, one needs to have solutions to remedy the problem of getting blocked from originating messages.

How to fix blocked from originating messages?


  1. Restart the phone-It is the best way to fix any cause of problems because many times because of some software or hardware issues, the messages get blocked in the device.
  2. Check the text message settings- It can be reset to Default.
  3. Restarting the phone after reset
  4. Check the network settings- by using this, one can turn the auto network selection feature on, which will help connect the device to the nearest tower.
  5. Check Firmware- To fix the bugs, the firmware keeps updating, and to simplify the process, one should auto-update the firmware in the settings.
  6. Call the carrier- Maybe because of service maintenance or exceeding one text limit, the account gets suspended resulting in being blocked.
  7. Text using a different phone
  8. Enter the recipients’ number manually
  9. Restart messaging application
  10. Check the account- Due to exceeding one limit of messages, the account gets blocked, so by this simple hack, one can root out the problem.
  11. Problem with a specific number
  12. Phone blocking text messages- Manyatimes, the phone automatically blocks the text or number to whom the text needs to be sent.
  13. Google apps- If the Google app is blocking text messages then there are chances that it can block a range of other things in mobile including texts to and from a certain number.

From the above-mentioned points, there are causes for getting a response ‘one has blocked from originating messages. A case study was done in America to check the real reason behind getting this blocked response.

Case Study

There are many times when one purchases a new phone or a new plan, one wants to check the profile with the existing or inserted SIM with the carrier services and want to confirm whether the phone number there matches with the phone itself. There are very rare chances to get hitched in this kind of situation with the carrier service, but, if it happens, one needs to get in touch with the carrier to rectify it.

How to check blocked on phones?

To start with, one should be sure that the text messages and calls aren’t going to the person one is texting or calling. To check whether one is blocked or not, these simple steps make it easy to check the cause.

STEP 1- Open the Contacts app on the mobile phone

STEP 2- Tap on the name of the person suspected 

STEP 3- Tap the three dots in the upper corner of the screen

STEP 4- Tap delete, to delete the suspected person contact

STEP 5- Open the Contacts app again

STEP 6- Tap on the search bar and search the suspected person number

STEP 7- If the suspected name still appears on the phone then, one has not been blocked.


Whether one has been blocked from originating messages to a number or not depends on many issues like being blocked by the system of mobile or the information\number has been added to spam, etc, so the solution depends on the primary cause of the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Question 1- How to check whether one is blocked?

Answer- By sending a text to that number, if it gets delivered then the user hasn’t blocked and if it doesn’t, that means, one is blocked.

Question 2- What does the green color depicts in a text message?

Answer- It means the text message has been sent.

Question 3- Does in iOS, someone can get blocked?

Answer- YES, in any android or iOS system, one can get blocked.

Question 4- What does the! sign in red color means?

Answer- It means that the text message doesn’t get delivered.

Question 5- How to check whether one is blocked over texts?

Answer- If the message is not delivered, then the recipient has blocked you.

How to fix blocked from originating messages?

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