Aspire Rewards- Eligibility for Aspire Galderma Rewards


The aspire rewards are owned and maintained by the Galderma Corporation. It is one of the leading medical solution businesses in the whole world. The form was started in 1981. Galderma company has a loyalty program also called the aspire rewards. The parent company of Aspire Galderma rewards program system is Galderma laboratory. Let’s know about Aspire Rewards.

Aspire Rewards

The corporation and laboratory deal with the manufacturing and selling of skincare pigments, serums, and other skin hygiene products. It also helps the company to grow loyal and long-term customers. The company has also partnered with many health care practitioners and skincare specialists to provide the benefits of reward and loyalty programs to the customers through different firms. The customers can earn reward points on their treatments, purchase orders, skincare routines from the company, etc.

Eligibility for Aspire Galderma Rewards

• The people eighteen or more than eighteen years of age are liable to have an Aspire reward account.

• Only 50% of members of one family can have a reward or loyalty program of the Aspire Galderma. For example, if there are four members in a family, only two of them can have Aspire rewards.

How to earn points for Aspire Rewards?

1. BY RECEIVING GALDERMA AESTHETIC TREATMENT– the customers receiving regular treatments get rewards in the form of credit points. Moreover, the family members of the customers are also liable to get 25-30 credit points.

2. BY PURCHASING A PRODUCT FROM ASPIRE – the best way to earn additional reward poi ys is by buying products from the Aspire Galderma company. The Variety of products sold by the company includes skin and hair care products, serums, lotions and moisturizers, UV and red light protected skin sprays, and skincare medical lotions. The company also manufactures begun and 100% cruelty-free products. Moreover, all the items sold by the company are natural and environment friendly. Whenever the person purchases products from the Aspire Galderma company, he earns 5 additional reward points on each product. The customers can also purchase products with the help of previously earned reward points.

3. BY SIGNING UP IN THE COMPANY’S WEBSITE– the process of signing up on the company’s website. It is a short procedure where customers are required to fill in details like name, residential address, qualifications, age, nationality, and other general information. It helps the company to keep track of its customers. It also helps in knowing the skin routine history of the people who have a sign in the company’s account and website. The users can earn 15 reward points when they compare the process of signing up.

4. BY MAKING AN ACCOUNT– the customers have to create an account on the Aspire Galderma reward and loyalty program system to earn the reward points and keep track of the points. Every person is liable to make only one account with the help of their email id.

5. BY REFERRING REWARDS TO FRIENDS– the customers can also refer the reward and credit points system to their friends and family members. To earn credit points in this manner, they are required to fill the “referred by” section or column. The customers are liable to win five to seven additional credit points whenever they refer the Aspire Galderma rewards and loyalty program to any other person.

6. BY FILLING THE SURVEY– the company organizes surveys to gather feedback on the services provided by the company. These surveys are simple and are mainly in the form of yes or no questions or the ratings on different services. The people who have signup in the company’s website or have an account can fill out these surveys. They can earn 7-15 credit and rewards points by completing the feedback forms and surveys.

7. BY PURCHASING FROM THE PARTNER BRANDS– the customers also earn Aspire Rewards when they buy products or items for any partnered brand of Aspire Galderma. A few brand partners of the firm include Restylane, Dysport, Botox corporation, and Xeomin laboratory.

When Do Aspire Rewards Expire?

• The credit points earned by the customer through Aspire Galderma reward and loyalty program expire every five years. The credit points can not be renewed.

• If the customers don’t renew the credit points once a year, then the Aspire rewards may expire.

• If the customer has changed the account, then the credit points of the user are also expired. Therefore they can use rewards after changing their existing account.

Advantages of Aspire Rewards and Reward Points

  1. Customers can use these credit points whenever they want to use them. The credit points can be used for various purposes like discounts on treatment from Aspire Galderma or any other partnered company. Customers who have more than 1000 credit points can also get free shipping and home delivery on all online shopping from the company website.
  1. The customers and users can transfer these credit points to their friend’s or family member’s account. These can be done if he has more than 1500 credit points in their accounts. Moreover, the user can transfer these points through his account to another person’s account only once in three months.
  1. The customers can change the Aspire rewards and credit points in the form of dollars. One credit point amounts to one dollar. The customers who have more than 500 aspire rewards can change the credit points in the form of the dollar once every twelve months.
  1. The customers can use the aspire rewards to book free appointments in the Aspire Galderma for skin treatment. They can book it for any of their family member or friend.


The Aspire Galderma Is a leading skincare treatment practitioner and skin health provider. The company also manufactures and sells a wide range of skincare products like lotions, moisturizers, treatment creams, etc. The Aspire rewards are the company’s credit points system and loyalty program. By using this program, the customers are benefited in many ways. He can book free appointments, have a skincare treatment at discount, free home delivery and shipping on every online purchase order, and many more. There are many ways by which customers can easily earn credit points like by making an account, frequent buying from the company’s store, etc. They can also convert these credit points into the form of dollars.

Aspire Rewards- Eligibility for Aspire Galderma Rewards

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