CVS Similar companies – know more interesting facts


The CVS is an American Healthcare Company. The full form of CVS is Consumer Value Store. Many pharmacies are operated with the help of CVS. At present, the CEO of the healthcare company is Karen S. Lynch. The CVS company was first started in the year 1963. The company was begun as a joint effort of CVS Pharmacy and CVS Caremark. The company also operates many pharmacies in and around America. The items and medicines supplied by the company are also very effective and consist of affordable prices. The staff associated with the company also takes good care of its patients. A large number of medicines and health care units in the world are supplied by the CVS. The headquarters of the CVS healthcare company is in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Let us discuss CVS Similar companies.

CVS Similar companies

Companies similar to consumer value store (CVS)

There are many pharmacies, retail stores, and healthcare units that are similar to Consumer Value Store (CVS). These alternative healthcare options include the following corporations and pharmacies-

Rite aid corporation

It is an American drugstore. The Rite Aid Corporation is based in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania in the United States. The founder of Rite Aid Corporation is Alex Grass. The corporation was started in the year 1962. The motto of Rite Aid Corporation is to help and inspire all people to lead healthy lives. It is one of the most trusted pharmacy retail stores in the whole world. The Rite aid Corporation was ranked 150 out of 500 medical retail stores in the United States.

PharMerica retail stores

It is a privately-owned retail health care store. The headquarters of the retake stores is in Louisville, Kentucky in the United States. The parent form of the PHARMERICA corporation is Kohlberg Kravis Roberts. The PharMerica is one of the widest and largest pharmacy stores in the whole world. It imports and worst all types of medicines, drugs, beneficial chemicals, and other health care items. The corporation also serves a wide area of the United States of America, European countries, South Asia countries, and the United Kingdom. Moreover, the PharMerica corporation also provides free medical services to the needy areas of America. The pharmacy benefits management (PBM) services of the corporation are known for their healthcare services, use of advanced technological systems, free medication, affordability, and Medicare. PHARMERICA is also a good alternative to CVS.

Cigna corporation

The Cigna corporation was started in the year 1982. At present, the headquarters of the company is in Bloomfield, Connecticut, United States. The corporation is best known for the home delivery of medicines in all places in America. The maximum time taken by the company is two hours. Apart from the delivery of drugs, the Cigna corporation offers a wide range of medical and health care services. These services include-

• Privately owned health insurance to all the people irrespective of their service and status.

• Covid testing centers and services. Home Covid testing kits for the people.

• Dental services.

• The company also ensures supplemental insurance.

• Medicare plants and industries in all urbanized cities in and around America.

Medimpact American stores

It is one of the cheapest and most widely known pharmacies in America. Moreover, it is the largest pharmacy manager. It also provides its regular consumers with Commercial health plans. The Medimpact was stated in the year 1987. It is a public healthcare corporation; this is why the pharmacy sells medicines to many retail stores at the cheapest possible price.

United health group of America

The United Health Group of America is known for its low-interest health insurance for all people irrespective of their services and status in society. The corporation was started in the year 1977. It is an American pharmacy, healthcare unit, and insurance company. The corporation also offers health insurance at a low cost. The corporation also imports and exports a wide variety of medico drugs that are commonly used in treatment.

Walgreens boots alliance corporation

It is a medical retail store prevailing in America, the United States, China, and Europe. The medical accessories and pharmacy items sold by the company are highly effective and efficient. The American hospitals and retail stores are the target consumers of Walgreens Boots Alliance Corporation.


The CVS corporation is one of the largest pharmacies in America. The corporation also supplies a large number of medical and healthcare accessories, drugs, medicines, syrups, and other pharmacy items to many medical retail stores. All the healthcare items sold by the CVS Corporation are effective, efficient, and affordable. There are many alternative options in place of CVS healthcare corporations. A few of the American Healthcare Corporations include Rite Aid, PharMerica, Cigna corporation, United Health Group of America, Medimpact healthcare association, and many more. All these companies offer pharmacy and medical care to the people and hospital facilities in and around America.

CVS Similar companies – know more interesting facts

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