Does Costco Do Home Delivery?


A store that sells wholesale, Costco is a popular retailer known for selling products in bulk and saving money. People like it because it has a membership-based warehouse shop that sells a range of products in bulk. The pricing of the products is quite fair. When you do the calculations, shopping for supplies in huge amounts is part of the cosmic appeal, and buying in bulk is often employed for cheaper item prices. Customers may make use of a variety of benefits and services at Costco. What about delivery? Does Costco do home delivery?

How can I order something from Costco online? What are the shipping charges for Costco? People usually ask these questions to find appropriate answers. If you are one of them who wants to know everything about Costco’s delivery, then this post is the appropriate reach for you. 

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Does Costco Do Home Delivery?

Costco Delivery 

Costco has a delivery service. Through the Costco delivery service, you can order any of the items that you want to purchase from the usual Costco stores to your home. You can order the items that you would like to purchase from Costco anytime through its official website for home delivery. This is an easy and efficient process for busy mothers, housewives, and working individuals. The delivery options of Costco vary between two choices. One of them is a same-day delivery and the other one is a 2-day delivery. The prices of both of them also vary. Keep reading the article to know more. 

Do Costco Deliver from store to home? 

Yes is the answer to your query. Sometimes we all are too busy with our work and studies which makes it difficult to reach out to the grocery store and buy grocery items from there. Considering these situations, Costco does home delivery. You can simply order the items that you want such as perishable groceries, produce, meat, dairy items, and seafood. All you need to do is have a list prepared of the wanted items. 

Types of delivery at Costco

There are two types of delivery options that Costco has for their customers. Both of them are mentioned below:- 

  • Same-day delivery: this delivery option delivers your groceries with the help of Instacart. After placing the order, your order will be discussed with an Instacart shopper. Instacart shoppers can text or call you for the details of your item. Instacart topper will deliver your groceries to your door after making the purchase himself. It will take around 1 hour, or according to the number of products, the time will increase. 
  • 2-day delivery: this delivery option does not use Instacart for delivery. It delivers your groceries just like a normal package. You can order any item from the local Costco Store such as laundry, non-perishable supplies, grocery items, and packed things. 

The only difference between these two types is the time they take. If you are in urgent need of any item then you should choose the same-day delivery.

Costco Delivery Cost 

The cost of Costco delivery varies from one type to another type. Let us see how much does both of them cost:- 

  • Same-day Delivery: delivery option will cost you $3.99 extra as a delivery fee. 
  • 2-day Delivery: this delivery will cost you $3 as a delivery fee. 

Now we know how much both of the delivery options cost individually. The same-day delivery costs more than the 2-day delivery. It is because the same-day delivery will deliver the items that you ordered on the exact day so that you can use them. This is beneficial because some items can spoil while delivering such as fruits and vegetables. 

How To Place An Order For Delivery From Costco? 

To place an order for delivery at Costco, you will have to follow the steps mentioned below:-

Go to the official website of Costco

Sign in to register yourself for the ordering procedure 

Now you can select the items that you want to purchase from Costco 

After selecting the items, reach out to the checkout process and click on “Cart”.

Write all the information regarding your payment and shipping. Click on continue.

As the last step, click on “place your order”.

That’s it! now you will receive all the updates related to your order and track them. 


In conclusion, there is a delivery option that Costco allows every customer to get the needed products at home. If you choose the same-day delivery option then it will cost you $3.99. On the other hand, if we choose the 2-day delivery option then it will cost you $3. 


  1. Is Costco online more expensive? 

Yes, the products that you buy online will cost you more than buying from the local store of Costco.

  1. Does Costco offer free delivery? 

Yes, you can enjoy free delivery from Costco if your order costs more than $75. 

  1. Does Costco deliver in Alaska? 

Unfortunately No, Costco does not provide the facility of delivery in Alaska.

Does Costco Do Home Delivery?

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